Myth: the “heart” gym after handling card, how many times have you been to?

data figure: night fitness is more and more get the favour of people. & have spent China news agency reporters YanLiQin

Beijing client Beijing January 23 (Reuters) – Wang Yu) & other; Swimming, fitness, learn about. Throughout the &; I do not know when, on the street corner you can always hear the sound. Behind it in addition to numerous outside the gym have mushroomed general emerged in recent years, more reflects the rise of the national fitness craze now. And at the same time, however, although more and more people into the gym, but give up halfway is more widespread, why will appear this scenario?

according to the relevant institutions published the white paper on China’s fitness industry from 2016 to 2017, in recent years, the fitness of China’s population increasing at an average annual growth rate of 10%, the consciousness of the national fitness has become more and more intense, fitness has become one of the current and future public concerns, the national fitness has become a trend.

at the same time, the gym has become more fitness demand people’s choice. According to intelligence research advisory issued “gym industry in China in 2017-2022 market demand forecast and investment prospects analysis report, according to the gym the size of the market in China will be approaching 90 billion, 2017 over the next five years is expected to remain the compound annual growth rate of 12%, by 2020 will reach 2020 yuan. In addition, according to statistics, at present the gym by 37627 in China, population has more than the United States.

data figure: some office workers and students exercise in the gym. Zhang Ji flat taken

why the gym is more and more get the favour of people? Have expert analysis, said: on the one hand, the gym offers abundant equipment to meet the needs of different people, can according to need to exercise of different body parts with different choices; Commercial gym, on the other hand, usually equipped with a professional coach to guide. While enhanced physique harvested the good shape, and can in the limited free time for maximum effect, it fit the current requirement of city people pain points.

however, when people after careful choice at an exorbitant price for a gym membership, how to get into the habit of continuing fitness has become numerous new gym encountered a problem. Day after day, and in the face of exercise, strict diet control, lazy or even give up becomes the common phenomenon of this kind of crowd. The personage inside course of study to the news reporter said: & other 70% of the gym membership can get into the habit of continuing fitness. Throughout the &;

work in Beijing wang qian is one of the 70%. A year ago it was attracted by the company issuing leaflets at the gym downstairs, she is not too far from the company dealt with in a fitness card. But have been to a few times, wang qian found that fitness is something to make her feel hard to accept. & other; The process of fitness very boring and tired, and has a high control on diet. Throughout the &;

data figure: fitness person is doing stretching movements. China news agency reporters YanLiQin taken

because of the company project wang qian very dark busy a month later, she found it hard to summon up courage to walk into the gym. Every time after work, wang qian hurried by the gym, and leisure time, she would find all sorts of reasons to convince yourself. Gradually lose interest in the gym thoroughly wang qian.

wang qian tells a reporter, if not earlier wallet, she had almost forgotten once for a gym membership, as to why want to go to gym also had been her thrown to the outside of the smoke cloud, so without hesitation and the gym memberships are deep she threw it into the drawer.

although friends mentioned it, all money gone and felt sorry for her, but always with & other; Buddha is a youth & throughout; As wang qian said: & other; Life why hard on yourself, don’t want to do. Throughout the &; Gym membership expires, she naturally did not choose to continue.

as a business in Beijing for a scale of thousands of people in the gym’s boss, Joe leung think a lot of people give up because of faith is not strong, & other; Actually fitness in addition to can produce qualitative change to the body, mind is more of a temper. Throughout the &; And he said, & other; Able to walk into the gym and insist on down, this person will and mind must be very good, relatively speaking, if you insist on not down, in addition to the subconscious did not insist, in which there is blundering factors. Throughout the &;

Joe leung said, according to statistics, what they open the gym card renewal rate of less than 20% a year, remove members life factors such as the environment changes, the data from the side also reflects the lack of long-term fitness plan crowd is still not in the minority, & other; Can stick to a year down the number of people are much rarer. Throughout the &; Joe leung said that this situation is common in the Beijing area.

data figure: fitness instructor and student.

to measure a professional in addition to the gym is in line with the equipment type, the number is complete, the curriculum is diverse, fitness trainer professional is of top priority. There is no denying the fact that the fitness coach except for fitness person have the fitness effect of get twice the result with half the effort, also provided with supervision function. Have more than one fitness person told reporters he can insist to take exercise have great relationship with the fitness coach.

