New research: cordyceps sinensis can’t synthetic anticancer drugs he butyl spray division

data diagram The growth of cordyceps militaris in tussah form

economic daily news reporter shen jin reports: recently, the journal of cellular biochemistry, published online by Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of plant physiology ecological cheng-shu wang team’s latest research results: cordycepin with molecular spray protection department he ding biosynthesis. The complete resolution of cordycepin in cordyceps militaris biosynthesis mechanism of cordyceps militaris and is the first time to synthetic anticancer drugs & ndash; & ndash; Spray he ding, the compounds are used to protect the structure stability of the synthesis of cordycepin.

in nature, can be generalized cordyceps sinensis infection insecticidal, there are more than 1000 in insect populations of natural regulation plays an important role. Among them, such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, cordyceps militaris and cicada as representative’s Chinese caterpillar fungus has a long history of medicinal, anti-cancer, enhance immunity, antibacterial and fatigue resistance and so on many kinds of biological activity. But for a long time, its related active ingredients most clearly did not study.

among them, adenosine is cordycepin content as early as 1950 in cordyceps militaris appraisal, has antibacterial, insect-resistant and antitumor biological activity, such as the synthetic mechanism of the unknown. Spray division he ding is the earliest in bacteria were identified in 1974, is the adenosine deaminase inhibitor agents, in 1991 the United States food and drug administration (FDA) approval, become a commercial drug fight hairy cell leukemia.

cheng-shu wang group on the basis of cordyceps militaris genome research, through biological information analysis and gene function research, complete parsing the molecular mechanism of cordycepin biosynthesis, and for the first time found that cordyceps militaris could jointly by the same gene cluster synthesis cordycepin and he butyl spray division. These two kinds of adenosine molecular plays on the function & other class Protector & ndash; Be protectors & throughout; Role, that is to say, cordycepin was synthesized at the same time, the cordyceps militaris will synthesize a protect the stability of molecules.

in addition, the team also found that grows only on silkworm pupa cordyceps militaris, synthesis of high levels of cordycepin. But the cordycepin content is too high, can cause cell toxicity, fungi will start the detoxification mechanism accordingly. This implies that in humans, not easy also cordycepin from eating too much.

on this basis, they combined with chromatographic validation analysis research proves that Chinese caterpillar fungus and cicada, and other types of synthetic cordycepin and cordyceps sinensis can’t he butyl spray division. But using synthetic gene, heterologous expression can be achieved by yeast synthesis of cordycepin, and cordyceps militaris in middle and high level synthesis of cordycepin and spray he ding, for the two kinds of active ingredients of efficient use of laid a solid technical foundation.

it is understood that the results of the study provides a molecular evidence of cordyceps militaris anticancer activity, and proves that the Chinese caterpillar fungus and other synthetic cordycepin, cordyceps sinensis can’t can’t synthetic jet he ding, for the high level synthesis of cordycepin in biology technology and spray division, he provides the genetic resources.

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