Nutritionists crazy vomit tongue 3: don’t expect any food can cure

“on the tip of the tongue of China 3” once aired, cause entire network, including the fourth set owner health diet theme movie, but also in the entire network caused by all kinds of fun & ndash; & ndash;

@ the ROM of netizens painting Monkey: at foshan city in guangdong province as a typical man, soup can control within 2 hours, cook fish soup for an hour and a half usually put snow ear, carrots, solid, such as yam, not the place what medicinal material, such as the black us not guangdong old fire soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is good to drink once or twice a week, drink many high uric acid.

@ netizen Sweethy: homemade Chinese medicine lipstick, ha ha, to tell the truth I’m a chemistry, I can’t use my homemade soap, don’t say that in the face, can eat into the belly.

@ the net friend rain XiaoFei: sichuan said, kimchi is to boil with water and then cool.

& hellip; & hellip;

so, keeping in good health medicinal food really want to eat? Regardless of population health, the old fire soup would you like a drink? Regardless of health status, don’t eat raw cooked cream? phoenix nets health also invited well-known nutritionist gu way nutrition interpreted accordingly.

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question 1: the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine medicinal food, want to eat?

phoenix net health: “the tip of the tongue 3” pushing the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine medicinal food, medicinal food is really want to eat? As a nutrition experts, medicinal food at ordinary times will do to yourself, family and friends to eat?

a: gu dietician food is also evaluated by the risks and benefits, benefits include delicious, nutrition, and even social functions, if there is nothing special nutrition, and there was a risk, there would be no recommendation to eat. As an individual, of course, if you want to take risk and cost, as we also have the right to block the nutritionist.

in fact, we rely on diverse daily diet is can satisfy one’s nutritional needs, do not need to be fine to eat Chinese traditional medicine. I myself is never do medicinal food, of course, you want to say some Chinese wolfberry, what kind of soup to eat honey even if medicinal food, such as that I’m sure also eaten and done. But I never expected there will be any special treatment role in the food, also did not think the food material than common fruits and vegetables nutritional value will be much higher.

after watching “the tip of the tongue 3” in the fourth set, mention what cordate houttuynia, glue and other foods, these I don’t recommend to eat. H. cordata containing aristolochic lactam, can cause damage to kidney function. Have repeatedly mentioned glue, its main composition is collagen, actually there is nothing special, but because Chinese superstition is not only the price is higher, on the gulf of California alternatives drum fish fishing directly led to the California capitulum porpoises endangered. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat.

question 2: traditional medicine medicine food homology with and without scientific basis?

phoenix net health: as professionals in the field of nutrition, how do you see in the traditional medicine medicinal food and medicine food homology theory?

a: gu the definition of medicine food homology, abandon traditional culture, the concept in medicine edible food industry is still relatively clear, because the food of the food and drug administration is this set of regulations on laws, regulations and policies. I understand this is the reference domestic a lot of traditional cultural habits, some of the traditional eating habits and included in the national standard of the Chinese herbal medicine material for a classification.

can patch for laws and regulations, such as some clearly recorded in the pharmacopoeia is being used in traditional Chinese medicinal materials & other; Medicinal food & throughout; , and our food safety law is a ban on the production and business operation in non-food raw materials to produce food. So, out of such a list, also can do some specification. In addition, there are some material requirements can only be used in health food, that it will be some protection for ordinary people.

at the end of the day, this kind of food, there may be some bioactive ingredients in content than ordinary food concentration, therefore, may be able to produce certain effect. Such as wolfberry fruit in carotene is more, there are some element of a kind of atropine effect, some significance for alleviating fatigue. But in addition to nutritional deficiencies, I don’t approve of expect from food to cure, medicine food homology theory is very easy to abuse. On the whole, as a ordinary people, or should eat a balanced diet at ordinary times, the medicine to the sick.

question 3: Chinese tonic=modern nutrition? Eat fill gas blood fill the universe?

phoenix net health: Chinese medicine tonic equivalent modern nutrition, eat fill gas blood fill the universe? How big a diet?

a: gu food mainly have the effect of nutrition provides nutrients to maintain the physiological function, treatment of disease, should play a role by drugs. Food for some nutrition lack sex disease, metabolic disease must have been very effective, but definitely not to say that with the & other; Healing & throughout; The word, can have the effect of what all remedies we still need to specific analysis.

most of the time, some people eat the prescription, feel better, very likely not the prescription of action, or need to be more rigorous scientific experiment evidence, rather than traditional what a prescription, ancient books written in what is believed. Especially if a food eat medicine effect is very obvious (not eat), that this kind of material is very effective should be attributed to drugs rather than food.

of course, everyone is willing to eat, what others also said that, but as a dietitian liability or shall I remind the risks. Is not recommended to take oneself do an experiment, I personally have always been opposed to everybody to believe what diet, there is no need to test all sorts of diet prescription.

question 4: medicinal food can cure?

phoenix net health: with diet prescription for & other; At the end of the disease prevention first & throughout; By spectrum? Medicinal food can cure not ill?

a: gu not disease prevention first, the concept is very good. Including I saw “the tip of the tongue 3” in the reference sun simiao said, & other; For doctors, when must first have a clear knowledge of source, is known by its made, to conquer. Throughout the &; This fancy lifestyle intervention is also a good consciousness. But please note that the original sun simiao in money the next sentence is: & other; Diet is not the more, and then life? Throughout the &; , as a result, the current “the tip of the tongue 3” documentary didn’t speak after half sentence.

we don’t exaggerate the effect of food, like many of our advice on nutrition diet principle, practice for a long time for a certain disease may reduce the risk of dozens of percentage, compared with many disease prevention strategy in vaccines, clean effect is not significant.

question 5: the food is on its feet?

phoenix net health: documentary advocate cooking way protection ingredients, can more easily be absorbed by human body. If all the ingredients to maintain natural ingredients, implementation & other; Nature & throughout; In order to exert its nutritional value?

a: gu documentary introduce some ingredients to put a little later, it can keep the efficacy, also said that to calm down, such as pan food from all return to soup & hellip; & hellip; This is also I to this episode on the tip of the tongue China very dislike a thing.

modern cooking technology for food processing research has been to the molecular level, but also has a lot of basic research of traditional Chinese medicine, all sorts of changes in the conditions of composition in various also via a clear quantitative, reflect the effect of it, there are also some animal testing result this documentary, science is not completely propaganda, still in the declaration & other Strength & throughout; This kind of concept.

we take a lot of time in order to avoid adding more cooking is the composition such as cooking, cooking, actually if is vegetables, saute the reserved JiHuo vitamin more, even for high protein food, baking is a kind of very effective ways of preserving nutrition, for general ingredient, to the preservation of nutrition than in the microwave oven cooking is better.

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well-known nutritionist, dietitians association in Beijing, the director of the institute of nutrition in Beijing, the Chinese older medical institute of nutrition and food safety branch of the standing committee. Bestseller, we should like to eat, “the author, microblogging” V.

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