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Tips on How to Make a Unity Sand Ceremony One to Remember

When you hold a married ceremony you should make sure that you hold ceremonies that are unique and also make sure that the rituals that you perform leave a lasting memory on your wedding guests because of the uniqueness and how well you have structured them. Among the ceremonies that take place during the wedding is the the unity sand ceremony where by the couple pour out soil on a jar together to indicate the unity and how they will leave life together. If you are holding a wedding you should know how to make every aspect of that wedding unique and if you intend to have your unity sand ceremony then you should come up with the ways in which you can make it a memorable ceremony and ritual, the article will highlights some of the ways that you can make your ceremony unique.

Select the color of the sand based on the preference of the groom and the bride. The sand that you use should have the colors that you love most so that the event can look more like your own event because it has incorporated some of the things that you enjoy and some of the things that you love. You can either hire a company to organize this event or you can organize it yourself but if you’re choosing a company make sure that they provide you with sand that is in different colors to allow you to choose colors that you love most.

Customize the frame that you will use to pour in the sand. When you customize the vase it allows you to incorporate your personal touches on the vase which allows you to define how the vase will look.

The frame you choose should be a reflection of you and your partner and the unity that you have just formed through the marriage, there is no better way to customize it then putting up photo of you and your spouse on the frame. When you are choosing the photo to have on the frame make sure that you choose a photo that highlights how happy you are together and how unified your family are.

When you are choosing the way to handle your unity sand ceremony, you should ensure that you pick out the theme that will highlight your personal style and preferences. Among the ways that you can make your event unique is by incorporating a theme that will incorporate the likes and loves of your nuclear and extended family.

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