National health development planning commission, deputy director of the Cui Li: an ageing population proportion increase gradually to promote healthy aging need various efforts

each by the reporter Yu Rui Zhou Cheng with each edit doctor cheng cheng

& other; This is an encouraging report, is also a reaction the innovation report of the people. Throughout the &; Yesterday, after the state council premier li keqiang made the government work report, the CPPCC national committee, deputy director of the national health and family planning commission, Cui Li said in an interview with the media.

Cui Li said, whether it is a summary of past work, or to work in 2018, is the government work report in recent years involving one of the largest health content.

Cui Li pointed out that central and local to have given us a lot of input and support of medical and health care reform, so the results is also more and more obvious, increasing life expectancy is one of the important embodiment of, at the same time should also actively cope with the aging of the population problem. She told the daily economic news “reporter, healthy aging is the sign of the progress of a nation’s civilization is very important, our country attaches great importance to this. To promote the medical combination also need many more power.

health improve and promote life expectancy increased

the government work report, the past five years, people’s living standards continue to improve. Social endowment insurance covers more than 900 million people, the basic medical insurance covers 1.35 billion people, has built the world’s largest social safety nets.

Cui Li pointed out that China’s population of 1.39 billion people by 2017, and the basic medical insurance has covered 1.35 billion people. From 2009 countries have officially launched the new rural cooperative medical policy till now, nearly a decade, is the basic realizing a complete coverage of the achievement.

it is important to note that comprehensively deepen reform since the citizens basic health fiscal subsidy standard per capita increases year by year. The past five years, residents’ basic medical insurance per capita fiscal subsidy standard from 240 yuan to 240 yuan, a serious illness insurance system basic establishment, more than 1700 people. The government work report, in 2018, the residents’ basic medical insurance fiscal subsidy standard add 40 yuan per capita, half for a serious illness insurance.

in Cui Li point of view, the constant improvement of medical care, have contributed to the increasing life expectancy in China.

who planning commission released figures showing that a number of major health index in our country has been better than average level of high-income countries, life expectancy increased from 74.83 years in 2010 to 76.5 years in 2016.

behind this achievement, Cui Li, said the central have a lot of investment, around for medical and health care reform also give a lot of support, so more and more obvious results.

all parties should step up medical have combined with

life expectancy increasing at the same time, the issue of aging has increasingly attracted attention.

the old office, according to data released by the end of 2017, China’s elderly population aged 60 and above 241 million people, 17.3% of the total population. Before and after aging do expect that by 2050, China’s aging population will reach a peak of 487 million, accounting for 34.9% of the total population.

Cui Li said that aging is inevitable, and will be more and more influence the operation of family life and social life. This kind of circumstance, should actively cope with an aging population, to achieve healthy ageing.

& other; Healthy aging is the sign of the progress of a nation’s civilization is very important to our country in this respect is highly valued. Throughout the &; Cui Li to “daily economic news” reporter said, in the process of promoting healthy ageing, health development planning commission and the ministry of civil affairs departments are currently promoting medical combination, providing health care service for the elderly in need. Places are also attaches great importance to, and now the endowment institutions, include some of the conditions and facilities, community endowment are gradually improve.

while see results, Cui Li also points out that the road is a long healthy aging. & other; Because we are faced with the aging of the population proportion is gradually increasing, even if we have some input and support, also has a long way to go. The joint efforts of the need to properly solve such a problem. Throughout the &; Cui Li said.

the government work report in advice for the work of the government in 2018, has clearly put forward, and actively deal with an ageing population, the development of household, community, and collaborative endowment, promoting medical combination, improve the quality of nursing service.

Cui Li advice, promote the medical have combined with more power is needed. The government should have more investment in this respect, there should be more focused on social capital.

strengthening prevention and control of major diseases research

as an important work in the field of health, health care continued to push deeper.

Cui Li to the “daily economic news” reporter said, through the reform of medical treatment, health care, medical 3 d linkage, classification, diagnosis and treatment, medicine and health care system reform has realized the medical and health services for the people of the benign interaction, provides a safe high quality medical service for the populace.

the national health and family planning commission, deputy director of the state council reform Wang Hesheng, director of the office on February 12, the scio, said at a news conference by eliminating drug addition, squeeze drug consumables prices artificially high moisture, reduce the price of large medical equipment examination treatment and inspection, etc. Various measures to carry out the medical insurance payment reform, unreasonable medical expenses too fast growth momentum has been effectively curbed. Residents’ personal health spending accounts for the proportion of the total health expenses dropped to 28.8%, down 12% before a new round of reform.

in addition it is important to note that the government work report, the national science and technology input to areas of the people’s livelihood, strengthen management of haze, prevention and control of major diseases such as cancer research, make better technology to benefit the people.

as an important research field of medical care, prevention and control of major diseases such as cancer research is placed on the national science and technology investment and development of such a very important position, highlight the government attaches great importance to. Cui Li said, & other; We are very encouraged. Throughout the &;

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