Nets note counterfeits diagnosis proved: for 50 to three hundred yuan, buyers more white-collar workers for the students



Beijing youth daily reported on December 4th, stamped with official seal hospital diagnosis prove online buying and selling, different, some sellers began to upgrade services, began to sell & other; M + certificate & throughout; A full set of data. Beijing youth daily reporter on taobao, QQ, WeChat platforms such as input & other; Medical certificate & throughout; , & other Diagnostic proof & throughout; Such as keywords, marked & other; Disease diagnosis and condition to prove receipt printing, medical diagnosis, certificate can be customized & throughout; Display a variety of businesses, partial businessman promised a false diagnosis certificate business all over the country hospital, even with merchants to provide a full range of sick leave certificate data.


merchants to do & other; Throughout the complete &; Data

north green news reporter hope to purchase a diagnosis proved to escape the class student identity and one of them called & other; Xin xin entity factory & throughout; Merchants consultation, the businessman who can buy diagnostic proof in his store. Then told to add WeChat buddy can deal. After each other with micro letter, the merchants directly sent to reporters 9 kinds of patterns of different diagnosis certificate template. When reporters want to open a hospital diagnosis has been proved that the merchant said don’t have the sample picture can’t do it. He recommended to the reporter again another called & other; Do data, company information & throughout; WeChat personal business card and told north green press this can be done, & other; What hospital has & throughout; .

north green after press has added new micro letter, the merchants coming soon three pieces of printed with different hospital diagnosis has been proved that can open and said the national hospital, & other; Hospital and the illness themselves. To take pictures preview first, satisfaction ‘letter envelopes again after payment. Throughout the &; When reporters asked hope to open a Beijing 3 armour hospital diagnosis has been proved that the merchant quickly given the price of 120 yuan, and can engraved chapter said, journalists only need to write your name, age, sex, disease, rest days, such as basic information.

& other; Arrhythmia is not vigorous exercise, though, not rest, if you want to leave, open myocarditis. Throughout the &; The businessman said. Fifteen minutes later, a & other; Customized & throughout; Certificate of false diagnosis was sent to a reporter on the phone. When the reporter is there was found to make false fear, the merchant said, & other; You are a student, who is idle check you, walk a procedure. Throughout the &; The businessman also introduces to the reporter enthusiastically, in order to look more true, he can do a full range of diagnostic information, including booking form, blood tests, urinalysis, doppler colour to exceed, and prescriptions.


seller said full set proof have better market

in the survey, the reporter understands from multiple online sellers, issue a certificate of price range from $50-300 yuan, many sellers ask reporters & other; How long rest & throughout; , because price along with the length of the vacation, then covered to reporters a hospital official seal machine diagnosis certificate. Individual sellers even explicitly told reporters his points & other; Real diagnosis certificate & throughout; And & other False diagnosis certificate & throughout; Two types of services. Among them, the single open a & other; False diagnosis certificate & throughout; The price of 50 yuan. & other; False, is the official seal is false. General unit of Chad is lax, look not to come out. Throughout the &; The so-called & other; Real diagnosis certificate & throughout; Services more comprehensive and in-depth, list, cases, including booking form, invoice, sick leave single information, of course, price is also higher, 340 yuan a set. & other; You brought a big pile of information to ask for leave, others believe that the only, the quantity of the full set of walk more, and it can check in the hospital, can pay a deposit of half, went to the hospital to check again after receiving red envelopes to pay balance payment via QQ.

when north green newspaper reporters asked about & other; Real diagnosis certificate & throughout; Come from where, the shopkeeper replied that & other; We had someone in the hospital so open, otherwise you think how to do? Throughout the &; Claims to be a full set of data is really is really true? A medical certificate had been engaged in the sales industry insiders said, there are a few years ago real diagnosis proved to sell, but the recent claims & other; Really prove & throughout; Also mostly false. & other; The so-called & lsquo; The doctor write & rsquo; Actually come from the hand of the seller, the customer request diagnostic proof on which day, we went to the hospital’s website to check the doctor on duty that day name, chapter will cover the doctor can also be carved. Hospital management is more and more severe over the past two years, every diagnosis certificate need register information and cases, it is difficult to open. Throughout the &;

