“Net red bubble sugar” danger: or joint damage, somebody swallow after 4 hours to remove

have & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; The seller remind & other; Gulps & throughout; For the wrong way.

recently, a sudden leap up is red on the net, candy it according to the proportion of 1:1 made into the shape of the light bulb, is many people regarded as & other; Eat, take not to come out & throughout; The & other; Magical candy & throughout; . Out of curiosity, some netizens said after trying, once into his mouth, and indeed it is hard to take out the sugar in a short time, can only contain, and sometimes for hours at this time. In response, Beijing youth daily reporter learns from the medical experts, such bulb type candy is easy to cause dysphagia, joint damage even suffocation.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)


swallow & other; Net red bubble sugar & throughout; 45 minutes to spit out

on December 26, Mr Zhai (a pseudonym) on weibo released he swallowed & other; Net red bubble sugar & throughout; The whole process.

Mr Zhai said, out of curiosity, he 29 yuan bought the 1:1 ratio on shopping website & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; , & other; My lips barely just plug in, and with it, because there can’t pull it out, bite bite not broken. I look at the time, including the 45 minutes, during which have to keep the surface of the absorption of the saliva to speed up the sugar melting, and tried to pull out. In that instant, any attempt to draw it out of way in vain, born to now for the first time to experience what is despair. Throughout the &;

in the comments section, many people expressed concern about Mr Zhai’s experiences, ask about his feelings at that time, and whether the injury, after this, says Mr Zhai, oneself take the sugar out later & other; Throughout the whole mouth are acid &; , said & other; Very terror throughout the &; .

& other; Saliva will flow into the trachea may cause suffocation, don’t try to children. Throughout the &; Some netizens cautioned under Mr Zhai’s weibo.


e-commerce platform into hot channel Beijing consumers many

it is understood that the current & other; Net red bubble sugar & throughout; The main sales channel is through the network shopping platform. North green newspaper reporter survey found that most of the sellers on sales of more than 3000 copies. Query sales records, according to the buyers, many from Beijing area.

& other; Our company each to the end, let employees to buy a few small gifts giving each other, then I see the online & lsquo; The light bulb sugar & rsquo; , feel quite interesting, he bought a dozen co-worker. Throughout the &; In grabbing a sports company work, ‘says Ms. Zhang & other; After received the goods, the feeling is the modelling of sugar is very interesting, we can take a male colleague directly over the entire planet into his mouth, but the effort, when I was out with more than 10 minutes, he sad tears almost out, our colleagues are laughing at the time, but after thinking and that kind of dangerous. Throughout the &;

ms zhang told north green newspaper reporter, she found that no marked on the outer packing the sugar composition, manufacturer, date of production, such as information, only sellers in shopping website sales page, simply illustrates this & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; The composition, taste and so on. In product packaging & other; Method & throughout; A bar, clearly marked & other; The whole bulb into mouth & throughout; The words.

north green news reporter from & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; Web page to see, this kind of sugar is 6 cm in diameter, to 10 cm in length, weight of 200 grams, the bottom of the candy connected by a relatively thin stick, & other; The size is just can into his mouth, but take out bad, and the thin stick, easy to break. Throughout the &; Ms zhang said.


swallow & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; Or will cause serious damage

a Beijing & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; Seller told north green press, if there are buyers consultation, they tend to remind each other, try not to the whole swallowed & other The light bulb sugar & throughout; , & other; But if a buyer don’t ask, we generally will not say & throughout; . But there are some sellers on the sales page showing & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; Right and wrong way, of which the swallow & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; , it was noted for the wrong way. And in the buyers comments, some netizens said, your friend & other; The light bulb sugar & throughout; After swallowing mouth, have been waiting for four hours.

the capital institute of pediatric doctor told north green news reporter ho, who at the time of his mouth, will be to arrive at the back of the tongue, the mouth will shrink back, put it in the light bulb will hold big mouth, tongue oppression, temporomandibular joint so will slide forward, and when the mouth bulb, will hinder the temporomandibular joints, forward slip, make limited opening, mouth movements cannot do. So, full mouth bulb for the average adult is no problem, but want to completely remove to difficult.

& other; Bulb if fill the mouth, can cause airway obstruction, affect the normal breathing, swallowing, and even suffocation risk, moreover, even if wait for candy normal melting, maintain an action for long, will also bring damage to the joints. Throughout the &; The doctor said.

(formerly called the red light & other network bubble sugar & throughout; or to the body damage “) & have spent & have spent & have spent

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