More than 500 million people in China have their own family doctors

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reporter from 17 & other; 2017 Chinese family doctors BBS & throughout; Learned that by the end of November this year, more than 95% of the cities in China to carry out the family doctor service work, signed more than 500 million people have their own family doctors, population coverage rate over 35%, key crowd coverage of more than 65%.

& other; Signing the family doctor service work is a key content of hierarchical diagnosis system. Throughout the &; National health and family planning commission of grassroots health division of li-qun liu said, signed by the family doctor service, to establish a stable living and family doctor team service relationship, to cope with changes of aging, disease and build a close and harmonious doctor-patient relationship is very important. At the same time, to the construction of health in China also play an important role.

sign for the family doctor service work is still in its infancy stage, low degree of recognition, grassroots service supply capacity is relatively scarce problem, li-qun liu said, will the signing service connotation construction and provide a focal point for service specification signed a willing to let people around, about to sign, really achieve the purpose of contract signing.

& other; China family doctor union & throughout; 17, was formally established. Chinese preventive medical association deputy secretary-general zhang said: bright & other; & lsquo; China family doctor union & rsquo; Is an academic platform, as well as a bridge between the government and the family doctor, is the link between social organization and family doctor. Throughout the &;

& other; China family doctor union & throughout; By general practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), community health service personnel, management personnel, and related association unit, is designed to provide policy guidance for union members, industry information, and use the advanced technology and ideas to promote the academic development of family physicians, in order to improve the family doctor team service ability.

health management

young man from a & other; Home health head & throughout;

recently released by the China home health big data report (2017), according to the data, through the analysis of the online medical behavior found in actively establish health files for family users, the proportion of 18 ~ 30 interval increased more obviously, young people began to actively take responsibility to maintain a healthy family, play & other; Home health head & throughout; The role of.

, director of the national center for health and family planning commission population culture development in Vivian said that in 2017 the national health consciousness of life and family health management are improved, & other; Active prevention & throughout; Health concept already thorough popular feeling. & other; & lsquo; Cure not ill & rsquo; And & lsquo; Prevention than treatment & rsquo; The simplest view become the broad masses of proverbs. Throughout the &; 2017 residents health focus gradually shifting from the hospital to the community, and from the community to the family.

survey data show that the average & other Home health head & throughout; For family launched online make an appointment for yourself is the average number of registered 1.3 times, for the family to launch online appointments for his interrogation is the total size of 5 times. 53.5% of respondents hope can through intelligent terminal on the health status of different family members record management, respectively, 52.7% of respondents hope synchronous family member’s blood pressure, blood sugar, such as medical data.

in Vivian said: & other; Patients with chronic diseases increase in the number and the trend of younger patients should not be ignored. Throughout the &; In 2017, the number of patients with chronic diseases in the clinic online a 8.2% increase in 2013. High blood pressure, diabetes and so on in the traditional sense of geriatrics, began to spread to the young group. Compared with the data in 2013, 2017 patients with high blood pressure in first-tier cities white-collar average dropped by about 0.8 years old.

diagnosis way

grading diagnosis has covered

94.7% of the nation’s cities

by the end of November, 94.7% of the nation’s cities to carry out the classification diagnosis and treatment, finished ahead of 85% of the annual target.

sinking, guide the high quality medical resources in our country gradually formed first option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral, slow partition, the classification system of upper and lower linkage. According to the national health and family planning commission, deputy director of the Wang Hesheng introduction, couplet of tertiary public hospital actively participate in medical pilot, promote hospital inspection results at the same level mutual recognition, explore urban medical group, county community and junior league, remote medical treatment such as effective model. In 2016, 19 provinces grassroots health institutions ZhenLiaoLiang accounted for the proportion of the total ZhenLiaoLiang is on the rise.

overall supply of health resources in our country, structural imbalance problem, our country put forward by advancing medical association sign construction, promote the family doctor service coverage to expand and strengthen the construction of basic medical and health personnel to speed up the diagnosis and classification.

the next step, our country will continue to focus on the needs of the people’s health, improve the medical couplet of internal power and responsibility sharing mechanism, to promote disease prevention, treatment, health management, the combination of sign to further expand the family doctor service coverage for all people especially the rural poor, make the high quality resources through up and down.

medical insurance

a serious illness insurance coverage in China

urban and rural residents more than 1 billion people

reporter recently learned from national health and family planning commission that push the medicare payment reform in our country, in the year to a serious illness insurance covering both urban and rural residents more than 1 billion people.

Wang Hesheng deputy director of the national health development planning commission, said that the current provincial serious illness insurance policy pay rate reached more than 50%, actual reimbursement proportion among benefit from increased 10 & ndash; 15%. Promote poverty out health care mechanism in our country, in some parts of the rural poor medical expense reimbursement ratio to 80% ~ 80% in real terms.

to remove of the low-income groups sought treatment & other; Trouble back at home & throughout; , the next step in our country will speed up to low-income families of elderly, minors, severely disabled, seriously ill patients, such as low-income rescue object, and because of sickness poor family illness into relief scope.

as & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; We will deepen reform of the medical and health system during the period of one of the important tasks, our country put forward to improve the shift disease security mechanism, the full implementation of urban and rural residents on the basis of a serious illness insurance, to reduce the starting line, improve the proportion of reimbursement, reasonable compliance measures such as the scope of medical expense, raise a serious illness insurance with the precision of payment.


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