One day the use of 84 bales cotton gauze health-care squandered money for hospital?

delta and hospitals & other; Sky-high bills & throughout; Screwing the cca xiang

health squandered money for hospital?

if & other; Vested interests & throughout; To preserve our sanity, hospital collects fees in disorder phenomenon can not be contained; If everyone live secular and vulgar, the society is hard to get better.

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51, cca xiang up and hunan xiangtan city center hospital. Last January, sudden cerebral hemorrhage, the father of cca xiang, live in the 3 armour hospital, then in the intensive care unit received up to ten months of treatment, people still & other; Go & throughout; . More than 60, ten thousand yuan of medical expenses, before and after listing in the many projects he has doubt: & other; One day took the 84 bales cotton gauze, little treatment to change the 50 times a day, 80 days made 1100 ice compress? Throughout the &; He began to report hospital collects fees in disorder. Regulators to verify found, xiangtan city central hospital exists many medical consumable fee charge fees, and other issues. (the Beijing youth daily & other; Once deep & throughout; On December 17)

& other; Just out of more than 20000 individual in more than 60 medical & throughout; , to some extent, as the son of retired cadres, cca xiang or be & other; Vested interests & throughout; . But his sharp and not sophisticated, righteousness and selfless heart, is a bright heart. In the public opinion field, people call them & other; One track-minded & throughout; , and some top-notch & other; The warriors & throughout; , throw away the tags, more should ask, who & other; Achievement & throughout; The cca xiang?

& other; Sanitary pads use 1 day to 2 charges 700 yuan & throughout; & other; One day the use of 84 bales cotton gauze & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Xiangtan city center hospital has been confirmed by regulators to collect fees in disorder. As one of the best local 3 armour hospital, tell from the common sense, rules and regulations should be more perfect, self-management ability should be more strong, the checks and balances should be more fully, why dare to cheat? Hospital collects fees in disorder, wipe the retired cadre of oil on the surface, in fact is the alternative national ci, wipe the taxpayer’s oil.

correspond to open 3 armour hospital cynical, cca xiang encountered on the way for that many like to blame. Cca xiang found MaoErNi, for example, to the hospital departments, has been a nurse ridicule: & other; You are so stingy? Few cents! Throughout the &; In response to a complaint center hospital, did not respond; Looking for hospital care, YiZhengKe, still not. Until to report to the xiangtan city health bureau and old dry, obtained positive feedback & ndash; & ndash; Health bureau finds out problems, to hospital for punishment, but staff told wen xiang, they didn’t also way, can only do this.

fees, fees, insurance fraud is not belong to? Media reported, a pharmacy in jiangsu gaoyou boss diddle insurance fund 80000 yuan. An illegal cash, insurance fraud, lead to the loss of medical insurance funds, the criminal responsibility, there is a clear legal basis. Hospital relevant personnel to collect fees in disorder, how can just fine with? When it comes to insurance fraud, local prices & other department said Even if hospital collects fees in disorder, lying to health care, also can only by the health bureau to tube & throughout; . If involved in illegal and criminal, not just illegal, the judicial organs should be involved, and not only by the health bureau.

cca xiang along the way, will not be easy. Shrinking away from the hospital, to roll with the punches, regulators are questionable, if the relevant departments in a timely manner, not HuDuZi, hospital collects fees in disorder is not rampant.

actually, cca xiang was going to go legal way, also to find a lawyer, but no one will meet. If regulators the tube, social forces, and has no checks and balances, who supervised by like this hospital? Needless to say, some too close to the hospital with power plus has advantaged medical resources, it is difficult to be strictly regulated.

cca xiang tong broken is enough & ndash; & ndash; After all, relevant rules have been existed; But he had to burst is not enough, enough to stab is broken, cca xiang real burst collects fees the crux of the hospital? If it stops here, the idea behind the cca xiang was weakened. From this perspective, not the cca xiang rendering a lone ranger, disintegration of hidden rules need more people to come forward. If & other; Vested interests & throughout; To preserve our sanity, hospital collects fees in disorder phenomenon can not be contained; If everyone live secular and vulgar, the society is hard to get better.

& other; Even health care money, is in the national money, is also the money of the common people, can be squandered? Throughout the &; Query, courts, let a person see the cca xiang vital qi. The cca xiang was seriously the matter, are also associated with a small thing: & other; Father in the hospital when I met the family, the old man is also a cerebral hemorrhage, not awake, just a daughter in the home, simply can’t afford to cure ah, finally can’t give up, less than 24 hours, the people went away. If my father not retire the cadre, so many medical bills we absolutely can’t afford to. So, I want to must go to hospital. Throughout the &;

this is a very precious feelings. Little clear hospital collects fees in disorder, not like cca xiang hero, can not only count on this kind of justice. All are built xiang not voice? At the end of the day, still need system, through mechanism desilting, need regulatory move, hard up. IfengLogo Wang Shichuan

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