My mother is how to from a cough into “lung cancer”…

the author:

this is my second time on the issue of family doctor, essential mistake.

I’m blame yourself.

my mother’s consent, as objective as possible recorded and released details of its diagnosis and treatment.

I hope every one look to me to quit.

the so-called body times son good, eat joss-stick, routine, no risk factors & ndash; & ndash; Are not & other; I won’t have cancer & throughout; Reason, also not be & other; No big deal, don’t have to go to a hospital & throughout; Excuse.

people in front of the disease, there is no fluke of the insulation.

I pray, this article will be a long series, couldn’t finish it.

on February 12, 2018,

I started threatening mother

early in the morning, circle of friends started running the flu under Beijing’s middle-aged.

although under a first reading, there are all sorts of doubts in my heart, but I still forward to my mother, attach a scare: didn’t cure a cold, it took millions of people died, the family involvement! You go to the hospital and have a look!

at this point, my mom has a cough half a month.

at first, she insisted that only throat itching, just the common cold, find I have left some cough medicine and the cure. & other; Have a fever, runny nose, go to a hospital doing! Throughout the &;

later, in the middle of the night I was awakened by my mother’s cough. Across the two doors, I could imagine her suppress blush, the appearance of the breath.

& other; Go to a hospital be being checked. Your cough is too fierce, especially in cases of pneumonia. Throughout the &;

& other; Is a dry cough, sputum. Go to do? Throughout the &;

& other; Have seen just rest assured ah. Throughout the &;

& other; Oh, oh. Throughout the &; My mother promised down, private clinics and then ran to the door.

it is said that she described a phone to visit gp symptoms, blood pressure, measuring temperature, no blood, no shooting. Finally, take back a box of a box of cough, phlegm.

& other; The doctor said no big problem, it is cold. Throughout the &; My mother said firmly.

I, a medical science for 14 years, so-called flat Shanghai Beijing guangzhou sichuan 3 armour hospital workers, really believe, evil.

now, every day I in reflection, things become to spiral out of control, oneself should bear all the responsibility.

over the years, I frequently move. Euphemistically called, experience new life, to a new city.

& other; You in Shanghai, I don’t trust. Throughout the &; I’m trying to persuade.

so my mother accompanied me, from Shanghai to chengdu. Two years later, and tidy up thing, moved back to Shanghai.

my physical strength intelligence attention, completely dominated by the new life new adaptation. & other; Perhaps the old woman is old, good slowly. Throughout the &; I unfilial to comfort themselves.

on February 11, we flew to Shanghai. Along the way, my mother’s cough fierce than a while. Every attack, ended up with a yellow phlegm. Three hours of flight + 40 minutes of the road, she a box 200 paper towels.

& other; You must go to the hospital! While hospitals are not on holiday, right away. Throughout the &; Recalls his impatient, anxious, feeling something about tone, I want to smoke.

I should say, you ill very fierce, harm is very big & hellip; & hellip;

lover, said this explanation won’t touch the old man. & other; You want to say, a cold will dead, cough will be dead, she cough, will infect children infected the whole family. When necessary, the should be strong. Throughout the &;

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