More than 30 infants infected, the choose and buy these foreign milk powder must polish eyes!

Picot, Milumel, Celia, Taranis, if your baby, or with other baby is taking these brands of milk powder, please stop immediately!!!!!!

three French & other; Problem of milk powder throughout the &;

lasted for more than a month of French & other; Problem of milk powder throughout the &; The wave. Recently new waves set off again, some by the French government ordered the recall of milk powder has also appeared in several French such as carrefour, auchan supermarket shelves & hellip; & hellip; Sparked anger and fear of consumers.

France & other; Problem of milk powder throughout the &; Producers, tallis group headquarters

】 【 events

in December 2017, France found that more than one and a half years old the following the baby after the consumption of dairy products confirmed infection with salmonella

little knowledge: salmonella is one of the worldwide common food-borne pathogenic bacteria, it causes of food poisoning usually account for the first two of bacterial food poisoning. Infant fragile immune system, once the fed infant formula contaminated with salmonella, vulnerable to disease, fever, diarrhea and other symptoms, severe may lead to sepsis, and even death. & have spent

after investigation, the causes of infants infected with salmonella powdered milk is by the French dairy giant lakshmi tallis group production. Then group decision from the shelves and recall 12 batches of milk powder and other baby food, including the Chinese market. DetailPic


so far, 37 infants infected in France, Spain, Greece, also appear each 1 case of infection. DetailPic


with the intensifying of events, on January 12, the French government announced & other; Expanded edition & throughout; Recall: any production date, batch, recall of all the pollution factory production of baby food!


on January 14, 2018, lakshmi tallis group CEO, said: is recalling more than 83 countries around the world from 12 million boxes of milk powder, will make up for all the victims’ families.


these 83 affected countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, was not affected. According to the report, is in good status of all infected infants, however, events are not so simple & hellip; & hellip;

according to the media disclosure, involved enterprises in self-inspection in August last year, has been found that the presence of salmonella, but not to the public or take action. Today, milk powder pollution source and scope of actual effect has not been officially confirmed. DetailPic


even more alarming is that the French government in December 2, 10, 21, ordered the recall of products three times, but still have parents earlier this month in large chain supermarket bought suspected contaminated milk powder. DetailPic


the French ministry of agriculture and the ministry of economic affairs is committed to strengthen supervision, to ensure recalling all the possible problems of milk powder, but the incident has caused the victims’ families trust crisis & hellip; & hellip;

problem victims families, quentin, President of the association of milk powder & middot; Geert mann: we don’t know there will be no more companies involved, we have a lot of questions. Other related companies have tested to confirm their products have no problem, we is sceptical.

the French & other; Problem of milk powder throughout the &; Storm also affected the Chinese market, which makes many choices & other; The milk powder & throughout; Chinese parents are nervous.

& other; The milk powder & throughout; We will be on?

CCTV financial channel has joint related departments, 9 of China, the United States, Europe, Japan famous milk powder has carried on the comprehensive testing. The results showed that foreign brands of milk powder in some indicators also did not reach the standard. DetailPic


Japan Meiji and solid content of fruit vitamin K1 is lower than the national standard, abbott laboratories and Japan Meiji biotin is not in conformity with the national standard, mead Johnson and abbott iron levels in the United States, Japan, solid fruit manganese element is lower than the national standard, the Japanese Meiji iodine is lower than the national standard & hellip; & hellip;

school of public health, Peking University professor Wang Junbo: because each baby’s physical quality is different, individual difference is big, do not accord with standard of Chinese overseas online shopping milk powder of one hundred percent does not affect the baby’s growth, but these unqualified index of the overseas online shopping milk powder does increase the risk. DetailPic


the French & other; Problem of milk powder throughout the &; Producers, tallis group also is a French dairy industry leading enterprises, so big companies appear problem, let parents how to trust?

the food to Ann first. Baby milk powder directly concerns the healthy growth of baby, want to let parents less, when the choose and buy milk powder producers want to have a conscience, to ensure product quality and safety, regulators should have the sense of responsibility, strengthen supervision and improve specification. Parents also should pay attention to do not blindly believe & other; Foreign goods & throughout; , baby also had enough strength to meet the bigger challenge, don’t let them by man-made damage is still in swaddling clothes.

xinhua international channel Song Guhui chestnut text integrated the BBC, the web after a week, CCTV news, People’s Daily client

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