New research reveals the “village virus” outbreak mechanisms

London, jan 29 (xinhua) (reporter jia-wei zhang) 29, a research team led by Chinese scholars in the British journal nature & middot; communication published reports that they found the village card virus outbreak of a new mechanism. Because the locus mutation of the virus. Virus to inhibit animal host innate immune defense ability, thus make the virus infection and pathogenicity to enhance human abilities.

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village card virus is mainly spread by mosquito bites. The United States at the university of Texas medical branch in Galveston, campus team, led by professor Shi Peiyong mass of village card virus outbreak reason carried on the thorough analysis.

village card virus during evolution can be divided into two kinds of plant type, the strain of Africa and Asia. Since 2015, a village card epidemic America countries such as Brazil mainly dominated by Asian strains of the virus. Shi Peiyong, told the xinhua news agency reporter email them by comparing the strains of village card virus strains in Asia and Africa, found that Asian strains village card virus NS1 protein on a locus mutation effectively restrain the host of a kind of interferon, the virus can escape the host innate immune, enhance the capacity of virus replication and infection in the body. In recent years as the village card provides a new scientific basis for large-scale outbreak of the virus. DetailPic

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report, the authors of the university of Texas medical branch in Galveston campus, said Dr Xia Hongjie village card virus in the process of communication, especially in recent years, has experienced unprecedented evolution, make the virus infection, cause a pandemic outbreak.

since 2015, the village card in Brazil and America countries continue to spread of the virus. One village card virus infection may occur after the fever, rash, joint pain and other symptoms. Most of the village card infected mild symptoms, but pregnant women village card virus infection may destroy the fetal brain, small head disease such as defects in newborns.

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