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What To Know On Color Changing Spoons.

A while back it was a big deal trying to control the temperature of food for children. Technology came in to make simple our lives and the invention of color changing spoons made it even better. Nowadays, moms are at a better position and so much advantaged when it comes to regulating temperature for their kid’s food.

Color changing spoons change color depending on the food’s temperature even as the name indicates. Whether hot or cold, the spoon will alert you. When tasting the food, mothers are fully protected, the same applies to their young ones.

These kind of spoons are widely used in several industries. At frozen yogurt joints, color changing spoons are used and this makes it even more fan for children. This is one way the outlets gain their customers because kids find it so fascinating that the spoons change color when the temperature changes. Not only does the color of the spoon change when you scoop frozen yogurt out of the cup but also when you put it in the mouth.

The spoons are just as normal as other simple spoons only that it has a few added things. The fact that the spoons are sensitive to heat, scientific ideas have been used. A reaction known as thermochromic is the scientific theory behind these spoons. Given different temperatures, the elements that have been used in making the spoons are very sensitive. It is the same material that is used in making coffee cups and even mood rings. Whenever you put coffee in the cups, there is a drastic color change.

Achieving this color changing technology is done by use of dyes known as leucodyes. Temperature is what makes the color change the leucodyes. The colors change temporarily when exposed to heat. This is a clever way of determining how hot the food is before you eat it. With rise and fall of the temperature, the molecules in the dyes reflect light therefore changing the color of the dye. The material that is used on the interior of the spoon is silicon and is available in various colors.

How safe the spoons are is a question many people have and ask. The simple answer to this without going into the technicalities would be that they are made using the same technology with your coffee mug. The material used to make leucodyes is organic and you can’t get any safer than that. This is not a very new technology and has therefore been used for a while. These spoons are tender ensuring the soft lips of your baby remain unharmed.

They are very hygienic and very easy to clean. Don’t worry about washing them separately because they are safe to wash in the dishwasher. You will be glad to know that they can be used even in the microwave when warming food.

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