National People’s Congress on behalf of two sound 】 【 suggestion: harsh punishments for ACTS not avoid an ambulance

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on March 6, what are the two sound worthy of attention?

the National People’s Congress li yan advice, to avoid the behavior of the ambulance severe punishment; The National People’s Congress on behalf of zhang suggested that child trafficking sin no statute of limitations; Deputy to the National People’s Congress Li Xiuxiang, should set up special committees to online gaming grading management.

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deputy to the National People’s Congress li yan: harsh punishments for ACTS not avoid the ambulance

surge, according to news reports, the National People’s Congress, qilu pharmaceutical group President li yan told reporters on March 5, the country during the two sessions this year, she submitted to congress about open an ambulance & other; Throughout life channel &; The suggestion. Li yan believes that 120 ambulances to perform the tasks of critically ill patients life, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sudden serious illness, such as severe trauma, such as electric shock, limb, especially those with respiratory diseases such as cardiac arrest, take measures to rescue the need in the shortest possible time, to obtain the best treatment effect. To give way to the ambulance unconditionally, is respect for life. Li yan, perfecting the relevant laws and regulations, increase the intensity of punishment, to avoid the ambulance behavior setting clear concrete and severe punishment standard; Will open the ambulance & other; Throughout life channel &; Included in the civilized city (units) assessment index system, improve whole quality of social spiritual civilization; To strengthen the construction of urban intelligent traffic, the use of traffic monitoring system, positioning system, technical means such as face recognition system, the illegal evidence; Improve the emergency information platforms & other; Throughout 120 &; And traffic information platform & other; Throughout 122 &; The linkage mechanism.

deputy to the National People’s Congress Li Xiuxiang Suggestions: establish a commission for online classification management

& other; Teenagers addict network game has become a social focus, hotspot, become a physical and mental health, is a matter of millions of youth is a matter of millions of family harmony happiness, matter and the development of the future of the nation. Throughout the &; On March 4, the National People’s Congress, jiangxi university of finance and economics, environment and trade research center director, committee of jiangxi university of finance and economics committee chair Li Xiuxiang in an interview with legal daily reporter suggested that the formation of a special review committee, before the game, the game content is qualitative, the content is not good for teenagers, easy to cause the online game addiction, must prohibit minors under the age of 18 years. Li Xiuxiang said, still should standardize the market for online games live platform, strict censorship game live platform, and carry on the system, to live a minor push is prohibited.

nan-nan li: old-age nursing talents should be brought into the development planning for health talented person

according to the xinhua news agency, the National People’s Congress, nantong RenTang Chang Qingle age hospice nurse nan-nan li suggested that the nursing home care workers erosion is serious. Nan-nan li advice, old-age nursing talents should be brought into the development planning for health talented person, guide and support the institutions of higher learning, secondary vocational schools and vocational training institutions, to speed up the cultivation of elderly services management, health care, rehabilitation nursing, nutrition deployment, psychological consulting professionals, formulated to encourage colleges graduates engaged in the old-age care policies, to absorb a number of high academic level of young talents to join the pension service team. Nan-nan li said, to attract more people into pension services, also must perfect the incentive mechanism of skills oriented. Nan-nan li suggested that build character, skills and performance oriented evaluation, compensation system, broadening the pension service staff career development space. To hold national vocational qualification certificates of the special public welfare jobs subsidies for nursing staff, for a line a care free training, post subsidy, stable endowment nursing staff team.

zhang bl: the elderly frequency into & other; Offering throughout medicine & god; Scam the fraud to be down on

, the xinhua news agency said the National People’s Congress on behalf of the traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine academy of sciences, China, tianjin university President zhang bl suggested that relevant departments should carry out rectification action, increasing synergy to crack down on medical fraud, let criminals should be punished. Said zhang bl, with average life expectancy increased population in our country, on the one hand, the elderly are at increased risk for chronic diseases, the elderly increased demand for health services; On the other hand they know about health knowledge is not enough, poor access to information channels, also lack of counterfeit medical advertisement and the discrimination ability of the illegal medical activities, it provides an opportunity for criminals, result in many elderly people suffer. At the same time, the false medical advertisement is also a big pain points into patients. Bo-li zhang said that relevant departments should improve the policy, on the one hand, to curb the release of the false advertisement; On the other hand we should strengthen to television, newspaper, network, since the medical advertising media regulation, formulate strict registration, examination and approval and for the record, punishment, at the same time increase the department coordination, strengthen the comprehensive treatment.

NPC delegates jing-yu Chen called for brain death legislation: there is no too many technical problems

according to the legal daily reported that in 2015 and 2015, brain death legislation Suggestions during the meeting of the National People’s Congress, this year, the second term of the National People’s Congress, in wuxi city, jiangsu province people’s hospital, vice President of jing-yu Chen once again to speed up the brain death legislation Suggestions. Jing-yu Chen on behalf of the thought, as well as from 2010, our country began to organ donation work, brain death legislation more sense, is a China’s progress, is a progress of social civilization, in order to achieve in line with international standards, our country should legally as soon as possible to give & other; Brain death & throughout; Recognition. Since 2010, China carried out of the citizen’s cerebrovascular death organ donation. Jing-yu Chen said, the real sense, brain death legislation is not for organ donation, is more respect for the dead, reduce the family burden, save medical resources. In our country, with no brain death legislation, many legal problems difficult to solve.

of the National People’s Congress on behalf of zhang: suggest child trafficking sin no statute of limitations

on March 5, the National People’s Congress, baby come home subnet founder zhang told the Beijing news in an interview with advice, modify the crime of kidnapping children ZhuiSuQi, or do not set the statute of limitations. Zhang said, China’s highest ZhuiSuQi of criminal cases is 20 years, but many of the children were rescued in two hundred and thirty, at the beginning, the police only when there is evidence that children are trafficked to put on record, but the vast majority of parents can’t find the evidence, so this kind of case basic it is according to the lost, not put on record, so now all over the statute of limitations. These families know who did it couldn’t hold, it’s not fair.

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