New Year’s day to send what is the most lovable? Love to buy old check-up packages after 80

over the past 2017 years, along with consumer upgrades and new retail practice began in earnest, in comprehensive national health consciousness awakening. & other; Keeping in good health throughout punk &; , & other Vacuum cup soak medlar & throughout; , & other After 90 the health profession of innocent & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; The annual hot word, how to be electricity economy support? Geographical points, men and women don’t, let the Chinese healthy consumption and represents a feature of how? On February 5th, ali health promulgated the healthy consumption report “for 2017, reveal 2017 Chinese in the new trend of healthy consumption.

easily after 90 & other; Innocent & throughout; Not will, tonic & other; Snacks throughout the &; Help them & other; Build and keep & throughout;

90 after hair loss, insomnia after 90 & hellip; & hellip; After the 90 total on sub-health problem frequently & other; Innocent & throughout; , the truth behind the actually very motivational: after 90 people growing up under the age of the Internet, less willing to tolerate their posture and facial & other by life; By & throughout; On electric business platform, reflect the huge self maintenance people accordingly. , according to a report in 90 after the main force under the age of 30 healthy people spending accounts for more than 50%, the number of basic showed a trend of decline with age.

get the deepest night, apply the most expensive film; Side & other; Fault & throughout; , while keeping in good health & ndash; & ndash; & other; Punk regimen & throughout; Stems from a busy life people increasingly awakening consciousness of health, is a young man & other; Not stooped & throughout; The self-help, and tonic & other; Snacks throughout the &; The trend is catered to the spot.

in 2017, open bags of instant class honey, medlar, donkey-hide gelatin, bird’s nest and tonic accelerated into the office, become more and more Chinese white-collar workers desk & other; The standard & throughout; . healthy ali platform, according to data in 2017, the name contains & other; Instant & throughout; Number of tonic to buy keywords, from 2016, up 27% from a year earlier. and busy and keeping in good health, a piece of idle time, work in a fast-paced, high pressure and life still does not forget the workplace white-collar workers from a fast food style of preserve one’s health.

in 2017, who is the tonic side & other; The annual web celebrity & throughout; ? Many people would first think of in & other; Vacuum cup soak medlar & throughout; Events in the night of red Chinese wolfberry. However, according to the actual consumption data for instant nourishing Top100 name in the rest of the year, the emergence of gelatin/solid yuan frequency three times the Chinese wolfberry, with large forces strong women consumption govinda, become annual sales champion, Chinese wolfberry, jujube were two or three and four.

live into beauty makeup store & other; The standard & throughout; Five city, north to guangzhou, hangzhou women & other; Chop & throughout; Show the beauty of medical market half

in 2017, the fire of live not far. People there live, also let beauty makeup so good. On healthy ali platform, by merchants joint fashion bloggers, beauty makeup talent, film and television stars on coloured contact lenses to try live special performance, such as harvest countless beauty & other; Fairy & throughout; The attention.

data show that in 2017, the year more than 170000 healthy ali merchants live, harvest more than 7800 users to watch. With the highest cumulative watch three to participate in the live store, store in two with color contact lenses.

in medical beauty products on the market, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou five cities women buyers & other; Chop & throughout; Out of the half of the country’s market sales; & other; Hyaluronic acid, thin face, whitening & throughout; Three major categories of products sell like hot cakes, open beauty for the love of beauty women ZhuangXin dimensional, and objectively recorded the aesthetic trend of The Times. In which, after 90 people, with 50% of the purchase of proportion, become main force in the army medical beauty.

a new era of women in busy know more caring, and beauty makeup, medical beauty consumption data to shine photograph echo, a medical product sales is also in 2017 blowout, purchase the crowd grew by 140% year on year, women account for about 57%; Consumption crowd together and after 80 and 90 after the Tmall medicine pavilion on 80% of the medical products.

women strong spending power, in the health products are reversed transmission merchants to delve into more innovation and the heart of the marketing model, also from the side to confirm our country healthy consumption has risen from traditional electricity more iterative entered the immersive, scene of the new era of retail.

online health consulting mental mature, male maternity, psychological, skin diseases, as & other Star department & throughout;

the development of the Internet + medical, let users with doctors, pharmacists to break through the barriers of time and space. In alibaba retail platform, in addition to buy buy buy, the user can at any time to ali health platform in doctor launched online consulting, and able to doctor a desired key & other; Add attention & throughout; To the health of my family and long-term management.

, according to a report in 2017 year, the user through the ali system APP (hand mirror, Tmall, alipay, etc.), and municipalities directly under the central government from the national 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, 275 cities of doctors, nurses, psychological counseling ShiJianLi link, launch all kinds of health advice.

in annual health consulting service consumption, by consulting with the highest proportion of obstetrics and gynecology, male skin venereal diseases and ranked 23; Telephone counseling in mental department and obstetrics and gynecology accounted for the highest, followed by the male. Comprehensive data, the four departments with popular value, become ali the star of the health department.

on specific issues of consulting, male, the female users of different sex show distinctive and different & ndash; & ndash; Has the highest percentage of obstetrics and gynecology problem of open questions, the female users tend to be frank, describe their symptoms, in order to get a better health guidance; And the male & other; Listening & throughout; The highest percentage, more than 300 & other; Shy & throughout; The user to select from the symptoms of gay men and experience, you want to get the answer.

send what the Chinese New Year is the most lovable? Chinese around the world tell you

2018 lunar New Year’s footsteps getting closer, & other; MAO foot son-in-law & throughout; What the most lovable give mother-in-law happy New Year? Overseas Chinese love what goods? Tmall held recently at the Spring Festival to disclose health products sales data, in different regions, different groups and other Spring shopping vane & throughout; .

sales figures show that gift-giving, JingXiao heart is the theme of this year’s Spring Festival. Among them, the influence factors such as family and baby is distinct in different age group of healthy consumption mind: is favored and class tonic after 70, 80 after buying the most elderly check-up packages, prefer to buy bird’s nest and gelatin after 90. in addition, this year Spring Festival, during the national large-scale continuous cooling, so warm type belt type of care especially gear sales than in previous years.

and on regional consumption characteristics, guangdong people, like in previous years, is the bird’s nest, ginseng, donkey-hide gelatin, tonic health of consumers; In the Shanghai area children JingXiao set, buy the list for the elderly check-up packages in the country. It is important to note that during the Spring Festival this year, many consumers also choose living abroad in the day the cat medicine hall & other Stock up & throughout; To accelerate the plant enzymes, keeping in good health tea and other health care products that move overseas, gradually become a new era of & other; Chinese famous brand & throughout; .

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