Old man: hospice makes life zone with dignity

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shougang hospice care center hospital of Peking University set up retreat don, for there is demand of the old man.

they is no more & other; Therapeutic value & throughout; The sick old man, was told by the hospital & other; Time & throughout; .

some old man body with catheter, tortured by the disease of thin and weak, pain could not say words. Some stay in bed all day long, lose their ability to care for.

located in shijingshan shougang hospice care center hospital of Peking University, the old man lived more than a dozen. They are the last stage of their life may be in the curtain call.

the hospital to provide them with the service, is no longer in order to treat disease or prolong life, more not hasten death, but as far as possible, reduce patient’s pain and other discomfort symptoms, improve quality of life, let every life zone to leave with dignity.

this kind of hospice care is increasingly recognised by people. But in the ward, dying patients to overcome some ordinary people can’t imagine the difficulties & ndash; & ndash; Pain, loneliness, fear, and death.

cancer man

26 October 8, west near rings outside apple orchards on the 14th floor, shougang hospital in-patient department of Peking University, the 76 – year – old Xue Lingyun sitting in bed, with the help of the nurse brush.

chronic lung disease of her thin body, legs thin and weak, need others to hold the stand.

older and have diabetes, the doctor suggested that do not do surgery, conservative treatment. Tumor bigger last year, has been admitted to the shougang Xue Lingyun hospital oncology department.

when she put several tube & ndash; & ndash; Iv, urine tube and drainage tube, and the heart monitor, the man could not move.

for a period of time, not feeling better, just drag a day. Only those tubes.

Xue Lingyun while awake, said more than once and daughter & other; Sad & throughout; . Three patients in the ward, plus a care, family members, most a room for seven people. Xue Lingyun saw other patients was seriously ill, even worse in my mind.

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on October 23, shougang hospice care center hospital of Peking University, the nurse will pick up a patient from bed.

& other; Years later the doctor suggested to prepared to go back to this year. Throughout the &; Xue Lingyun daughter said.

treatment hopeless, home cannot care, has obtained the consent of Xue Lingyun, family moved from the fourth floor of oncology ward to her 14 floor of hospice care center.

in March, shougang hospital was founded on hospice care center, became China’s first set up the tertiary general hospital in hospice care center.

A09 Xue Lingyun were living room has more than 10 square meters, can put two piece of bed, a table, and separate toilet. Bed she live close to the toilet, the head of a bed with a monitoring instrument, instrument of the outlet was blocked with an abstract painting.

in her bed, still hung two beautiful hat, the weather is good, daughter will take her out to dinner.

south to be born curtain, is putting the balcony of cany chair and tea table. Every morning she came to the balcony will be held to eat breakfast.

she every day from 7 in the morning. Her late lung cancer, chest pain, often caused by tumor bigger pain like a needle, her mouth panting, sometimes do not pick up to go up. Sometimes painful wake up in the middle of the night, the daughter to feed her to take medicine, can alleviate after half an hour.

after getting up, care to help her wash the body, pushing her to the balcony to eat breakfast. Very simple breakfast, soya-bean milk, cake, Xue Lingyun eat slowly, eat too much, by the nurse to feed. After dinner she sat with her and her daughter talked for a day.

at 9 PM, Xue Lingyun with the help of the nurse to go back to bed to lie down. A little while, doctors, nurses will come rounds, asked to take medicine.

Xue Lingyun here no longer treatment, food is the pain killer, adjust nerve medicine, once in the morning and night. With the drug control, chest pain caused by lung cancer can alleviate some.

since Xue Lingyun live in hospice care center, daughter also live in. The family also please care care 24 hours a day. Add a folding bed at night, three people live in a room.

than in the past, Xue Lingyun words a lot less, but the spirit was good. And not see too many wrinkles on the face, with a clear mind. Talking about their grandchildren, she can also tell who is who, a little distance but she has already can’t remember.

she likes to sit quietly watching TV, especially drama shows and soap operas, see like PingJu actor fengxia xin, she can talk with his daughter, a care. She saw on TV do Fried beef, also regrets: & other; Chan, but bite. Throughout the &;

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corridor, across a room is fully out of the room after the nurse to the patient in this medicine.

sat for a long time in the room, care every afternoon pushing Xue Lingyun around in the corridor.

in the evening after supper, Xue Lingyun bubble in the bubble foot, then watch TV.

one day soon in the past.

hospice care

shougang 14 hospice care center hospital, 18 beds is almost full. Most people are like Xue Lingyun, living in the shadow of cancer.

in Xue Lingyun A11 living room corridor across the room from the 83 – year – old huo guang, he prostate cancer 3 years, just to live in the middle of October.

before he lived downstairs oncology for nearly half a month. Severe pain at the end of bone metastasis happened later, spine, life can not continue. His wife is ill, son work busy, huo guang after checked on the net, to stay in the hospice care center.

a line still, huo guang body can walk independently, dress, diet does not need others to help. The other day son bought him mobile wireless networks, he will use tablet computers to the Internet, watching the news and information about treatment of disease. He spent three or four hours surfing the Internet every day, in addition, he likes to stay alone.

he feels this is & other; The real care throughout the hospital &; , pain can cure at any time, when you don’t need to have a personal space again. Know he likes quiet, not infusion treatment, the nurse don’t bother.

& other; Check the patient basically is terminal cancer. Throughout the &; The doctor leader yu-juan cao, hospice care center is a major receiving terminal cancer, alzheimer, such as heart failure patients. Center is equipped with four doctors and ten nurses.

in yu-juan cao’s view, hospice care aims to enhance and improve the patient’s quality of life. In addition to more than 10 staff, center and nutritionists, doctors, rehabilitation masseur and a therapist, and volunteers from all walks of life, from Beijing and anticancer parks and other public welfare organizations established long-term cooperative relations, for advanced cancer patients, make the body, mind, social and spiritual aspects of the comprehensive care, relieve or ease the patients pain and other symptoms, help patients as much as possible life actively, correct understanding and treatment of death.

at 8 every morning, the nurse will sweep bed and ask each ward, there is also a cleaner to clean the disinfection. 9 PM, the nurse again pushing a car treatment, infusion, treatment for the patient, blood oxygen measuring blood pressure heart rate. Also, ask the patient to sleep at night, the head of a bed is high, how sleep, breathing is oppressed, etc., in order to adjust.

10 PM, the doctor started operation, to make a diagnosis, symptomatic treatment of the patients and make the new nursing requirements to the nurse.

Xue Lingyun and huo guang loved here, under the care of doctors and nurses, two men eased the pain.

unlike other hospitals, in this case, the families were allowed to live with patients, in order to better take care of the patients. Xue Lingyun also deeply its profit.

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