Obstetric women doctors miserable caesarean birth experience: colleagues all play fine operating room into 30 people onlookers


WeChat male number & other; ‘strike the sanbao & throughout;

on weekdays and boundless obstetric female doctor gave birth on Eva what style is it? Care is a colleague of spring breeze stroke of warm language? Work on leadership and considerate to water? Or production privilege blessing? “Life gate” & Mao Yangong in other Miserable & throughout; Such experiences, contracted with the & other; Throughout history the most painful documentary &; All of the punchline.

next, please welcome this big tying its debut & ndash; & ndash;

Mao Yangong/zhongnan hospital maternity women doctors, Yang, director of his strength, famous female man, obstetric prenatal still 4 surgery, even on a day until the vomiting blood (gastric cardia tear) before the delivery.

in front of the high-energy note that famous female fellow Mao Yangong doctor after she started her labor, always adhere to the natural labor of her pregnancy will have what performance or golden words?

got off, natural birth, pain to deformation, hair doctor to recognize the unintelligent & ndash; & ndash; I want to cesarean delivery! Why don’t you give me the split! Die man!

eat melons down masses & ndash; & ndash; Thought the maternity women doctors have what different operation, the original all the same!

d: MAO & other; I am a now, as long as it didn’t hurt, you let me live a year can be less! Throughout the &;

please welcome show fine colleagues/leadership play & ndash; & ndash;

director: Yang & other; Come on, let do a show. Throughout the &;

& other; Maomao is not strong, said the patient will say: ha ha ha ha & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

n: & other; Take out your regular advised patients natural labor strength. Throughout the &; (indeed as expected this sentence came)

doctor MAO pain to deformation, also don’t forget to make excuses, & other; I this pain, unlike others general pain & hellip; & hellip;

the incubation period of time will not so painful. Throughout the &;

result more ha ha ha: & other; The others have children are so painful ha ha ha ha & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

last: the head nurse strength & other; You go sit too much at ordinary times, too. Why the nurse labor progress fast? Always on the run know not to know. Throughout the &;

Yang director, don’t forget to play chicken blood & other; We commonly obstetric doctors are very strong! Throughout the &;

colleagues/leadership in ha ha tai chi, heart also advised on the doctor MAO for natural labor & other; Make a model & throughout; .

even with partial hair doctor lover’s painting style.

daughter-in-law pain to collapse, the husband a face grinning & hellip; & hellip;

then & ndash; & ndash; All gone!

until hair doctor thoroughly fry hair!

head nurse at once see the painting style not urgent ventilation tidings: & other; The Mao Yangong said you all ignore her, angry already! Throughout the &;

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