Nearly eighty percent of our country public identity: youth smoking prevention, single packs of cigarettes should be above 20 yuan

for figure/foreign economic and trade university, the world health organization (who) tobacco control and economic policy cooperation center

recently, China’s national tobacco taxes price first for attitude survey, by the world health organization (who) tobacco control foreign economic and trade university center in collaboration with economic policy. The report data in xianshi survey found that nearly eighty percent of respondents (78.87%) will be your lowest price for cigarette is set to 20 yuan/package or higher, in order to effectively prevent teenagers first cigarette.

& other; The price is influence and restrict people an important factor of tobacco consumption. For lack of independent income, economic ability is limited teens, the restriction role especially & throughout; . Foreign economic and trade university professor Zheng Rong said: & other; Through price leverage, young people buy more can not afford to buy cigarettes, tobacco threat, to achieve the health program for China’s 2030 tobacco control target is put forward. Throughout the &;

the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council in October 2016 officially issued by the health plan China’s 2030 explicitly put forward: & other; By 2030, more than 15 years old crowd smoking rates down to 20% throughout the &; . At present, the adult smoking rates as high as 27.7%, more than half of the more than 300 million smokers start smoking before the age of 20. Among China’s teenage smoking was 6.9%, 19.9%. The tobacco epidemic to & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; The realization of the strategic objectives put forward severe challenges.

professor Zheng Rong said: & other; Today’s teenagers should become the builders of the future health China, rather than turned out to be the prey of the tobacco industry and the victim. Throughout the &; Foreign economic and trade university, the world health organization (who) tobacco control and economic policy cooperation center of national 3000 public survey, formed the price raising taxes on cigarettes, getting away from the dangerous report.

in addition to the above cigarette lowest price setting, report data also showed that more than eighty percent (82.17%) of respondents agree that will improve the applied in tobacco prices to increase tobacco taxes, including public health and the health of the people’s livelihood; Nearly sixty percent (56.1%) of respondents agree with raising tobacco taxes help to promote & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; The realization of strategic goals; By more than eighty percent (83.6%) of respondents think that at present our country youth smoking.

& other; In our country have a smoking every 10 junior high school boys. Youth tobacco control action is imminent. Throughout the &; Chinese academy of medical sciences, institute of basic medical Wan Xia deputy researcher said: & other; Teenagers buy cigarettes both & lsquo; Convenient & rsquo; More & lsquo; Cheap & rsquo; , some sales shops and even the cigarette smoke unpacking single sale. May spend 0.15 ~ 0.25 yuan, teenagers can buy their first cigarette, and may be addictive. & other;

the world health organization’s tobacco free initiative technology official Kelvin Khow points out, & other; Higher cigarette prices and help to prevent adolescent smoking cigarette taxes. As a multinational survey, raising taxes on tobacco price is the most effective way to reduce youth tobacco use. In the United States, South Africa, the Philippines, South Korea and Chile and other countries, we see in a sharp increase tobacco taxes, lead to a drop in teenage smoking & throughout; .

the survey also shows that: the special fund is special for tobacco taxes on including public expenditure on health of the people’s livelihood projects, our country residents also showed a high level of support. & other; For adjustment of cigarette tax increases, is one of the few able to obtain public support of the tax price measures, because the tobacco tax is & lsquo; Win-win & rsquo; Characteristics, can not only increase the government’s tax revenues, and can obtain obvious health benefits. Throughout the &; Professor Zheng Rong last call way: & other; With the steady growth of the economy and national income, the relative in more cheap cigarettes, therefore, the tobacco tax price adjustment is particularly urgent for a long time. For raising taxes on tobacco price, set the lowest price, and the youth of today and tomorrow’s China. Throughout the &;


the world health organization (who) tobacco control center to promote public health and economic policy cooperation, improve people’s quality of life for the purpose of health. Through the cooperation with the world health organization (who) to promote research in the field of public health economy in our country, between the world health organization (who) and the relevant state ministries and commissions structures, communication and exchange platform, promote the greater use of economic means and price intervention tobacco consumption and the popularity of chronic and non-communicable diseases, to the public through the media policy advocacy for public knowledge popularization, economic policy and its effect to the world health organization (who), provide the related ministries and commissions of the state taxes on tobacco and health economic policy support and policy advice.

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