Ningbo doctor a wheelchair surgery: a promise patients don’t let them down

this photo moved many people. Modern 27 figure

recently, and have a photo of the doctors to work in spite of maxed circle of friends. The male doctor is ningbo Dai Chunshan chief physician, director of the hospital of general surgery, is his colleagues just uploaded photos. Look from the picture, he was dressed in hospitalized patients, protected by a one-off blue surgical clothing, wearing a surgical cap, mask and support, and in a wheelchair, attentively to operate on a patient. In this scene, moved all the people.

live up to its promise in a wheelchair even three surgery

why Dai Chunshan wheelchair operated patients? Speaking of things to the last November 28. On the same day, he ride a bike unfortunately knocked down by battery truck, left foot ankle comminuted fracture, severe cases, on the day of the surgery immediately.

the operating table, Dai Chunshan will call 5 has an appointment surgery patients one by one, tell them because of special reasons, we cannot give them an operation. Two patients undergoing elective surgery, said they would rather wait for a period of time, wait until Dai Chunshan rehabilitation. The implication is that the surgery Dai Chunshan.

& other; There are several patient has been in the hospital, ready for the next day (hit) the next day by I gave them the surgery. One of the more than 70 – year – old patient, because the skin infection, for a long time can not heal the wound necrosis, insisted on my operation. He look so insist, I also embarrassed again refused, tell him as soon as your body is better, just as soon as possible to help him. Throughout the &; Dai Chunshan recalls. For the convenience of work, three days after the surgery, he put beds from orthopaedic moved to his general surgery.

because of the injury is heavier, just finished operation, those days Dai Chunshan pain can’t sleep all night. 12 days after the surgery, the body is slightly better, he sat on a wheelchair to have an operation immediately. On the same day, he did it in more than two hours for 3 surgery. When at the end of the surgery, 3 legs because of long time prolapse, poor blood flow, the calf is swollen, skin turned purple, instep black.

heart patients fear of patients wait too long offered by outpatient

Dai Chunshan during hospitalization, patients still have come. A hernia patients to call him, said more than a decade ago two relatives have stomach cancer, to find Dai Chunshan surgery, is still alive. This time a hernia, he naturally thought Dai Chunshan. The phone, Dai Chunshan said to the hospital first. A patient to the hospital immediately blindsided, never expected the doctor should also lie on the bed, situation & other than he; Serious & throughout; . Without further ado, Dai Chunshan put his hernia with manual reduction, then undergoing elective surgery. Patients can alleviate pain immediately want to wear the doctor can do surgery for him personally. In order not to let him down, Dai Chunshan wheelchair again, on the operating table. & other; I am a man who starts, the patient’s disease also, etc. Throughout the &; In a wheelchair wear doctor said was too light.

in less than a month after the surgery, fracture Dai Chunshan is offered by the clinic. & other; A lot of patients waiting for me to review, each I surgery patients, I have left their telephone, have what matter can consulting me. This time, I have already answered a lot of a phone call, asked me how I can’t outpatient service? Then I answered and said to them go out to the meeting, the meeting also cannot open for such a long time. Throughout the &;

after surgery, orthopaedics doctor metasomatism, fractures to the feet up, can’t hang for a long time. Sit for three and a half hours out of the clinic, he wants to be a way to find a carton, and the risk of feet in the above, it would have been a little bit more comfortable. Three and a half hours to sit down and his left leg and foot still some swelling.

Dai Chunshan 53, do the doctor for 32 years, never a vacation to travel. His 13 kilometers away from the hospital, but his ward round every day, even the double cease day is no exception. & other; Patient is come to see me, if I go to rest on the weekend, the patient two days can’t see me, how will think? Throughout the &; & have spent

(originally titled “the doctor operate on patients in a wheelchair”)

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