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” on the tip of the tongue of China 3 “word of mouth fell, directors in response to questions & ndash; & ndash;

market environment change, the need to innovation and breakthrough

report from our correspondent (reporter Li Xiazhi), four years of separate food documentary “on the tip of the tongue of China” in this Spring Festival to return to the CCTV finally. Relative to the first two seasons, however, good reputation, in the third quarter in douban is currently only got 4.3 points of low grade evaluation, it also makes the tip of the tongue 3 setback is part of a.

in the third quarter, continuing the theme documentary series “the tip of the tongue” to the habit of diversity, which is divided into & other; Implement & throughout; & other; Sweet & throughout; & other; Good things come to an end & throughout; & other; Health & throughout; & other; Hutch person & throughout; & other; Crisp & throughout; & other; Solar terms & throughout; & other; Integration & throughout; Eight sets, respectively introduces instruments of Chinese food, snacks, snacks, such as medical edible characteristics. While introducing snacks “sweet” in the second set, director of diversity yellow crane eight months time to lead the team to use the 20 cities, contact with 136 people, research and 120 kinds of snacks, but in the end, still make a lot of people think & other; Story is more than food & throughout; & other; Preaching throughout & smell is too strong; & other; The smell of the tip of the tongue changed & throughout; .

to this, the director of the third quarter Liu Hongyan explains that hope is the theme of the new season on the basis of present mouthwatering delicacies, increase food sense of culture and history, so the directors through a lot of research, academic discussion, all men are mortal has carried on the back of Chinese cuisine. Team has, for example, the cabbage to four or five trip to yangzhou, specializing in agricultural history and also find agricultural university ShuCaiShi experts, after to check information, spend a lot of work, only to find out how cabbage from north to south is evolving, Chinese cabbage and how to South Korea.

& other; Food behind of culture and civilization, is the root of “on the tip of the tongue of China” series, and soul. In the third quarter, interpretation of China’s food and people not only, also try to understand its roots culture fertile soil and flow of The Times. Throughout the &; Liu Hongyan said the changes in the theme may let the audience feel not too orientation, but this kind of localization of innovation, is the third season of directors have to do. She, when the tip of the tongue 1, the national archives of 40 to 50 archives food programs, and now there are about 400 to 500 file food programs appear on the screen. In addition, there are & other; Savor & throughout; Series, & other; Taste & throughout; Series, & other; A city blindly & throughout; Series of food documentary covering almost every provinces city such as, food documentary market environment, has so far. In her view, now the audience have different expectations and feedback, on the basis of the first two seasons, in the third quarter, if not more innovation, breakthrough and development, the audience will not meet.

the audience thinks, the first episode “is” too many kitchen utensils and appliances, seem to be putting the cart before the horse, and other Was the food, only interested in the POTS. Throughout the &; The Liu Hongyan explained that the diversity of permutation and combination is after careful consideration. The director set LuoYongGong says & other; Appliance & throughout; All the food in the first set, because again beautiful, its source cannot leave the stove, leave the pot, inseparable from the feeder and container. In POTS, for example, its meaning is not only embodied in the achievement of shandong cuisine, also it would not have been embodied in with an iron & other; Fire & throughout; While & other Fire & throughout; In the history of Chinese cuisine has a very important position. & other; To do such a structure, there are inherent thinking, logic and expression system. Everybody said the Chinese food culture and profound, but the broad and profound things exactly? How is not only the food processing, there must be something deeper behind it. We hope to present how the food is, put behind the root of the adhesion of mining and presented. Throughout the &; Liu Hongyan said.

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