students, office workers, white collar is a fake certificate subject

north green news reporter saw only issue a certificate on QQ platform group has dozens of dozens to hundreds of people are there in most of the group. Reporters after applying for a chat group, new group of friends will ask need what kind of certificate, need to open which hospital. A seller told the reporters the fake diagnostic proof in the majority with students and office workers, white-collar, accounted for seventy percent. & other; Students to skip class, or avoid sports test category. The white-collar workers, part of the company is not personal leave please, open a diagnosis proved to leave what. This kind of situation, this two categories more acute gastrointestinal problems and trauma. Throughout the &;

a woman ever buy diagnostic proof told reporters that he had to escape military training and buy a diagnosis certificate. The military training time 20 days, for lead teachers and instructors believe his illness, she after several comparison and selection, finally choose to buy, including medical records, paper, prescriptions, diagnostic material. & other; Suggestions for diagnosis, compared to a hospital must be more detailed material, the more reliable. A diagnosis certificate, a little fake. Throughout the &;


hospital: online diagnosis proved that contains a lot of error

& other; We know it’s fake! Throughout the &; The relevant person in charge of a certain hospital in to see the reporter purchased & other; Fidelity & throughout; Diagnostic proof. Reporter, she said, “buy, there are many errors for this certificate. First of all, the former with the sign of the Red Cross hospital on the certificate is very unprofessional, hospitals don’t have this now. Second, the font used in the name of the hospital and the real diagnosis proved that difference is very big, the door (urgent) now rarely write again after diagnosis certificate number.

& other; Now many diagnostic proof are printed, no hand written. In addition, the diagnostic proof generally have & lsquo; A few copies & rsquo; , but the false didn’t mention above, official seal is not the same as our hospital also. Throughout the &; The director said. The head also introduces to the reporter, the number of days leave hospital have strict rules, & other; Is generally between 3 and 7 days, acutely ill 3 days, slow disease generally 7 days, the illness is generally two weeks of heavy. Leave the longest, that is, two weeks at a time, in addition to an individual, such as patients with chemotherapy, general need a month or two isolation in the home, general common disease will not open a month long. Throughout the &;

in the face of diagnosis proved increasingly rampant counterfeiting, without the knowledge of the unit of choose and employ persons, whether false authenticity verification to the hospital? North green news reporter consult a Beijing famous doctor on duty 3 armour hospital emergency department, the hospital ask for leave for diagnosis of certificates, is needs to have the patient registration and medical history information, and confirmed by the system to the official seal again. & other; Come to us open slip, usually leave courtyard observation, this kind of situation in hospital. Throughout the &; When a reporter asked whether meet unit false authenticity verification, the doctor shook his head, & other; Is not met. This false diagnosis certificate, in addition to the relevant professional staff, outsiders are difficult to identify, false flaw do not see, also nobody looking for us to verify. Throughout the &;

a corporation, north green, head of the news reporter said their company is not very strict to the requirement of leave, as long as with diagnosis proved to employees, are generally leave. She also told reporters that in large enterprises generally require diagnostic proof or leave, & other; Unless there was an obvious often take time off to do false signs will check, general staff with diagnostic proof to take a day or two off all leave, also not too will check & throughout; . At the same time, a high school principal told reporters: & other; Parents tend to be in school with diagnosis proved to, we see diagnosis proved to leave, don’t pursue & throughout; .


fake medical certificate and business hospital has been suspected of illegal

Beijing jingshi senior partner at the law firm Fan Chen lawyers say the supplied with the operator and the buying and selling the hospital diagnosis has been proved that has involved forged seal, enterprises and institutions of the behavior in violation of the provisions of the “public security management punishment law. According to “public security management punishment law the provisions of article 52 of the operators in more than 10 days detention less than 15 and may be concurrently fined not less than RMB 1000; If the circumstances are lighter, more than 5, 10, detention and a fine may concurrently be fined between RMB 500. If fabrication and trade hospital diagnosis proved that if the circumstances are serious, an operator will violate the provisions of article two hundred and eighty of the criminal law, suspected fake companies, enterprises, institutions, people’s organizations seal. According to the regulation, to the operator shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights, and concurrently be sentenced to a fine.

(formerly titled “note counterfeits upgrades include a full range of paper”)

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