Nanjing thousands of cancer patients “high-yielding” investment “love enterprise” were tricked into 30 million

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thousands of cancer patients, in a homely in the name of public welfare fund their investment company, and the company head & other; Run & throughout; Tens of millions of money from this unaccounted for.

these cancer patients belong to a civil society organization & ndash; & ndash; Nanjing cancer rehabilitation association, their portfolio companies named nanjing hai heng investment management co., LTD. Nanjing cancer rehabilitation association of surging news reporters that has led the victim to report to the police on suspicion of fraud.

nanjing built the relevant person in charge of his office to tell those news, now the case has been accepted, in its under nanyuan police station after more than a month time, or will be put on record, the amounts currently statistics thirty million.


nanjing cancer rehabilitation association, is a cancer patients with spontaneous formation of civil society organizations, through association, cancer patients communicate with each other, jointly cope with the disease.

the surging news, in the case of a part of the amount of more than three thousand is derived from the association of the beginning of 2017 to send a & other; I add the brick as friend help & throughout; Suzhou.

in the event of loss of ten thousand yuan, wang told surging news, the initiative to mobilize a member of the association for the upcoming in jiangsu taixing built XingHua friends help building (cancer rehabilitation building), nanjing & other cancer rehabilitation training school; The countrys & throughout; . The so-called & other; The countrys & throughout; , in fact is the financial support.

surging journalists see in suzhou, voluntary association called on members to participate in the action, for specific participation way, independent members to nanjing hai heng investment company deposit ten thousand yuan in advance. Not white to this, of course, ten thousand yuan, in the words of members, is & other; Borrow & throughout; .

& other; The fixed term of two years ago, enjoy the 13% annual interest, once every half a year to receive interest according to contract agreement, to fill two years can be up to the principal. Throughout the &; In suzhou.

nanjing hai heng investment management co., LTD., according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system is introduced, it was established in nanjing in 2014 to finance and investment, management, service as the main mode of co., LTD., a registered capital of twenty million yuan.

according to the nanjing cancer rehabilitation association Kong Xiangshun expression, to be built in XingHua friends help building, nanjing cancer rehabilitation training school is by the sea heng investment and construction, and the initiative activity originally is also put forward by hai hang to the association.

Kong Xiangshun said that as early as the beginning of 2016, hai hang is signed an agreement with new crib jiangsu taizhou xinghua township governments, create a shy naih-an culture in local investment. In December 2016, hai hang find association, puts forward the cultural park plans to build a & other Cancer rehabilitation building & throughout; , will do a cancer rehabilitation school building. And promised, nanjing cancer rehabilitation association is free to use the building and the school. But I hope association & other; Participate in & throughout; To the construction of buildings, for its & other; The countrys & throughout; .

in January 2017, led by Kong Xiangshun etc. Eight rehabilitation association, standing director, give the initiative to society in more than ten thousand registered members.

Kong Xiangshun on surging news, said to him, and the council initiative for two reasons. The association have long wanted to build a school for rehabilitation training, but since there is no school qualification, has not been settled.

another reason which has a long history of interaction between sea and association. According to the Kong Xiangshun description, the two sides in September 2014 at the earliest a charitable activities on contact. After two years, hai hang many times to participate in the activities of finance association of rehabilitation rehabilitation. & other; Add up cash supplies funded more than one hundred throughout the &; .

hai heng’s official website show, on August 9, 2016, nanjing hai heng investment management co., LTD., general manager of Yang Zaiqing was appointed honorary President of the nanjing cancer rehabilitation association.

Kong Xiangshun said, under the initiative, the association has 1031 members to invest ten thousand yuan per person.

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