More than 1 billion people worldwide are presbyopia plagued it is the most simple solution

Australian researchers, according to a survey of the current more than 1 billion people worldwide are presbyopia, the survey also according to the population growth, ageing populations, such as data to predict, by 2020, global presbyopia population will increase to 1.4 billion, they remind the report should cause the attention of the public health officials from all over the world, realize the old general degree of presbyopia.

although presbyopia has affected the quality of life of the elderly, but there are still many pitfalls understanding of presbyopia. In & other; The double ninth festival & throughout; Phoenix health invited on the arrival of tongren hospital chief physician of ophthalmology ZhaiChangBin to share with you the old routine eye care measures and the pitfalls of presbyopia, help you better face presbyopia.

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these eyes phenomenon appeared, presbyopia is seek

always see far clear, close reading is not clear, near the small need to take much to see; See far to regulate close eyes for a moment to see; Original myopia wear glasses to read, but now I need to put the glasses to see well or clear; See a mobile phone to higher brightness, reading room should be bright; Close (computers, mobile phones, etc.) to read easily fatigue, headache discomfort & hellip; & hellip; If appear afore-mentioned performance, zhai, director of the think, & other; Don’t doubt presbyopia has been looking for you! Throughout the &;

as the growth of the age, the lens gradually aging, ciliary muscle adjustment ability, so as to see far clear, but look at nearby is not fully adjust the focus, the weakened due to age of physiological regulation called presbyopia, people usually called presbyopia. Research shows that people’s eyes (40 ageing. But most presbyopic appear around the age of 45, but why there are trends in advance?

zhai director said, & other; Excessive use is presbyopia occurred in advance. Close your eyes for a long time, which greatly affects the eyes & lsquo; The service life & rsquo; Early, so that the old flower. In addition, presbyopic happen sooner or later, and severity, also itself and the refractive error (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), light environment, height, reading habits, general health and so on. Throughout the &;

correct presbyopia way is numerous, wear presbyopic glasses the safest possible

zhai introduced to director & other; With the progress of technology at present, many presbyopia correction method. But the most safe and easy way is to choose to wear convex glass solution near vision problems. Presbyopia fitting is personalized to check the mirror, eliminate eye disease, check whether there is any eyes refractive error, determine the working distance and working distance related presbyopia degree, finally can check with a pair of suits own presbyopia mirror. So, before this have to do is: first of all, professional eye exam, rule out the possibility of eye disease. Second, professional optometry, ten-fold increase inspection, determine the most appropriate degree. When fitting, of course, still need to communicate fully with optical division, if you need in different distance to close your eyes, you will need to different depending on the degree. Throughout the &;

in the end, zhai, remind everybody, director of presbyopia is a normal physiological process, a healthy lifestyle, the professional check and match eyes to slow the ageing test, in order to prevent aging in advance, we must pay attention to use eye, exercise more.

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