National health development planning commission: frequent influenza pediatrician overworked, strengthening personnel training


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these two days, tianjin haihe river hospital of pediatrics for only three doctors overworked fell ill TingZhen triggered hot public opinion.

on January 9, the fourth nationwide, chairman of China physicians association, and member of congress, li bin, director of the national health development planning commission spokesman said the flu this winter, in this process, some doctors are very hard, & other; Especially the pediatrician, some is overloaded, the full day’s work & throughout; .

li bin hope, in the special period doctor also play to heal the wounded and rescue the dying & other; So a kind of strength, so a kind of spirit & throughout; , at the same time also should pay attention to care about the medical staff, in the hope that doctors’ association to do nice things for physicians, do the practical work, to promote medical institutions to improve the conditions and environment.

li bin said, looking at the Chinese medical doctor association of pediatric shortages such as strengthening the cultivation of professional personnel training work, make more firm politics, good technology, having both ability and political integrity of talents.

9 January morning, according to a report in the daily paper, tianjin haihe river hospital of pediatrics has three doctors, the doctor wang has been hospitalized because of illness; Still in lactation doctor liu volunteer to give up breastfeeding time stick to jobs, but had mastitis, high fever 39 degrees don’t retreat; Cold thank doctor infected the family and children, has been admitted to hospital. & other; Pediatric TingZhen is really helpless. Throughout the &; Staff said that since last month, every day, every doctor accepts at least 60 people, almost every night to go off work after 7 PM.

haihe river hospital website data shows, the hospital is in tianjin who planning commission belong to the treatment of respiratory diseases primarily set medical treatment, teaching, scientific research as one of the large level of first-class comprehensive hospital, is one of national key investment of the construction of modern hospitals.

haihe river hospital pediatric (outpatient) is a collection of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention as one of the department. Since May 2013 hospital to begin, has gradually established a pediatric outpatient pediatric atomization, pediatric transfusion therapy, room, etc.

it is important to note that in fact is not the key point of the development of the haihe river hospital medical pediatrics subjects.

in 2004, according to the north in hospital to complete the form in the news disclosure of haihe river, haihe river hospital in respiratory medicine and thoracic surgery as the key subject, at the same time focus on development of emergency medicine, digestion of liver, brain for departments, general surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, internal medicine, surgery, skin and other medical subjects.

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