Ningbo 22 small hearing is equivalent to 90 – year – old man! It was because of this habit… Read to make mobile phones

the original title: ningbo 22 small hearing is equivalent to 90 – year – old man! It was because of this habit & hellip; Read to make mobile phones

with the popularity of mobile devices, a lot of young people walking down the street, sitting in the subway are fond of wearing headphones. Wearing headphones for a long time, especially the volume is too big, can cause hearing loss.

put four or five hours a day headphones

22 year old guy hearing loss obviously

ningbo, deputy director of the second hospital otolaryngology Wang Ji cloud accepts such a young man, 22 years old, because they feel tinnitus, hearing decline came to the hospital. Doctor for the young man did a listening test, found that hearing loss at fifty, equivalent to a moderate degree of hearing impairment.

young lad why listening are similar to those of the ninety – year – old man? The doctor ask the young man’s life history, discovered that he likes wearing headphones listening to music every day, and feel the volume not big stimulus, wearing on foot, by car every day, sometimes also with headphones, before sleeping at least four or five hours a day, has been going on for more than two years time.

the doctor determine, for a long time with big volume headphones is the main reason why the young man hearing damage, the damage is often irreversible. Woof doctor introduction, because of long time like this headphones cause hearing damage patients, clinical is not uncommon, in the majority with love of young people with mobile equipment.

6 years old children couldn’t hear the teacher said in class

ome and adenoid hypertrophy were causing hearing loss in

is the same as JiuXun hearing loss to the old man, 6 congcong because of the disease.

6, astute clever and lovely, a training class, he said to his mother, & other; The teacher speak voice is very small, can’t hear. Throughout the &; Whether children naughty blather, or really? Congcong parents searched several online listening test method, try the measurement at home, there seems to be a problem, and if no problem.

hold doubt attitude, mother with congcong to see a doctor. Ningbo xue-feng lei, director of the hospital otolaryngology do the inspection for congcong, hearing test results show that the child’s ears can only hear about 50 to 60 decibels, belongs to the relation between damage, equivalent to 90 – year – old grandfather hearing.


congcong after the birth of the hearing screening is good, his mother never thought his son would have hearing problems, how did that happen? After the doctor check children with otitis media and adenoid hypertrophy, this is the root cause of hearing loss in children.

as found in a timely manner, congcong accepted the surgery, removed the adenoid hypertrophy, hearing got back in time.

best adults with little or no headphones

the road with headphones listening to hearing damage more

why listening ear chance to damage the hearing for a long time?

ningbo, deputy director of the second hospital otolaryngology Wang Ji cloud is introduced, we have a listening ear receptors, the hair is sound, and, after a series of reaction process make the person produces hearing. The voice on the headphones if too big last time is too long, can produce excessive stimulation to hair cells, results in the decrease of sensitivity, produce substantial damage. DetailPic


wang doctors recommend, good personal habits is a effective way to prevent deafness. Many young people wearing headphones to listen to music, on the bus or subway itself has noise, need headphones sound particularly big to hear music, it particularly big to hearing damage.

suggest that adults with little or no headphones, if you use headphones don’t more than one hour, use headphones must control the volume, the volume is not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. Minors without best headphones. In addition, call too long can damage hearing.

found children as early as possible the clues of the hearing loss

related disease treatment as soon as possible

how do parents found the child hearing loss?

xue-feng lei director said, this requires parents find the clues of the hearing loss. If discover the child watching TV special loud; Behind him, often have no reaction or unresponsive, smaller children with language retardation, etc; Or flap, grasp the ear, it is better to come to the hospital as soon as possible the hearing; If tinnitus can be associated with hearing loss, said the child & other; Ears buzzing & throughout; Parents should also attach importance to it.

the newborn hearing screening, is important for the early detection of hearing loss. Children’s advice for once a year before the age of 6 diagnostic audiology examination and medical examination.

children’s hearing loss after diagnosis, the first thing to determine the degree of hearing impairment, nature, reason, congcong hearing loss, is caused by middle ear disease common childhood hearing impairment. Higher incidence of pediatric secretory otitis media, repeated attacks can cause hearing loss, thus influence language development. Treated by surgical resection of the adenoid hypertrophy and secretory otitis media, can fully recover.

for through medication, physical therapy, surgical treatment of patients with hearing loss, such as to choose the right hearing aid as soon as possible, it is the precondition of achieving successful auditory rehabilitation.


every year on March 3, is the national & other Ear-care day & throughout; , this year’s theme is: hear the future, starting from the prevention. The doctor remind, largely irreversible hearing impairment, prevention is more important.

how to prevent childhood hearing loss?

xue-feng lei director said, the prevention of childhood hearing loss, main attention should be paid to the following aspects:

to prevent the occurrence of otitis media. With adenoid hypertrophy should be active treatment. Prevent colds, bathing or swimming to prevent choking outer ears into the water, and water to prevent infants and young children choking milk can reduce the occurrence of otitis media, etc.

as far as possible avoid the use of ototoxic drugs, such as amino glycosides of antibiotics.

the timely treatment of upper respiratory tract infection, nasal diseases. Strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, reduce caused by a virus infectious diseases such as meningitis, mumps hearing loss. In addition, should actively prevent children head trauma, reduce entertainment noise.

everyday to protect their children’s ears. To avoid the q-tip. With a metal spoon out cause ear ear skin damage, plus the appliance without disinfection sterilization, easy cause all sorts of inflammation, even burst eardrum. If feel ears itch, available sterile swabs slubs itching, but not too deep, generally a swab head length is safe, you should also avoid ears Shared with a swab to prevent cross infection. Cerumen or foreign bodies can please otology doctor to the hospital.

a few parents quick temper, hit a slap in the face after the children for their mistakes, vulnerable to traumatic tympanic membrane perforation and ear pressure blast injury, should absolutely avoid this kind of behavior.

in addition, it’s also important to learn to blow your nose, need to rotate from the nose to blow, not two nostrils pressure blow together. Don’t blow your nose of children can use suction stuff. Source:

ningbo evening news

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