“One-stop” protection of minors workstation: check the medical cooperation kill two birds with one stone

protect sexual abuse of minors privacy avoid the secondary damage

national first & other; One-stop & throughout; The protection of minors workstation revelation

– our reporter xie table choose

– our correspondent zhang phuong Jiang Jianfang

information from ningbo yinzhou district people’s procuratorate of zhejiang province, according to the country’s first minors protection station built in ningbo yinzhou district completed and put into use.

recently, the legal daily reporters to the second people’s hospital, ningbo yinzhou visits by the procuratorial organ with the cooperation of the construction of the medical institutions and other One-stop & throughout; Minors to ask.

check medical cooperation kill two birds with one stone

in recent years, are the sexual abuse of minors crime and social nerve.

many times, when children suffering sexual assault, the guardian for & other; It’s an ill bird that fouls its own nest & throughout; And don’t want to take the initiative to report, not only for failing to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of affected children, instead of create conditions to give harm to continue to commit crime.

in addition, in the judicial practice of the past, in the investigation and arrest, prosecution, trial, infringement of minors may be asked over and over again, have to say many times by the infringement and the details of the process, the infringement of the child is undoubtedly a & other; The secondary damage & throughout; .

when suffered sexual abuse of minors, and how to protect their privacy, don’t let its secondary damage under the premise of case investigation, and grasp the evidence of harm, it is particularly important for law enforcement and the judicial.

ningbo yinzhou district people’s procuratorate juvenile criminal prosecution the relevant person in charge of department told reporters that through & other; One-stop & throughout; Ask site construction, make a one-off case asked, physical examination, evidence extraction, psychological counseling, such as work, convenient subsequent handling unit in the process of case material, to be obtained by repeated inquiries, also can timely provide therapy for the victims.

& other; General inquiries place is located in the people’s procuratorate or other working area, we put the site is located in ningbo yinzhou second people’s hospital, and developed in consultation with the hospital for 24 hours on duty system, this is the inspection of the medical mode of cooperation. This aspect can rely on the professional medical resources, to ensure that the first time for juvenile victim on physical and psychological counseling. Underage victim’s privacy on the other hand, for its open up medical green channel, maximum limit reduce sexual assault crime to underage victim harm & throughout; . The relevant person in charge of yinzhou district procuratorate juvenile criminal prosecution department said.

one stop asking to reduce secondary injury

in the corridor outside the ask place, with the blue sky white clouds wallpaper metope, reporter saw all kinds of children’s creative painting is full whole metope. On the opposite side of the corridor with cartoon chair. Corridor is rest waiting area, accompanied by the infringement of the right of cartoon layout can let children and family members try to relax when rest waiting for.

at the entrance to the station, the reporter sees, & other; Yinzhou district procuratorate minors protection throughout the workstation &; On the brand of bearing is composed of black banned gesture and red love love logo. The relevant person in charge of yinzhou district procuratorate juvenile criminal prosecution division, said & other; Refused to sexual assault, caress attentively & throughout; Is the meaning of the logo. This logo design goal is to try to soothe this portion of the children injured heart, to disperse them, let them blossom a pure smile again.

asking in place, the reporter sees, between before and after the whole room was separated into two before a to ask room, behind a physical exam room. Interview room set up psychological treatment area, conversation channel area and case ask area three functional blocks.

psychotherapy area displayed a lot of children’s toys and children’s books, the overall arrangement of comfortable warmth. And psychological treatment equipment, such as chair of sand table, music therapy is used to relieve the juvenile victim in the case when asked emotions such as anxiety, fear.

in the inquiry, the reporters saw the close-up camera, panoramic camera, pick-up and switches and other equipment. According to yinzhou district procuratorate juvenile criminal prosecution department relevant controller introduces, these devices to facilitate the inquiry process synchronous recording all the way, and can process will ask for subsequent handling unit read after burn a CD, reduce repeatedly asked secondary damage to the victim mentality. Children placed doll is used to assist children case description.

body examination room layout is different from general hospital examination room, indoor decoration to simulate the family environment, children room equipped with suitable for minors to use inspection of the medical bed. After the crime, the procuratorial organs will be the first docking hospital gynecology, paediatrics and obstetrics department doctor to physical examination of the victim, in this environment inspection can to a certain extent, reduce the nervous fear the victim.

it is understood that since the middle of June this year the & other; One-stop & throughout; Ask place since put into use, women try out of 6 cases were sent inspectors to be present, and infringement children playing games, sharing of food, watch the interaction, let the children down their guard. In the end, the infringement children are to visually through the cartoon dolls initiative, investigators described by the region and the way of sexual assault, thus effectively enhances the probative value of the victim statement.

one of the victim’s guardian said, & other; One-stop & throughout; Workstations well protect the child’s privacy, and the corresponding medical treatment at the first time to give the child, these is very important to the child’s psychological wound healing.

case investigation and efficient

& other; One-stop & throughout; Ask before working place has not been established, the traditional working mode is difficult to realize the timeliness of case treatment, disposable and professional.

in August 2015, the criminal suspect sun entrusted a kindergarten in ningbo yinzhou district and the guard room alone watch girl wang mou. Custody period, sun in the guard indoor and kindergarten and compound for wang mou obscene by means of cuddle and touch.

in the process of case is dealt with, the victim’s parents in order to obtain public opinion support, in the network media exposure, the infringement of a deeper secondary damage of the girls. Combined with the infringement of girls can’t in the first time for professional psychological counseling and therapy, gradually appear some mental aberration, it also difficult for subsequent cases about work.

the promoter in this situation requires the victim parents immediately stop exposure, confidential information and do work. Based on the victim’s parents describe girls in a variety of performance, to suffer after undertaker who obtained the consent of the victim’s parents, infringement girls to ningbo psychological consultation center for professional diagnosis and treatment.

according to psychological therapy doctor proposal, undertaker who suggested the victim parents to mental disorder diagnosis appraisal of girls, entrust professional psychological consultants to the victim of mental state identification, and the psychological mental state and behavior of killing the victim of the causal relationship between the appraisal opinions. In the final judicial conviction sentencing, the appraisal opinions play a key role.

although harm was eventually brought to justice, but since there is no in the first place for minor psychological persuation and help the victim, the victim under secondary damage, cause huge impact to their psychological health.

& other; One-stop & throughout; After asking underage victim case model, can be the first time for minors to provide health examination and counseling, and one-off ask let the victim to minimize the harm degree, can also be effective for investigation work.

yinzhou district party committee, deputy secretary of the politics and law committee secretary zhu method legend, yinzhou district procuratorate to establish & other One-stop & throughout; Ask place to protect the juvenile victim in the largest extent, to avoid the secondary damage, and can provide the victims with timely medical treatment and psychological guidance, improve the judicial efficiency, the medical cooperation mode is worth promoting.

it is understood that the & other; One-stop & throughout; Ask underage victim case model province to implement mode listed by the people’s procuratorate of zhejiang province, ningbo yinzhou district people’s procuratorate as ningbo first pilot unit, will work with the United Nations children’s fund, UNICEF, hold a national work conference on did not check, discuss issues such as protection of minors and salvage.

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