No blood available yanjiao leukemia family member to buy life-saving blood “blood heads”

16 November, yan jiao yan da dao-pei lu hospital, because of the intestinal rejection, flash 10 leukemia patients lying in bed infusion (a pseudonym), on the side to take care of her mother, father, look at children through the crack of the door. A08 – A09 version photography/Beijing news reporter road

yan da dao-pei lu hospital concentrated a large number of patients, blood for blood stations large proportion blood still now & other; Blood shortages & throughout; ; Blood stations, hospitals, calling for social donated platelets

yan jiao yan da dao-pei lu brought together hundreds of hospital in the treatment of leukemia patients. Blood head, because of the large demand of patients with blood long-held hospital, from the Internet recruiting blood donors to yan jiao, to & other; Mutual blood donation & throughout; & in the name of the other; Sell blood & throughout; To the patient, each unit of platelets is after yuan.

blood head, behind the long-term transfusion is needed a lot of yanjiao leukemia. Because blood cannot be guaranteed, they find blood in addition to the head, also try other ways, such as when a patient is borrowed each other between platelet in solution at that time.

no family members agreed to lend. Borrowed platelet families, also will take on all the time. They owe is not only a platelet, is likely to be a life.

blood stations and local hospital said the gap the best solution, blood is still called for unpaid blood donation, especially for platelet donor.

16 November night, zhang again received & other; Blood head & throughout; The phone. Looking for more than ten people are unqualified, finally found a matching blood type blood donors.

the next day, after the completion of the blood donation blood head the pursuance of bill sent to the hospital. Look in zhang’s & other; And old customers throughout the &; , the acquisition of two unit of platelets, blood head only charge 850 yuan.

on November 19, a unit of platelets enter zhang 10-year-old daughter Mary. Another back to other patients.

in yan jiao yan dao-pei lu hospital, between patients and other Borrow plate & throughout; (use platelets) are widespread. Because of blood there is no guarantee that, hundreds of leukemia patients start this mutual aid over a long period of time.

leukemia children need blood transfusions every day

Mary was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at the age of 5, last year, relapse after chemotherapy effect. For treating department yesterday, zhang and his wife quit work, from lanzhou to Beijing, then go to yan da dao-pei lu hospital.

this year in March to the hospital after chemotherapy, a doctor said could be implanted in May. But because of funding problems, always drag in July.

on July 26, Mary finally into the tank transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells, zhang lei is a donor. Postoperative effect is very good, new blood begin to flow in the flash, zhang lei think daughter born again.

on September 29, Mary began to abdominal pain, was found to exist the intestinal rejection. Mary shit from yellow to dark green, gradually to brown, finally become red.

due to intestinal rejection, Mary nearly two months without eating, lost nutrient solution for. She was pale, skinny legs, only 30 kg weight.

in the beginning, takes two days to Mary lose blood platelet and red blood cells () at a time, after October 15, Mary’s stool almost every day. Blood transfusion also became a must every day.

yan da dao-pei lu hospital is a specialized subject hospital for various blood diseases treatment. Lived about 500 patients with blood disease, hematopoietic function is poor, most of the patients need long-term transfusion.

in general, patients should apply blood use by a doctor, and then by public blood bank, hospital, according to the emergency blood use have some allocation.

zhang lei said, every hospital distribution, blood platelet volume with the lowest priority of the patient. Mary platelet generally above 50, not line.

Mary or stool.

at 7 PM on November 16, she pulled to 320 grams of blood. In the afternoon and at night and pulled to 300 grams of blood.

& other; How can a child pull of so much blood stand. Throughout the &; Zhang lei, very distressed. A leukemia children with cerebral palsy caused by ischemia, let him very afraid, he is worried that one not careful, before all of the efforts were wasted. More importantly, the daughter clever sensible, they hate to give up.

on the same day, the doctor to Mary lost a unit of platelets, as well as 400 cc and 300 cc plasma hemoglobin. Zhang lei, listen to the doctor said, “this is almost a day standard, if bleeding is severe and add quantity.

red good search, but the platelet is hard to find. He thought of to find blood head again.

he find blood head for the first time is in April. Mary needs to use during chemotherapy, hospital & other; Public plate & throughout; About less than (public blood platelets), he found a blood by patients. After blood head to complete blood donation, Zhang Leisong breathed a sigh of relief.

Mary chemotherapy, zhang once every half a month to find blood head. After the transplant, he almost every day or every other day you have to find blood head.

16 November morning, originally about good regret a temporary blood donors, zhang lei and contacted the three blood head, but didn’t find blood donors.

on November 17, due to severe bleeding, Mary played hemostatic, spent 30000 multivariate.

zhang lei said, lost a plaque at the hospital to more than two thousand, more than one thousand, hemoglobin in blood plasma of more than five hundred, ten thousand yuan compared with a number of hemostatic, the best way is to ensure Mary in ischemia can lose blood.

his hand with three or four blood head number. Since April, he found blood head mutual nearly 30 times of platelets.

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