National health development planning commission: in the next three years the national medical institutions will promote to establish the reservation system

Beijing Feb. 7 (xinhua) 7 (reporter Tian Xiaohang, wang bin) reporter from the national health and family planning commission, according to routine conference in the next three years China will promote medical institutions in the country to establish the appointment system, remote medical treatment system, clinical pathway management system, inspection results mutual recognition system and the system of medical social workers and volunteers, etc., to promote medical service quality, and the efficiency.

people reflect the most prominent and centralized treatment, started in 2015 in China & other; To further improve the medical service action plan & throughout; . National health development planning commission medical hospital authority deputy bureau telephoto hui is introduced, and innovative service mode, medical quality, stepping up more than half of the tertiary hospitals in the ambulatory surgery; All across the country, tertiary hospitals and more than 80% of secondary hospitals have to carry out the quality of nursing service. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

a cell phone to complete the registration, see a doctor, pay cost and results query, the machine automatically choose the blood collection tube, automatic paste the barcode and transmission & hellip; & hellip; Use & other; Throughout the medical & wisdom; , the existing more than 4100 hospitals can provide information for patients and push services; 2777 medical institutions can provide mobile payment and settlement.

resource sink accelerating, people at home can also value disease, see more good disease. It is understood that national, provincial, city and county level 4 remote medical system has covered 1. 3 m medical institutions and including all state-level counties, more than 1800 county, remote medical service total 2017 cases of more than 60 million.

& other; Plan in the next three years will take to improve the medical service extending to the hospital, medical conjoined as medical service organization mode, back to the community to make high quality medical services. Throughout the &; , said an official with the related needs of society, the hospital management, resource and service sinks, let patients at home can enjoy the big hospital medical service quality and efficient and convenient.

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