Nanjing tongrentang pediatric moxibustion had no approval number derivative agent ACTS as a doctor

& other; Don’t give or take an injection take medicine, a tear a stick can cure & throughout; Flu season, at the end of 2017, a called & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; Wechat business products popular in your circle of friends. However, “the China business news” reporter query state food drug safety administration website, found that & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; No approval number, neither drug, nor a medical apparatus and instruments. The product is not practicing doctors or by some licensed pharmacists wechat business sales, they call themselves & other; Parenting division & throughout; , and guide parents to form & other; Pediatric moxibustion throughout both medicines and health products &; The cognitive.

as we have learned, & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; Products by the national physician nanjing tongrentang subsidiary, by zhejiang grace’s science and technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other; Grace’s & throughout;) Responsible for distribution. Grace’s joint sponsors Guo Yimin said in an interview with reporters, if applied for, approved by the state will not be able to online sales, and the risk of doctor-patient dispute, do not apply for batch number can hedge the risk.

linyi city people’s hospital of pediatrics doctor Zhang Qinliang said that this product is only a supplementary role, is not a substitute for drugs, flu, diarrhea, or to see a doctor, to avoid delay the disease.

claim & other; Alternative medicine & throughout;

& other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; Including & other; Diarrhea moxibustion & throughout; & other; Cough a bit & throughout; & other; A cold a bit & throughout; Wait for a variety of products to & other; A cold a bit & throughout; As an example, the image ads and specifications called on children’s cold moxibustion paste for external use only, for more than six months children caused by cold stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat discomfort symptoms such as health care function.

but in the propaganda of derivative, pediatric moxibustion is equivalent to the oral medications, & other; Children cold, cough, fever, diarrhea, don’t have to go to a hospital, at home easy fix. Throughout the &; In addition, the derivative also analyzes their children, to help parents make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations. Such as & other; Baby has a fever how to do? A cold a bit + clear days throughout the water=perfect & fever; , highlight the treatment efficacy. Advertisement, released in their circle of friends can highlight the main & other; Go to a hospital means that infusion, abuse of antibiotics, spend money & throughout; & other; An injection take medicine children suffer & throughout; Theme, promoting & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; And & other Moxibustion stick & throughout; Is allows people to avoid the green medical antibiotics.

however, the reporter interviewed a number of users, the product effect is not obvious, a user says, wechat business told her that children have a fever to 37 degrees labeled & other; A cold a bit & throughout; Can have the effect of controlling body temperature, but after her for a baby found temperature rise, still think there is no effect after using a few times you don’t have to.

reporter’s official website of the state general administration of eating drug safety & other Drug class & throughout; In the query & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; Found that & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; Neither belongs to the drug, also do not belong to medical equipment. & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; Manufacturer of the beauty of henan kang chemical co., LTD. To be classified as bath and body care products, only on the packaging of the product standards, there is no product batch number, and finally in the standard specification & other Pediatric moxibustion there is no national standard and industry standard & throughout; .

in addition & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; , nanjing tongrentang national physician pavilion and another product & other; Moxibustion stick & throughout; A similar situation also belong to. According to the publicity, & other; Nanjing tongrentang moxibustion can cope with a variety of ills, from head to foot to help you relieve pain, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder pain, cold cough, the diagnosis, strain of lumbar muscles, palace cold dysmenorrhea, old product, synovitis & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The product produced by hubei Chinese mugwort hall technology co., LTD., is also no production batch number on the package.

& other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; And moxibustion paste manufacturers in henan and hubei, reporters call the cities of the food and drug administration, food in henan province food and drug administration said that this kind of cross-border product definition is very general, said compounds or medical apparatus and instruments, on the policy is also very vague. And food drug administration in hubei province medical instrument’s response was, in principle should stick moxibustion into the class of medical equipment management, think of it as a commodity to sell, but if the manufacturer fails to apply for the batch number of medical equipment, apparatus and instruments in regulation.

in April, 2017, wuhan municipal food and drug administration issued a serious illegal advertisement monitoring, including & other; Moxibustion stick & throughout; Manufacturers hubei Chinese mugwort hall of science and technology co., LTD., impressively in the column, a total of 49 times serious illegal record, are promoting the use of medical terminology for illegal performance, claim that the product has the treatment function.

