Opioid drug firms claim $500 million The abuse of China desperately inadequate

(healthy times reporter Zhao Mengmeng) opioid used for clinical pain, because it is from opioid (commonly known as & other; Throughout the opium &;) Alkaloids extracted and the derivatives of in vivo and in vitro, it is easy to abuse addiction.

according to the British Reuters reported that recently, the United States, New York mayor bill blasio announced to make public nuisance and negligence, the us allergan, etc. Eight sued manufacturers and distributors in Manhattan state court, asking them to take responsibility for up to 500 million dollars to fight opioids epidemic compensation.

prior to that, on October 26, 2017, President of the United States in a speech at the White House emphasized trump, opioid drug abuse raging in the United States, is within the scope of its history and the world’s most serious drug crisis, not only is this & other; A national disgrace & throughout; , & other; The tragedy of human & throughout; , announced the country into a public health emergency. Last time the United States to enter the national public health emergency is the outbreak of influenza a (H1N1) in 2009.

New York government against several pharmaceutical companies, for $500 million in compensation for

in recent years, drug abuse, opioid abuse & hellip; & hellip; Health crisis is violated citizen of the United States, has spread to many states and cities.

according to the New York City bureau of health (DOH), according to New York City has more than 2016, 1100 people die of opioid overdoses, was recorded in New York City, one of the biggest is the sixth consecutive year the death toll, of which the most staten island.

in 2017, the United States the number of people killed by swallowing excess fentanyl up to twenty thousand people, beyond 15000 heroin or other prescription opioids, as the first cause of death. A lot of opioid abuse in the all kinds of legal grey zone, prescription drugs such as the fentanyl than heroin withdrawal reaction is strong.

New York mayor bill blasio blamed it on large manufacturers and distributors sales, in New York City crisis of opioid drugs. According to the British Reuters reported, New York on January 23 to make public nuisance and negligence will be sued eight manufacturers and distributors in Manhattan state court, asking them to $500 million in compensation liability.

bill blasio said in a statement, large pharmaceutical companies to play a role in opioid crisis, they sell through deceptive, tempted to millions of americans to use them in exchange for interest. Because of opioid suffered a huge increase in number, and the city in a considerable burden on medical, law enforcement and so on various aspects.

in the big suits by pharmaceutical companies including the United States of New York City mentioned allergan, Johnson &johnson, purdue and taihua well-known pharmaceutical companies, such as the source of bergen, cardinal health care companies, such as maxon distributor is also on the list of the defendant. Chief legal consultant in New York City Carter (Zachary w. Carter) admitted that New York City will be for those & other; Damage throughout the industry &; Take legal action.

purdue pharma public affairs director, (John Puskar), said the company will argue, refuted allegations in New York City. Some other charged drug distributors and pharmaceutical factory, said although they think the lawsuit is not a solution, but the commitment to help solve this crisis.

in fact, New York City is not the first crisis for opioid drugs against pharmaceutical companies in the city. Qiaobao, according to New York, Chicago, launch a similar action as early as 2014, and the case is still going on. McCarty, a spokesman for the department of law, Chicago ferri (Bill McCaffery) revealed that they received 10 million pages of documentation for hundreds of times.

after that, many local governments are added to the blow of opioid crisis. Philadelphia and Delaware (Delaware) has also launched a lawsuit, Oklahoma is expected later this year to initiate a lawsuit.

illegal JuPian insurance marketing analgesics, pharmaceutical companies tycoon arrested

according to the New York times, June 2017 comprehensive states data, estimated that in 2016 the United States opioid overdose death toll is likely to more than 59000 people, than in the United States shootings and traffic accident death toll sum.

opioid drug abuse for many years, has let us into serious crisis, including in October 2017 by sith events.

because of the sith, in chandler, Arizona, is a professional pharmaceutical companies listed on the nasdaq, its core products & other; Subsys” Is used in the treatment of cancer pain in sudden sublingual spray, its analgesic component content is more intense than morphine more than 50 times.

in the FDA approval & other; Subsys” After sith shares skyrocketed, but after the company’s sales strategy under scrutiny. Several senior executives and former executives were charged with rebate schemes, this scheme induces doctors to patients with cancer pain relievers, beyond the scope of the use of the drug.

according to the daily caller reports foundation (DCNF) in June 2017, formally in trump the President declared a state of national public health emergency in the United States for several hours after the federal authorities arrested in Arizona pharmaceutical companies because of the sith (Insys) founder John & middot; Kapoor (John Kapoor).

card & poor’s 74 – year – old doctor charged with bribery and fraud means illegally selling products, the company Subsys fentanyl used for patients with cancer pain killers.

Boston federal prosecutors acting assistant wei for ray cloth (William b. Weinreb) said in a statement, in the United States faces a serious opioid overflow problem, kapur and his company is still in the bribery doctor, excess insurance companies offer potent opioid analgesics and fraud for profit.

CNN reported, because the company produces the sith treatment of pain medicine & other Subsys” The price is too high, most insurance companies require prior approval to submit an expense account. Because of the sith, therefore, the company built a huge system, fake clinic staff through the company’s employees, cheating the insurance company agreed to use this drug.

in the 1980 s, some academic articles that opioid addiction is not as serious as imagined, major producers of opioid drugs promised after the United States, taking opioid analgesics not addictive, and vigorously promote, make the prescription dose increases rapidly, led to today’s opioid addiction and overflow problem.