& other; Fit is to eat something better. Throughout the &; Giudice lc said fitness coach told her that sentence on the first day, become her teeth into the gym every day.

as a new media editor, only two years of graduation giudice lc because working reason not only form a sedentary habits, shape also at the speed of visible to the naked eye & other; Swollen & throughout; To get up. & other; Wages did not rise, the weight is up a lot, every time go home, my family will sigh and fat. Throughout the &;

at the same time, because the knew I was not strong enough perseverance, so every time she is determined to step into the gym, how to insist they have become her in & other; Finishing & throughout; Before the main reason for the retreat. In six months ago, listen to the friend’s advice giudice lc to deal with the life the first gym memberships and hired a personal trainer.

data figure: people are fitness coach under the leadership of exercise. China news agency reporters YanLiQin taken

but on the first class hour, the coach’s strict let inactive at an early age suffered enough giudice lc. She did not think of, look diffuseness coach at ordinary times, each time in the class can use almost & other; Relentless & throughout; A word to describe. & other; Doing jumping jacks 20 in each group, four group, I don’t have to sit in the third group through the effort, but the coach will only let me have a rest a little, and then finish the rest. Throughout the &; Giudice lc, & other; Lazy & throughout; Become her in the gym can’t hit the area.

high intensity training course often let giudice lc ache all over the next day, almost come down the bed. But more let her collapse, when she told the coach, in the hope the coach can take into consideration the losses at the next training mission, but only for a & other; More practice. Throughout the &; So she can only crustily skin of head went into the gym again according to the plan.

however, giudice lc also have to admit that the existence of the coach let oneself benefit a lot. & other; If there is no coach, I did not be completed these actions, half likely to quit. Throughout the &; Giudice lc, acknowledges that in the process of fitness coach aside accompany and encouragement can eliminate exhaustion of her workout and boring.

at the same time, the coach also told giudice lc to write down their own progress and the whole process of fitness, because it can give you her to a sense of accomplishment, and can help to understand your run or walk how far, how fast, how many quantity of heat, burning and how big is your progress, use these to challenge yourself, set new goals.

data figure: more and more people choose it to spend time and money in the gym.

giudice lc today urged, even without the coach will be in the absence of course days to go to the gym to exercise, & other; Sometimes a few days didn’t go to (gym), total feel less what was uncomfortable. Throughout the &; Every time after the party, giudice lc immediately go to the gym and running, a sweat, she said that this would alleviate & other; Guilt & throughout; .

on zhihu q&a platform, a & other; How did you do after gym memberships gymnastics? Throughout the &; Q&a won nearly 500000 people to read, and caused widespread discussion. One netizen said & other; Is still so pain, or don’t go. Throughout the &; Also some netizens said: & other; I harvest from the fitness of the attitude and the courage to face life. So I insist and want to pursue it. Throughout the &; & other; For health and save for a rainy day, again difficult, also is worth to do it. Throughout the &;

it is thought that the gym is in order to meet those needs fitness but no instrument, suitable environment, so to become a fitness first, and then becomes a need the gym workouts. Joe leung deeply convinced.

he thought fit to conducted on cognitive from & other; I have to go to the gym & throughout; To & other; I’m going to the gym & throughout; The shift. Throughout the &; Insist on going to the gym & throughout; The key is not to not go to the gym, can not find to find personal training, but they have from the bottom of my heart that is important to improve the physical quality, and take the initiative to adopt different ways of training to strengthen to oneself. Throughout the &;

data figure: insist on fitness 24 years & other Muscle grandpa & throughout; . & have spent China news agency reporters 陈骥旻 taken

five years ago when Jia Xuan step into the gym for the first time, was in front of fevered atmosphere and shock to the innumerable muscular workouts, sickly as a child he also hope that through fitness to be healthier.

in order to avoid a & other; The headless flies & throughout; Aimlessly in the gym to exercise, from day one gave his developed a rigorous fitness program, and once every 4-6 weeks for approval, & other; Have been searched for online information, and set a plan and goals can help me to stick better. Throughout the &;

Jia Xuan believes that in the process of fitness to have a fight alongside his & other; Comrades & throughout; Is also very important, & other; Go to the gym with friends can help to better perform fitness program, and can support each other, encourage each other. Throughout the &; Jia Xuan said, & other; Inwardly discourse also exist between friends, but it’s also compete with yourself, and over time has formed the habit of constantly breakthroughs. Throughout the &;

data figure: two boys is in the gym for a workout. China news agency reporters YanLiQin taken

most impressed Jia Xuan, at the time of the gymnasium scale is not large, there are a lot of people when there will be many people lined up to use of a device. When he sighed a lot, a gym & other; The old gun & throughout; Tell him: & other; That’s ok, after a few weeks most people you will never see. Throughout the &; Sure enough, most of people from the next day to go to every other three days at a time, to every other five days, then I have never seen. null

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