Not embarrassed! After 90 male midwife: just want to put this line do good!

& other; Fetal umbilical cord, quickly into the operating room! Throughout the &;

7 points, when people in lunar calendar 15 children’s hospital of Shanxi Province labor room, 90 male midwife Zhang Weibing after hearing aid after the call, and colleague push women to enter operating room, race against time of preoperative preparation. Urethral catheterization bag, for leather bags and other resources, in just 10 minutes, he and his colleagues had completed preoperative preparation.

15 37 points, with the crying sound of a ringing, a weight of 3 kg baby boy was born. He is a children’s hospital of Shanxi Province since the Spring Festival this year to meet the 144th & other; Gold baby dog & throughout; .

look at meat doodle little mouth opens and closes a little fellow, Zhang Weibing wiping forehead of cold sweat, were glad and cesarean section the surgeon narrowly missed.

with the race of life, all the time. Distant fireworks fireworks at night, the window, set off much hospital in a festival atmosphere. But in a hurry through the corridor between the delivery room and medical staff have to pay attention to these.

Zhang Weibing told China youth daily? Middle online journalists, according to the lunar calendar on the first day until now, the hospital delivery room, and received a total of 380 newborns, only people that day, hospital has ushered in the 48 & other; Gold baby dog & throughout; .

& other; The Spring Festival every day on duty, can’t with their families, very guilty. Throughout the &; Zhang Weibing said. The shy smile, face and plain white boy was the only male midwife, children’s hospital of Shanxi Province is the only male midwife in 3 armour hospital in Shanxi Province.

in March 2017, Zhang Weibing is dispensed labor room. All of a sudden, a 28-year-old yell: maternal & other; The doctor give me check! I not in pain! I want to cesarean section! Throughout the &; Zhang Weibing immediately prepared to give the first-time mothers to inspect palace, et al. Behold a maternal saw him and said: & other; God, what’s a man? Quick change a female doctor check for me! Throughout the &;

all pregnant women in labor room 13 eyes glanced, Zhang Weibing feel embarrassed. & other; Finally I go to call a female doctor to maternal check & throughout; .

this is Zhang Weibing engaged in the career of midwifery check first patient, she refused to make Zhang Weibing is a bit depressed, but he was still in my heart again and again tell yourself, & other; Check palace mouth, urethral catheterization, the first two breakthrough, step by step, I can face, this is a very normal. Throughout the &; Finally,

Zhang Weibing ushered in the first baby. At first also hesitate: maternal & other; By the way, how’s a man came over? Throughout the &; Later, under the elaborate midwifery Zhang Weibing, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. So far, Zhang Weibing remember children born 51 points when the time is 7.

gradually, from a Zhang Weibing repeatedly rejected the couple into highly recognition & other Small warm male & throughout; .

world new life, this kind of irreplaceable achievement let Zhang Weibing gradually fell in love with this business. & other; Even if women a grateful look in the eyes, I would feel special day with a sense of accomplishment & throughout; .

once, a body weight 150 kilograms, twins hypertension to maternal hospital delivery. Starting at 3 am, Zhang Weibing always keep her, for her blood pressure, hot water, comfort and encourage her. 6, maternal smoothly gave birth to twins, a madam, maternal told Zhang Weibing & other; If have no you encourage me, and I went to have a caesarean section. Throughout the &;

in the long run, Zhang Weibing both inside and outside the department a minor celebrity, his life also has repeatedly reported by the media, and on the microblogging hot search, but he never thinks he is & other; Web celebrity & throughout; . & other; I just want to ordinary to do a good job, put it dry, dry, dry well. Years later, I can proudly say, how many I had had the baby! Throughout the &; Zhang Weibing said.

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