Nanjing is a old man snow fall in cardiac arrest Doctors are not signed families such as operation: I to bear all the responsibility

according to the voice of China “news network” report, in 2018 the first snow spread to many parts of the country, some inconvenience and risk. Two days ago in nanjing, an old man in the snow fall in cardiopulmonary, in the absence of any relatives in the side, he met a lucky & other; Willing to take responsibility & throughout; , & other Dare to liability & throughout; Doctor, as he launched a no family members in respect of operation, the old man hand save back from death.

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the nanjing gulou hospital emergency intensive care room, who lives near the pearl spring of pukou Mr Mr Lie on the bed still not wake up. His daughter yan-yan liu has repeatedly exclamation father was lucky:

& other; The doctor dedicated particularly grateful for this end. If we come, he must not, special thanks to the drum tower hospital doctors. Throughout the &;

on January 4, nanjing ushered in the first snowfall, a 63 – year – old Mr Mr Sweep the snow felt heart uncomfortable, alone to the drum tower hospital see a doctor. At two o ‘clock in the afternoon, Mr Mr Just one door to the drum tower hospital suddenly fell unconscious. After the old man fell down, many kind of citizen umbrellas and dialed 120. Happened to the drum tower hospital internal medicine doctor Wang Yigang night ready to take the subway, the first time to see the old man’s condition:

& other; Is not to touch the pulse of the touch of his hand, and touched him carotid pulse is disappear, he is a cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest. Throughout the &;

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Wang Yi tells a reporter, the old man fell is lying on your side, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) he wants to let the old man lie on your back, but found the old man is vomit in the mouth. Another aided from the drum tower hospital nurses, clean up the old population after vomit, and Wang Yi taking turns in heart pressure. After several rounds of cardiac compression, the old man still didn’t have any reaction, Wang Yi rush to the hospital directly sent to the emergency room of carts ready to old man. Old man in a deep coma, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen measurement not, screening electrocardiogram (ecg) suggest the old myocardial infarction, heart doctor recommended emergency catheter surgery immediately. Catheter surgery, need to himself or relatives sign can undertake, the old man deep coma? The nurses in the old clothes to find the old man’s a cell phone, according to a phone call for more than 20 times, back to dial in the past, it was the old man’s wife. Wang jun, director of the emergency department by the old man’s mobile phone contact on his spouse:

& other; Family members, and I’d like to do emergency surgery, the old lady said that although save, later we didn’t pay a penny, I followed the hospital medical department for the case, ranging from family members, directly to his surgery. We feel that this person can be saved, the way families are coming, if she comes after surgery, the more likely to affect the whole, after we save him is not the purpose of the recovery of the heart, and the recovery of brain. Throughout the &;

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more than 3 points, Mr Mr Sent to cardiac involvement in the operating room, found in surgery patients right coronary artery trunk in occlusion, then into the bracket to restore blood flow. At four o ‘clock in the afternoon, the old man was near the end of surgery, his wife and daughter just arrived at the hospital. Wang jun told reporters, before saving and responsibility, he will choose to save forever, but the premise is the family trust:

& other; This is against the medical routine, normal families must be signed or the signature of all the signature of the postoperative repair. At the time of signature is my signature, if I didn’t sign the word, don’t let him do the surgery and may lost the patient. I said good morning with heart doctor, let me bear all the responsibility, to save a life is better than fear of liability, & throughout;

wang jun, now the patient is being treated for a cryogenic brain protection and a series of follow-up. Because the patient falls down, the roadside immediately with medical staff on his heart pressure, laid the foundation for patients admitted to hospital rescue, patients recover after spontaneous breathing heartbeat, and accepted emergency cardiac catheter in the first place, have no a moment to lose rescue, so his recovery more optimistic for the future of patients. Finally he also special remind everybody, an older people to have a disease, patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, or ever will have coronary heart disease, chest pain appeared uncomfortable to visit timely ah, don’t a person to the hospital.

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Mr Mr Is lucky, because he met the first doctor to the patient’s responsibility. But in real life, many doctors encounter such a situation, may not have the courage to Mr. Wang. Take effect on December 14 last year, the supreme people’s court about the dispute of medical liability for damage cases to explain some issues of applicable law, the patient is in critical condition on practice, close relatives, or is unable to contact to close relatives, close relatives can not reach an agreement on an opinion or situation, encourage doctors to actively rescue them.

“explain” regulation, the head of the medical personnel authorized by the head or medical institutions approved to immediately implement corresponding health care measures, the patient if so request a medical institution shall bear the liability for compensation, the people’s court shall not support. Of course, if the medical institutions and medical workers idle at corresponding health care measures, damage, if the patient requests shall bear the liability for compensation, the people’s court shall support. This is not only beneficial to standardize medical institutions, but also to safeguard patients with life-threatening emergencies such as get timely treatment, to maintain their life and health rights and interests. Believe in law, in the future, there will be more doctors have the courage to liability for patients life.

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