Purdue stop sell opioids, cut half sales

in 1952, sackler family three brothers created at Purdue Pharma (Purdue Pharma), although the research and development to create pain killer star prescription drug OxyContin (OxyContin) controversial, but still sackler family for $14 billion on 16th in the 2015 Forbes rich families.

in New York City put forward 8 to purdue pharmaceutical drug firms claim $500 million after complaints, purdue pharma announced that would reduce the sales staff number, and no longer sell toward the doctor opioid drugs.

, upi reported purdue pharma, said will cut 50% of its sales staff, sales department will eventually leave only about 200 people, the rest of this part of the staff in the future will focus on the marketing of opioid drugs. In a separate statement, the company said, & other; We have begun to restructure, and will significantly reduce our business operations, will no longer sell opioid prescription drugs. Throughout the &;

purdue company medical affairs, Monica Kwarcinski said they also plan to pass the medical affairs department to deal with all opioid products related issues, to take responsibility should be reasonable use of opioid drugs. In a letter to doctors mentioned in a letter, from the beginning on February 12, 2018, the company sales staff will no longer visit the doctor’s office to promote the sale of opioid products or products are discussed. And information about the opioid products, will be made by the company’s medical affairs experienced medical professionals processing directly.

corporate restructuring, purdue pharma, also face prosecution from Ohio, Alabama, and Washington state. Three state attorney-general’s accusation that the company through sales and marketing oxycontin, aggravated the crisis in the United States opioid addiction.

these lawsuits, the report says purdue pharma in the marketing of opioid drugs allegedly misleading doctors and the public, to these drugs as similar ibuprofen addiction not safe analgesic drug trafficking, resulting in patients with heroin intake increases. The United States centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), points out that using such as oxycontin in patients in the prescription opioids, such as more than a quarter will ultimately lead to opioid addiction.

the purdue pharma has strongly denied the existence of any wrongdoing, and argue that he has been following the CDC opioid guidelines, including the opioid drugs is not recommended as first choice. The company said: & other; We are acutely nervous about opioid crisis, and will make efforts to solve this problem. Throughout the &;

it is known that purdue pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a privately held pharmaceutical company located in Stamford, ct. In the early days, the company’s products for its antiseptic, povidone iodine solution is known and Senokot laxatives. Nowadays, the most famous is the pain treatment products kangding and oxycontin.

oxycontin pill is a slow release of oxycodone, in late 1995 was approved as the breakthrough therapy for chronic pain. It within 12 hours to maintain a stable level of oxycodone, for patients with widespread pain diseases. But soon found that for some patients, they can by crushing oxycontin pill and disposable suction to gain pleasure as heroin. Therefore, purdue company in 2010 to the preparation of oxycontin to make it more difficult to be shattered, and stop the sales of the original form of Austin kangding.

the abuse of tree, but our domestic use extremely insufficient

unfortunately, the United States is now facing the abuse, clinical use is extremely lack in our country.

cancer treatment, the hardest to bear is not the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, but ordinary people is hard to imagine the pain, opioid also became the first selection of ease the pain.

China cancer statistics annual report 2017, cancer incidence and mortality rates continue to rise, China has become the main disease cause of death. National cancer diagnosis about more than 10000 people every day, every 6 minutes is equal to the average a cancer, cancer toll to 4.59 million new cases in China in 2017, accounting for a quarter of the world, but 70% of patients with pain are not standardized analgesic therapy.

the world health organization (who) medical treatment with morphine consumption as a measure of a country pain levels of the standard, and morphine consumption per person per year in accordance with more than 10 mg, 1 ~ 10 mg, less than 1 mg divided into high, medium and low three gears.

the opioid medicare drug usage is extremely low, morphine consumption per person per year in China before 2010 were below 1 mg, very low; This value is 2011 ~ 2013, although growth to slightly more than 1 mg, but still far from developed countries.

2015 annual reports released by the international narcotics control board, morphine consumption is 19.6 tons, in the United States and in China was only 1.6 tons, China’s per capita ranking only ranked 88th in opioid consumption.

the Chinese medical doctor association pain physician branch President, the hospital said FanBiFa, director of the pain, opioid usage in China is low, the main reason is that the opium war to China deeply affect the special historical background, opium addiction concept in the public mind greatly, even & other; Talk about hemp color change & throughout; , many patients and their families, and even some clinicians have fear on narcotic drugs.

according to the national food administration of drug safety in August 2017, released by the national drug abuse monitoring annual report (2016) “, in 2016 to further improve China’s drug monitoring ability, drug abuse situation overall control, drug abuse of narcotic drugs for medical use/spirit/utilization rate is only 3.7%, stable at a lower level.

FanBiFa stressed that opioids has its duality, if not in accordance with the doctor’s advice careless use, easy to become dependent, also will make the people mouth & other; Drugs & throughout; . For patients with opioid medicine or poison, the key lies in whether reasonable, standardized and scientific analgesia.

(editor: qian-qian wu)

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