Old eat kimchi altar for 30 years the old couple both stomach check overweight children

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the old man seems to be more and more of the digestive tract tumor. Tongji hospital of huazhong university of science and technology of internal YanWei professor, said the bureau each year about 300 cases of early endoscopic excision of gastrointestinal tumor, basically is over the age of 40, 60 years old or so most, and most associated with bad habits and eating habits.

old altar eat kimchi for 30 years

the old couple have to stomach cancer

last summer, the sun, a 75 – year – old dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer at a hospital in wuhan. Director of gastrointestinal surgery Shao Yongsheng consultations found that sun dad a special love to eat pickles, he proudly said his family & other; Old bittern & throughout; Him and his wife, brought from sichuan, year after year, more than 30 years, every meal to eat anything without a sour spicy kimchi. Dad know the sun’s eating habits and immediately asked him to take his wife to a hospital checking, indeed as expected is a cancer of the stomach. The children hurriedly to the hospital to check helicobacter pylori, as a result, 6 people have four to exceed bid. Due to deal with in a timely manner, dad sun the old couple surgery prognosis is good, the grandchildren by & other; Triple therapy & throughout; Prevent cancer.

Shao Yongsheng director said, each year about 679000 new diagnosis of gastric cancer patients in China, in 2015, about 2015 Chinese died of stomach cancer. Favour Chinese gastric cancer with high consumption of high salt content of pickled foods have a strong relationship, but unfortunately the salted dried fish and fermented vegetables, pickles, pickled vegetables, pickles, etc.) has always been a traditional food in east Asia. High salt foods can be damaged gastric mucosa, and salted foods adding nitrite to prevent corruption, in the process of food fermentation and stomach digestion will produce high carcinogenic substance.

always do a table of food for children

grandma always eat leftovers for a few days

qin, a 78 – year – old grandma has three daughters one son, his wife died at an early age has been a life with big daughter. Daughter, son-in-law is in social work is much, grandson is difficult to the home. Qin grandma every dinner for seven or eight dishes such as they come back to eat, every weekend to do more, looking forward to their children. The result is often to eat point, the children make a phone call to inform each have each, prepare a table of food, the qin grandma a person could eat in a week, sometimes have to repeatedly heated to eat. Young when pulling 4 children grew up, used to the days of the old man said what also reluctant to throw away the leftovers, refrigerator not put changed taste sometimes pick out the meat to eat. Even if some fruits and vegetables is out of order, will be cut off after the bad part and then eat it. Last week the qin grandma abdominal pain, thought to eat bad belly, to go to the hospital gastroscopy was gastric cancer.

huazhong university of science and technology union medical college hospital gastrointestinal surgery Xia Zefeng associate professors, experts say, poor diet is induced gastrointestinal tumor (mainly for esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer) which on the one hand, the occurrence of tumors is related to the factors such as family of helicobacter pylori infection, genetic, but eat leftovers for a long time to be able to induce the digestive tract tumors.

find one early cancer

save one life to save a family

the first hospital in wuhan city gastrointestinal surgery Shao Yongsheng said, poor eating habits is the old man longevity obstacle, a healthy lifestyle, regular physical examination, early detection and active treatment is the key to successful prevention and cure the cancer of the stomach.

is a potent carcinogens nitrosamines. The pickled fish do smoked food contains a lot of nitrosamines. Nitrite mainly by three kinds of channels into the body: the first is ham and sausage dyeing material, followed by vegetables nitrate is converted to nitrite in body and in the final is placed under normal temperature cooked food after a day or so of nitrate is converted to nitrite.

how to change bad eating habits? The most important still is light diet, replenish fresh vegetables, including onion and garlic, etc.) to alleviate the harm of high salt food. Calcium-rich milk can protect a stomach mucosa and antioxidants can reduce the active oxygen content of the vegetables. At the same time avoid long stored food.

high salt food will damage the lining of the stomach, and the damage of the lining of the stomach will increase the risk of infection of helicobacter pylori, eight to ninety percent of chronic gastritis, the stomach ulcers are caused by helicobacter pylori.

Shao Yongsheng suggests middle-aged and old friends, had chronic stomach disease, men over the age of 40, family history of gastric cancer, should be examined regularly, mainly regular gastroscopy, if discover gastric polyps can timely the microscopic resection, h. pylori infection should be treated timely and antibacterial, prevent lead to further lesions. Early surgical treatment for gastric cancer 5-year survival rate was above 90%. (reporter Mao Yin)

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