National health development planning commission, the national basic medical insurance number more than 1.35 billion

Beijing February 12 (xinhua) (reporter Tian Xiaohang, wang bin), a new round of reform since the start, focus on woven tightly woven densely health care network in our country, the implementation of the basic medical insurance coverage. , deputy director of the national health and family planning commission, said Wang Hesheng 12, director of the reform of the state council to handle more than 1.35 billion the number of basic medical insurance in our country, stable rate above 95%.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

Wang Hesheng day in the state council information office held a press conference to introduce, in 2017 China’s urban and rural residents per capita fiscal subsidy standards of insurance of primary medical treatment to 450 yuan; Medical insurance directory 375 new medicines, safeguard scope expands unceasingly, improve reimbursement ratio.

& other; Basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical treatment, disease, emergency relief and charity relief, supplementary medical insurance and commercial health insurance to connect, form a diversified multi-level universal health care system. Throughout the &; Wang Hesheng said, on the basis of the basic medical insurance pratt &whitney, build system of urban and rural residents a serious illness insurance in our country, covering 1.05 billion people, a serious illness patient compliance medical expenses proportion increase by about 12% on average. Launched in 2013, the establishment of a disease emergency assistance system has accumulated nearly 700000 person-time.

Wang Hesheng also introduces, more than 200 cities shall follow the diseases were macro-reforms number reached more than 100. In addition, China national settlement is directly across the province long-distance medical expenses, let people see the doctor running errands, and less less mat endowment.

on the basis of universal health care system constantly improve, deepening reform still need to solve the problem of equal medical services and other people concerned about. Wang Hesheng, said the next step, the national health development planning commission will continue to intensify reform, provide more high quality, safe and efficient medical services, to improve the masses of the people for health reform get feeling.

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