Near surgery two brother back from bone marrow transplantation for his sister? The parties to respond

at present, the king Fan Linjun wife love chemotherapy in space center hospital

near two elder brother go back on our word refused to give younger sister bone marrow transplantation operation?

husband said brother not donate bone marrow to save sister brother said not to give up the fear that a bone marrow transplant have harm to the body

recently, a & other; Sick wife bone marrow transplantation on the same day, match the two brother suddenly repentance, father-in-law genuflect is begged her husband & throughout; The news network. Yesterday, the Beijing youth daily reporter saw in space center hospital patients Fan Linjun love husband, king Fan Linjun said now his wife’s condition with leukemia is relatively stable, still want to his wife’s two brothers to donate bone marrow. King of love, three elder brother say previous false network news, oneself also want to consider his wife and children.

the wife ill wait for a bone marrow transplant

recently, Fan Linjun and his wife have caused wide public concern, the heat transfer in an article, king Fan Linjun wife love seriously ill, matches the transplant success can be the king of the two elder brothers, love is at a critical moment to give up to donate.

according to Fan Linjun, he and his wife, the king of love are from pingyao county, Shanxi Province jinzhong city king love this year 27 years old, two people have been married for 6 years, now a 5-year-old children.

in March this year, his wife, the king love pregnant again. Should be a wedding, but two people didn’t expect that in July, three months pregnant wife began to appear the symptom such as dizziness anaemic. Then, in the second hospital of shanxi medical university, under the diagnosis of the king of love was diagnosed with leukemia.

for a better treatment, Fan Linjun with his wife came to Peking University third hospital. Found during chemotherapy, the king of love resistance decreased. Fan Linjun said, & other; The doctor says is to be a bone marrow transplant to survive better. Throughout the &; In this way, with a glimmer of hope, his wife’s second brother and three elder brother made a bone marrow donor. & other; Is good, the match was very successful, it should be have 10 points are up to, and the same blood type. Throughout the &;

after the match, Fan Linjun and bring your wife to the space center hospital, ready to accept a bone marrow transplant. Fan Linjun said, have never thought is, just before going to do surgery, the king of love’s second brother and three elder brother suddenly change his mind is not willing to give sister to donate bone marrow. & other; If I were ill they don’t give I completely understand, but this was their sister. Throughout the &;

brother: worry about their body affected

king the second brother and three elder brother why give up love to donate bone marrow, Fan Linjun tell north green press out his analysis, two people in addition to worry about the success rate of the bone marrow transplant & other; The doctor have the success rate of 20%, 30%, said they may feel to do not have too big hope, want to go home to find TCM treatment & throughout; . Also, Fan Linjun believes that both the elder brother is not willing to donate bone marrow is also worry that have an effect on your body, & other; The doctor also communicated with them, but they are still worried that there will be a surprise. Throughout the &;

for Fan Linjun, yesterday, the king of love three elder brother wang told north green newspaper reporter, he now for a variety of online comments feel angry and injustice, he says, is impossible to condone regardless of the sisters, & other; Confirmed from my sister, we can follow the family care, until after chemotherapy, a hospital not let to keep so many people, I didn’t leave, also has two children need to take care of my family. Throughout the &;

Mr Wang said, sister head chemotherapy failed twice, everyone put hope on bone marrow transplants, and other We have no culture, the doctor said you can’t understand some of the terms, only know that a bone marrow transplant is the last resort, but narrow escape, second brother and I went to Beijing to do the matching. But then the doctor told us that a bone marrow transplant success rate is very small, only 25-30%, and may also be returned. Because I and elder brother children also small, second brother didn’t start a family, worry that after we donate bone marrow, the body will appear problem, sister a bone marrow transplant success rate is lower, it is not even out of the tank, gave up a bone marrow transplant. Throughout the &;

in addition, Fan Linjun and Mr. Wang have denied a holiday before two, two people said, despite some bumps in life, but not big resolve contradictions.

Fan Linjun said, there is still hopes to change ideas, two brother for my sister to donate bone marrow, if there is no, Fan Linjun will consider looking for other matches.

party denied by the hype

in recently, a paper entitled “two elder brother go back on our word father-in-law genuflect is begged her husband wife bone marrow transplants,” the article heat transfer in the network, let Fan Linjun experiences cause the attention of a lot of net friend. This paper, according to two brother is backlash in bone marrow transplantation on the same day. Some netizens think they are in the hype, and question, & other transplant the day; Qing pulp & throughout; , if this time to give up, will cause serious harm to patients.

the Fan Linjun denied speculation, and respond to say event did not operation on the same day, & other; If they are willing to accept gifts, in the end, may have to wait two or three months. Throughout the &;

in heat transfer at the bottom of the article with a link to the donation, north green news reporter saw, Fan Linjun target fund-raising 600000 yuan for his wife to do surgery, as of 8 PM last night, Fan Linjun has raised more than 450000 yuan.

Fan Linjun and family in order to raise money and deliberately dispute? Fan Linjun strongly denied, & other; Before I said is true, I didn’t expect to have so much money, and I also do the registration of the hematopoietic stem cell donation, later, if there is an opportunity, also want to give back to society. Throughout the &;

after the online photo, Fan Linjun father-in-law to kneel down, causing a lot of attention. Three elder brother responded that king of love due to absence, myself do not know the specific circumstances at the time, but according to his understanding is Fan Linjun cousin took photos and video, and found the media.

king of love for the patient’s physical condition, Beijing space flight center onset of a doctor told north green newspaper reporters yesterday, the king of love is not for transplants, such as bone marrow transplantation matching donor consent is needed to arrange the following surgery. & other; The king of love is still in chemotherapy, there has been no to bone marrow transplant stage, because the donor has been did not agree, can’t arrange the following surgery. Throughout the &;

/our reporter lin-lin guo wen intern reporter Zhang Yao ‘

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