Guo Yimin said, moxibustion paste belongs to & other; Health department & throughout; Don’t need the product batch number, in the online sales. If the application & other; Machinery & throughout; Font size and approved by, there will be no online sales, and the risk of medical disputes. & other; So we can choose the personal standards, the implementation of the individual flow so that it can avoid the relevant provisions of the drug administration, to avoid problems related to industry and commerce and medicine. Throughout the &;

China council for the promotion of health industry, guangdong modern health industry research institute, vice director of zhang yong said that only the theoretical basis of the moxibustion stick the viewpoints or folk prescription, the lack of medical clinical trials. He visited many mugwort found after planting base, argyi in pesticide residue, so do not rule out a bit at the possibility of herbal medicine will be toxic side effects, if do not do the verification of the toxicity and side effects, may cause an effect to the health of children and adults.

rely on agent layer upon layer sales

& other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; And & other Moxibustion stick & throughout; Mainly through the derivative form, the reporter found that talking with derivative, buyers different levels, there were significant differences in product prices. Moxibustion posted online retail price is 128 yuan/box, shop price is 198 yuan/box, but co-founder level delivery price as low as 48 yuan, the lowest price and highest price is 150 yuan, for more than four times. Pediatric moxibustion a box of 6 stickers, retail price is 150 yuan, the founder of the level of delivery price is 55 yuan, the lowest price and highest price is 95 yuan, gap nearly three times as much.

according to wechat business introduction, nanjing tongrentang & other; Moxibustion stick & throughout; In November 2016 or so to start selling, & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; In November 2017 to start selling. The founder of the two products to achieve levels of about 600 people. According to the grace of public information, moxibustion labeled line after six months, the agent number m, more than millions of users.

although the higher level, take the cheaper goods, the more dividends also get lower, but well for the agent’s performance also has a strict assessment. In pediatric moxibustion, for example, if the founder and President of two consecutive months did not meet the inspection results, will be punished with relegation. In addition, to the very strictly, level, and founder of the pediatric moxibustion moxibustion stick, co-founder of the level agent need pay 2000 yuan deposit, if sales prices lower than those company rules, their qualifications of agency will be canceled.

at the same time, derivative will persuade consumers to join agent team, claims & other; While stick to sell, can bring health, and an income throughout all &; . Zhang yong said that derivative is essentially multi-level marketing, consumers and customers, are a lot like a pyramid scheme.

a broker told reporters, himself a month can sell about 120 boxes of pediatric moxibustion, two cases (a total of 80 boxes) moxibustion paste, monthly income is about twenty thousand yuan, a day to sell some agent turnover of 10000 yuan.

as for the sales channels, grace also have internal training. To be responsible for training lecturer will tell agent & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; Is the main channel of the maternal and child stores, water at pavilion, kindergartens, early education center, the travel company, clothing stores and other places. On December 22, 2017, grace’s & other; Love city team & throughout; Also within the kindergarten stalls, & other; For parents to popularize the concept of green health care and massage & throughout; .

to this, zhang yong, according to the analysis if that moxibustion stick or massage therapy effect, there may be delay a child’s risk of treatment. In addition, the employees if there is no medical knowledge, through short-term training mount guard operation, will produce more risk.

will & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; As the nuggets tool

nanjing tongrentang said in the children of the publicity materials, with great health industry as the background & other; Pediatric moxibustion & throughout; , it is follow the market trend, the excavation of the wealth.

in May 2015, nanjing tongrentang held its strategic development seminar, deputy general manager and marketing company, general manager of Luo Shizhang puts forward, to build nanjing tongrentang & other; Features of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, health products & throughout; Group of three series products and achieve 30 $for five years, ten years $100 marketing strategic objectives.

since November 2016, nanjing tongrentang and reach the cooperation, and grace from grace at large derivative agents and distribution of health products. At the end of January, 2018, national physician pavilion Yu Xian, general manager of the spirit in the first private school, said the late also will further expand by electricity sales category, lock children and women customers, is expected to reach 5 billion yuan in sales in 2023.

the Guo Yimin told reporters: & other; This is nanjing tongrentang pharmaceutical co., LTD., your goal, the goal is bigger than this, we are going to take the children to a bit as the breakthrough point, carry out pediatric massage cities thousand shop project, planning throughout the greater health is far more than 5 billion. Throughout the &;

in April, 2017, nanjing tongrentang national physician pavilion and zhejiang grace jointly formed the national operation center, eight months later, zhejiang’s headquarters moved to national physician the museum office, responsible for major health products distribution and financial settlement. Guo Yimin said, grace and nanjing tongrentang completely are family now.

nanjing tongrentang a close relationship with the derivative triggered the personage inside course of study of the question. According to the personage inside course of study introduces, at present the nanjing tongrentang brand output is relatively chaos, as long as give money or into health products manufacturers, in nanjing tongrentang brand, but the company internal no regulatory system, even the nanjing tongrentang will sign a contract with the other side, if wrong by brand buyers responsibility, was relieved himself as the responsibility of the authorized party.

in fact, wechat business model has a pivotal position in the health industry. According to the 2016-2020 China panoramic wechat business industry research and development strategy research report, beauty makeup products, agricultural special products, and pregnant and health products occupy the wechat business major market share, one of the big health products market share is gradually improve. Reporter found that 2015 big health products in wechat business products accounted for 9.4%, 2016 drug firms have with wechat business cooperation, nutrition and health industry association of guangdong province more than 1100 member companies, more than 90% on water and electricity and wechat business.

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