New retail can subvert medical? Have what characteristics? What is driving force?

“new medicine” to like “new retail”, set off a new round of medical business orgasm?

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by alibaba recently launched the new retail concepts of fire through the VC circle and the start-up world, also attracted a lot of attention, so can come up with a “new medicine”? On January 14, 2018 in the afternoon, an entrepreneur in unicorn year-end parties, a group of medical entrepreneurs and investors to discuss up a very interesting topic: “the new health care” to like “new retail”, set off a new round of medical business orgasm?

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what is the new health care?

Xu Qian as capital partners, the understanding of the new health care is that from an investment perspective, every new technology, new mode and new forms of medical treatment, can be referred to as the new health care, such as the recent comparative thermal ambulatory surgery center, is known as “new medicine”.

Shanghai zhongshan hospital information center main ren Yin yi qing, director of the used to be a doctor, he thought: “the new health care” is a relative concept, medical and other industries, is in constant updates, iteration, new things always appear constantly. “No new under the sun”, although does not support the hype, but he did not oppose the new concept of ceremony.

Tian Min lady doing in yuan jiing capital partners – the agency have alibaba’s background, so the new retail who. She first introduces the concept of new retail: use data to drive and transform the entire supply chain of retail, so as to improve supply chain efficiency, improve the user experience, which is based on data driven retail is the “new retail”.

since based on data driven retail is the “new retail”, driven by medical can in big data, converted into “new medicine”? Tian Min lady is not optimistic, she thinks, although medical and retail has a common characteristic, is offline services, but with the possibility of big data transformation and ecology at present – because the medical data is enclosed in a single hospital, the ownership of this data is not yet clear, is also a lack of circulation. This means that the “big data” drive medical, basic is impossible.

what’s worse, the medical treatment of congenital low frequency time, lead to the data quantity is very few, it is difficult to form a new retail such a high frequency of consumption. so Tian Min argues that the new health care can’t match the new retail, under the existing model to integrate resources, form a closed loop, the more possibilities.

new medical drivers have?

mace medical chairman Paul zhang is an academic. he thought “new medicine” promising , why need new medical treatment? Need through the new health care, he thought, to improve efficiency, improve patients experience, and to solve practical problems. What is its driving force? In his view, the technique of artificial intelligence and chain block, can change largely in medical care.

doctor zhang qiang group founder zhang qiang, think other industries change the iteration is very fast, health and should not be an exception, but he doesn’t value technical factors. in his view, the technical knowledge tool, the “new medicine” must first fill in the pit. Said “we are now doctors group, looking at very tide, in fact there is a doctor before liberation group, now everyone to open a clinic, in fact, before liberation to the practice of Shanghai doctor is free, have their own clinic are common.” And hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, but is back to 1950 years ago.

founder of almond doctor Martin argues that technology is not important. , he argues, Watson knowledge was in the hospital medical level, at present to key consideration is the health and status in the doctor’s. Not to the health care system, doctors will be divided into system practicing, outside the system. Foreign doctors can work in a big hospital, at the same time outside the school have their own clinic – 2018 is the 10th anniversary of reform, there will be a big reform, foreign would happen soon. He also revealed that they are now preparing for this reason, opened a multi-point practice clinic in 2016, 2017, opened four, some profitable soon.

medical library chairman Dr. 2 is a industry celebrities. He thinks, the new health care include: cost structure change, carrier changes, service mode, etc. to use the Internet to alter patient connection mode, thereby change the medical cost structure and service methods, is a kind of new health care. Do you want to do the new health care, the core to consider “scale and sustainability”.

love reading, the founder of the doctor BiYe lady at the end ask a question: what are the driving forces of the new health care?


fly, founder Jin Yuqing think is policy (health-care reform) and technology.

Xu Qian think, is the most essential driving force of the technology.

think new retail is big data-driven Tian Min argues that the most important thing is that policy.

Zhang Fabao argues that both policy and technology, is actually the most essential driving force of the consumer to upgrade.

too the United States medical Josephine think, is the commercial pursuit of entrepreneurs.

Dr. 2 say the words, caused the laughter of the participants – “it is just because of the health care has no money, just can have health!”

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