One of the Spring Festival, “phoenix” girl Liu Enrui way to nirvana

just past the Spring Festival, also everywhere permeated with festive celebrations. The small farce the eleventh lunar New Year in the life is alone.

the little girl from hunan Liu Enrui with acute mixed leukemia cells, after three courses of chemotherapy, on February 8, she was arranged into the warehouse, ready to accept allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. In transplantation, she spent her first without mom’s Spring Festival.

enter the warehouse before transplantation, liu mother write well on small farce of hospital gown with right name.

& other; Mom, let’s not cure & throughout;

small farce was born in a common family of four, my father is an ordinary office worker, my mother is a housewife, at home there a 13 year old brother at school.

in 2017, a small firm diagnosed with acute mixed leukemia cells (acute leukemia and acute lymphoid leukemia complicated with spinal cord), belongs to high-risk types. From children’s hospital of hunan province to xiangya hospital, central south university, to the hebei yan da dao-pei lu hospital medical treatment, disease, since a little as she took the hospital & other; Throughout the home &; .

leukemia at the cost of hundreds of thousands of also once let a small farce of despair.

as early as the mid to late October 2017, liu has owe the bank loans of about 150000, then borrowed 50000 yuan from relatives and friends, but still difficult to pay the cost of treatment.

& other; Mom, we don’t cure, if we don’t have that much money? Throughout the &; Reasonable small firm who say to mother.

fortunately, liu mother launched a fundraising in water to raise. With the help of social loving people, soon raised more than 250000 nt dollars.

however, through the water droplets to raise raise 250000 yuan is just a drop in the bucket, then, liu mother remembered that in 2016, she worked for a small firm to join the water droplets and mutual assistance, through mutual aid, the application of 300000 yuan of mutual gold sent to them.

& other; Chemotherapy has spent more than 30, made 260000 deposit into transplant storehouse. The doctor said, let’s prepare 4.5 million, remove has to pay the deposit, also need to concentrations. Throughout the &; Liu’s mother said red eyes. Have been hollowed out money, borrow the relatives she again into sorrow.

hospital fees credentials.

& other; I’m not afraid, but I feel a bit lonely & throughout;

fortunately, after two courses of chemotherapy, a small firm has suitable for transplantation. Her face is next in transplant barns 26 days alone, hopefully she will accept the mother of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

is because the chemotherapy light hair, see people quickly put on his hat little farce nestled in the mother’s side.

small said, she doesn’t fear into the storehouse, but she is afraid of loneliness. In warehouse in time, the doctor said to 26 days. 26 days of solitude, for an 11-year-old girl, really too cruel. Liu mother comforted his little daughter.

for small farce, liu’s mother have many things to pass time: mobile phones, CD machine and story. & other; She wants to read a book, but the doctor said that the book is disinfected with in rumpled. Throughout the &; In addition to the objects to pass the time, liu’s mother have prepared a quilt well armed. Nurse rejected liu mother prepare quilt when check, & other; Transplant barn with a quilt, the need to carry a & throughout; .

all checks properly, the nurse took a small firm to disinfect. Liu’s mother was left out. She, still can’t leave after all.

& other; She was the only person in transplantation storehouse. She never leave me so long. Throughout the &; Liu mother pour out to say the words, “said the can not but tears.

liu’s mother looked at the next visit the cottage, this is the future that time, only to see her daughter. Hospital regulations have a fixed time every day to let parents and children to video for a while. This is probably the only comfort liu mother 26 days.

see daughter letter to yourself, liu’s mother can’t help but cry.

& other; Mom! The bravest girl (woman) is the phoenix! Throughout the &;

a folded paper from his mother’s purse fall out. Open the paper at the moment, liu mother’s tears can no longer control, & other; This is her letter to me, I don’t know when she wrote it. Throughout the &;

letter to himself, holding the daughter could not help but tremble, liu mother’s hand. The letter not many words, but it is a picture: two smiling girl, the girl behind him is a phoenix. The girl has written: & other; Mom! The bravest girl (woman) is the phoenix! Throughout the &; In at the bottom of the paper, write a line of small print: & other; Mom, if you want to be when I see this picture, because its name is: when the sad to show strong smiling face “. Throughout the &;

this said to mom & other; Strong & throughout; The girl let people love dearly. Small farce tube bed doctor yan declare: & other; Grace is a particularly lovely child, every patient rounds with a smile to greet us, said & lsquo; Hello & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

for small farce after the operation condition and YanShu doctors make more optimistic expectations, & other; Never separate statistics of acute mixed leukemia cells in our case, the current statistics of myeloid leukemia and acute drench leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, after reaching the first complete remission: transplantation, 5 years survival rate could be as high as 70% to 80%, even more than 80%. Very low risk of relapse again after five years. Throughout the &;

& other; If successful implantation, huang hair grow out, is the kind of hair soft, rolls. Throughout the &; YanShu said the doctor.

for surgery is optimistic expectations, but let his mother about medical expenses budget face filled with sorrow and helpless.

according to doctors YanShu, after the transplant, a small firm has a very long follow-up process, to observe forty to fifty days. For the cost, she says, & other; Can’t expect, in general, preparation before transplantation to transplant the second charge is almost daily. If there are other complications such as problems, may be more. Throughout the &; For the reimbursement ratio, it depends on the local conditions.

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