More than 200 million people around the world have the disease if you want to stay away from will do two things.

according to the world health organization’s statistics show, osteoporosis and osteoporosis fracture has become troubled countries the elderly health of one of the chronic diseases. The world more than 200 million osteoporosis patients, incidence of common diseases. 7. With an aging population growing, China has gradually become the popular powers of senile osteoporosis. Studies have found that the prevalence of osteoporosis is about 7% at present in China, the growth rate of 3.6% a year.

how to reduce the risk of osteoporosis? How to protect good bone health? Osteoporosis which irreversible harm to human beings? Therefore, the phoenix health on October 20 & other; Wod & throughout; Invited on the arrival of aviation general hospital trauma surgery (bone) guo-ping wu, director of the talk with you about osteoporosis should you pay attention to.

osteoporosis (data figure/visual China)

five kinds of mistakes trying to identify osteoporosis common

error one, trying to drink milk, eat calcium tablet, drink bone soup is good for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

, director wu told phoenix health: this kind of view is not entirely accurate, in terms of the prevention of osteoporosis, calcium is a must. But the folklore & other; Drink more bone soup can calcium & throughout; There is no scientific basis.

he is introduced to, & other; Relevant departments of the bone soup was studied and found by testing a bowl of pig bone soup only 1.9 mg calcium, is just like the plain boiled water. If the osteoporosis patients daily 1000-1200 mg of calcium needs to calculate, at least 400 bone soup bowl to drink enough to achieve the effect of calcium supplements, this is obviously impossible. But the dairy and soy products is higher calcium in food, milk, calcium tablet is the prevention of osteoporosis, and mentioned very good calcium food. Throughout the &;

in addition, doctor wu also emphasized, in each age group, our demand for calcium is different. Every day to eat about 400 mg, the general adult defect parts we can through oral calcium supplement, such as 45 postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, daily demand in 800 mg of calcium, in addition to 400 mg of tonic foods, we need to add an extra 400 mg calcium; For the elderly over the age of 65, as the growth of the age, calcium loss is better, need 1000-1200 mg a day, in addition to eat, also need to supplement calcium.

mistake 2, osteoporosis is a kind of degenerative diseases, unable to prevent.

, director wu said that osteoporosis is, indeed, a degenerative disease, people old metabolic function degradation will happen, but it is not cannot be prevented.

& other; Osteoporosis prevention is related with the mechanism of osteoporosis. Throughout the &; Wu, director of the analysis, the growth of bone, including bone formation and absorption of two parts, the teenager, bone formation and absorption was positively balance state, bone mass is increased, the general increase bone mass peak at the age of 35. After age 35, bone mass in phase equilibrium, no increase or decrease. 45 postmenopausal women, especially for an earlier menstruating women, bone formation and absorption of the negative balance, the reconstruction of bone is out of balance, so that the growth of the bone, and bone loss, thus accelerated the loss of calcium, it will remind everybody to want to do preventive measures as early as possible. Such as the early filling calcium, exercise, quit bad habits, etc. So in terms of calcium supplements, and what time is not early, what time is not late also.

myth 3, is the best way to treat osteoporosis calcium supplements.

calcium is the most basic material bone growth and reconstruction, it is not missing. But pure calcium cannot very good prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, should be comprehensive treatment. & other; Osteoporosis is the growth of calcium and lost out of balance, so need to use prevent bone destruction of clinical medicine, and the human body after calcium in calcium absorption is limited, if there is no vitamin D supplement, calcium is also vain. So filling calcium must be vitamin D supplements at the same time, or in the sun, the sun is also the purpose of in order to better promote the absorption of vitamin D, so as to better promote the absorption of calcium. Throughout the &; Wu, director of emphasis.

myth, long-term drinking coke can overdraft amount of calcium, causing calcium loss, easy cause osteoporosis.

, director wu had reviewed related literature, said there is no documentation to support this view. But he believes that people are omnivorous class groups, pay attention to nutritional balance, reasonable diet, if a partial eclipse, partial drink, can affect the absorption of essential nutrients and intake, which can lead to obesity, poor nutrition, delayed growth and development and so on a series of problems, so, we suggest that the carbonated drinks don’t too much, there is no harm in small doses.

error of five, had osteoporosis people can’t do exercise.

director pointed out that wu & other; Patients with osteoporosis can exercise, exercise can improve the body’s agility, strength, posture and balance, etc., can reduce the risk of falls, exercise also helps to increase bone density, but must have a reasonable way. Throughout the &;

so, what are suitable for the movement of patients with osteoporosis? Director wu said, including the weight-bearing exercise and resistance movement. He recommend, & other; Can take regular weight and muscle strength training, in order to reduce the risk of falls and fractures, muscle strength training including weight training, and other resistance exercise and walking, jogging, tai chi, yoga, dancing, and table tennis, etc. Exercise should be gradual and persistent. Throughout the &; In addition, he suggested, osteoporosis patients before starting the new movement, suggest clinicians to make relevant evaluation.

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