More than a year sells 4 billion horse maud, please pass Chinese children!

we restore for you last week & other; Sodium carboxy methyl starch solution & throughout; Just after pharmaceutical excipients’s true identity, asked to write a write of moder more comments zone has not broken, requirement analysis of the drug review reply thumb up for even reached more than two thousand four hundred.

behind the status quo of abuse and profiteering

I work for the last nine years has been in Beijing united family hospital, pharmacy never purchase the drug, so there would be no chance to see it. But the number in micro letter public & lt; Ask the pharmacist & gt; In the network consultation platform, I can see almost every day about this medicine consultation.

just ask a pharmacist with search, I found 86 consulting the orders of the medicine! Go through thick, I realized that this medicine is pediatrics, the dermatological department of otolaryngology and doctors’ favourite, out of the three departments finish see disease of children, almost each hand has many maude horse on its list, assembly line generally prevent colds to a box, fever, cough to a box, rhinitis tonsillitis to a box, eczema, urticaria to a box & hellip; & hellip; ! A carton of the unit price varies from dozens to hundreds of yuan, and an open is a month of quantity, is eating a three months of treatment, it is no wonder that doctors will 1 iving in it! DetailPic

I retrieved on the Internet, according to data from more than 2016 horse moder in domestic level hospital sales reached $3.5 billion, in the retail pharmacy sales is 427 million, plus the other grade hospital sales, I guess the total could reach 4 billion. And this among them, the vast majority of the children.

for the most willing to pay for Chinese parents for children, if the drug good curative effect, high security, the parents will be willing to pay the money. When they seek advice to platform, care about most often is not a question of money, but if the medicine is effective, safe, whether you need to eat so long time.

to give an accurate answer these questions, I really spent some time to study it.

specifications in the omnipotent god medicine

from the parents give me the packing, we first take a look at the indications for the drug: & other; This product is a immune modulators, apply to the body’s immune function is low upper and lower respiratory tract in patients with recurrent infections (pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.); Otolaryngology repeated infection (rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis); Urinary tract infection; Gynecological infections; And can be used to prevent acute infection, shorten the course of the disease, reducing the severity of the disease; Can be used as an acute infection period of auxiliary drug use. Throughout the &; Hey, look down to no indications of eczema, urticaria, then we can conclude that dermatological department is on the abuse of the drug?

as a professional pharmacists, I never look at the instruction only recommend medication to patients, never easily believe the instructions written on it what is for what. Modern medicine talked with clinical evidence, let us retrieve the documents, to see if there is clinical evidence to support these yes/no indications on the manual.

in real clinical efficacy and safety are not clear

the drug on the market in Italy for the first time in 1993, it has a history of 24 years of clinical use, should have quite a number of clinical studies. But open the Pubmed website, use more horse moder English equivalents Pedotimod as a keyword search, just search the related paper 99, researchers have focused on China and a handful of several European countries such as Italy, Russia. The top two newly published article is our Chinese counterparts, but also stay in preclinical animal studies stage, is not a spring chicken is mice, no practical guidance to clinical significance.

medication in patients with clinical recommendations meaningful study is clinical research, but also is of high quality clinical research. What kind of high quality clinical research? I give you to look at the following a map of pyramid, the pyramid top the go study credibility is higher, there is a high quality randomized double-blind controlled study, systematic review and meta-analysis proved safe and effective drugs are worth we routinely recommended for patients to use.

so much horse maude in children ever do such a study? I add the two key words, respectively is children and double-blind, limited in recent five years, retrieve the two related research.

the first published in 2015, the title displayed is for 3 years old just into the health of kindergarten children to prevent acute respiratory disease research. Parents know, the new children in the park is the most likely to get sick, if the results of this study is encouraging, so have to solve many new parents anxiety in the park! May click into the text after the detailed reading, found that the included 57 healthy children 3 years old, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research results show that compared with placebo, horse many maude did not show statistical significance on the prevention of acute respiratory infection.

the second study published in 2014, although it is made of double blind keyword search, but don’t use the blind method, belong to the random ck, studied 100 repeated respiratory infection of children 3 to 10 years old, repeated respiratory infection of the inclusion criteria here is respiratory infection number greater than 6 times in the past 12 months. Study concluded that treatment much moder may have the effect of the prevention of recurrent respiratory tract infections, but at the same time the author also the honest towards the end of the article shows the study sample size is small, this conclusion also need further verified high quality clinical trial research. DetailPic

I search the database of evidence-based medicine on LAN (Cochrane), search out the 45 piece of clinical research, including 25 published 2000 years ago. And Pubmed database of literature is roughly same, didn’t see the quality of randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies, there are no reliable studies confirm more horse maud is safe and effective for children.

database retrieval abroad, I switched to domestic database, input keywords and search key point, the result was stunned! CNKI database alone pop-up article 1400 + documents, including many of the core journals, visible horse moder more popular in China!

more to my surprise, the results were almost uniformly positive results! These results suggest that more horse moder of recurrent respiratory tract infections, asthma, infection, urinary system infection of department of gynaecology, hepatitis c, and even is infectious diseases such as vitiligo, tumor, allergic purpura disease have better effect on prevention or treatment. It is all-purpose god medicine! I really hope this is true, this would mean that many incurable disease with the hope of rebirth!

I carefully read the literature, however, found that the research of evidence-based evidence level is not high, can definitely say that the current domestic same lack of high quality and reliable clinical research proved more efficacy and safety of the moder.

called for by the competent department of industry regulation more horse moder

see here, I guess you will scold those unscrupulous doctors prescribe medicine for you baby. Actually speak true, some doctors never look up the original documents, instructions how to write how he was, how his teacher teach he how to letter, maybe he has his own family and friends he was so open, so eat?

that how to solve this problem? In addition to doctors and parents to update their knowledge, intercepted at the source of drug regulatory approval, is the most efficient way to learn to examine the practice of our country’s brother Pakistan, when I was in preparation for this article, from the Internet had retrieved their attitude to the medicine, the national drug regulatory department in March 2016, the drug application in Pakistan, regulators would listen to the opinions of the expert group, namely: although the medicine in a few countries such as China, South Korea and Russia on the market for many years, but it has not been included in any pharmacology teaching material, this standard has not been the drug regulatory agency of the EMA and drug regulatory agency of the FDA approved in the United States, its efficacy and safety still need further evaluation, in a study with reliable evidence before, do not recommend public use.

the power of forward looking forward to the parents

to parents from 2012 popular science ribavirin began, I found a great influence to their own interests is almost impossible, so I had to open loop to broadcast mode, write these drugs over and over again, hope to be able to take these medicine real information spread to more parents. If you like me so good wishes, please forward this article to relatives and friends, let them know the truth of these drugs. The title

in the preparation of this article and I retrieve documents together two members ask the pharmacist, they are:

Xu Shixi, chenzhou city of hunan province, the first people’s hospital clinical pharmacists.

MouJinJin, Beijing united family hospital outpatient pharmacy director, lecturer of evidence-based medicine. null

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