National health development planning commission: encourage conditional established general medical colleges and universities

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recently, issued by the general office of the state council on the reform to perfect the gp’s opinions on cultivation and use of incentive mechanism (hereinafter referred to as” opinions “). “Opinions” put forward the general practitioner training goals, by 2020, adapt to the characteristics of the industry general practitioner training system basic establishment, thousands of residents between urban and rural areas have 2-3 qualified general practitioners. By 2030, thousands of residents between urban and rural areas have five qualified general practitioners, gp team basically meet the demand of health of China construction.

data show that by the end of 2016, training qualified general practitioner, 209000 people in China. This data with 2030 gp training there is a certain distance between the work target. At the same time, restricted by the economic and social development level, inadequate gp team construction exists unbalanced development problems.

how to deepen the reform of the general medical education, improve the quality of personnel training? Recently, the health and family planning commission of the state to the misgivings.

in colleges and universities of medical education, is a comprehensive strengthening education in general medicine. Requirements for the medical students in colleges and universities carry out education in general medicine and general practice of clinical practice and internship. Encourage conditional founded colleges and universities teaching and research section in general medicine, general medicine, or institute of general medicine, general introduction to medical and other required courses. Second, in-depth implementation of the rural order directional free medical students training, promote rural grassroots local talent training in general medicine. Three is based on a general professional base and assistant resident standardization training general practitioners training base, the construction of a number of practical teaching base in general medicine. Four is to strengthen the construction of teaching staff in general medicine. Practice teaching base in general medicine have potential gp can be employed in teaching university teachers’ professional technical position.

in medical education after graduation, one is to strengthen the construction of disciplines in general medicine, resident standardization training base (general hospital) to independent setting jinpenling district, with the practice of the grass-roots base joint training general practitioners. Second is the county general hospital as the key point, to strengthen the construction of assistant general practitioner training base. Three is a dynamic management, strict training base will general professional base construction and role play as a training base to evaluate the core index. Four is to improve general professional personnel resident standardization training master’s degree, propulsion and resident standardization training professional degree postgraduate education.

in terms of continuing medical education, to encourage secondary and above relevant specialist hospital gp job-transfer training, qualified for training, on the basis of the original registered scope of increasing scope of professional practice in general medicine, allowing its training base and provide general medical services at the local level. IfengLogo (GongXiaoQian)

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