New seven YiWeiJie academy of engineering

high-profile Chinese academy of engineering academician co-opted results on November 27, 2017. According to the official website of Chinese academy of engineering, the election produced 67 newly elected academicians, the medical health department has seven. Results vary for synchronous foreign academician, 18 foreign experts was elected foreign academician of Chinese academy of engineering, two of them involving medical health.

according to the list, member of Chinese academy of medicine and health division seven new respectively is: Beijing tsinghua jia-hong dong chang gung memorial hospital affiliated to tsinghua university, changhai hospital zhao-shen li navy military medical university, huazhong university of science and technology, tongji medical school affiliated tongji hospital, Peking University third hospital georgy, Martin Wang Rui zhi-gang tian science and technology university of China, lanzhou university, hebei medical university third hospital ying-ze zhang. New medicine and health care field, two foreign academician of zhengzhou university respectively British scholar Nicholas & middot; Robert & middot; Lemmon and Ludwig cancer research institute, university of California, San Diego, the American scholar Webster & middot; Pooh.

the academician co-opted work started earlier this year that nominated by China association for science and technology academic groups and academician of two ways, a total of 533 valid candidates nominated. June 4 ~ 10, the academician co-opted the first round review meeting, elected candidates into the second round review, 205. On October 30 ~ on November 3, the academician co-opted the second round review and election meeting, by the department of elections and procedures, including all the academician of Chinese academy of engineering conference run-off, elected in 67 the newly elected academicians.

in addition, in the newly elected member of 67, 63 men and women four people; Minimum age 49 years old, the biggest age 67 years, the average age of 56.37 years, more and more outstanding young and middle-aged engineering science and technology experts. At the same time, many experts from enterprises and grass-roots units from a line of engineering science and technology, and work for a long time in xinjiang, gansu and other remote areas of outstanding experts.

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