Our country residents’ health literacy monitoring results published in 2016

health literacy refers to the individual and understand basic health information and services, and use these information and services to make the right decisions, with the ability to maintain and promote their health. Improve the urban and rural residents’ health literacy, which is beneficial to improve the people found and the ability to solve the problem of their health, is to improve people’s health level of the important strategies and measures, is the important content of promoting health China construction, is the & other health throughout China 2030 &; planning outline of one of the main indicators. Since 2008, the ministry of health to residents’ health literacy monitoring. & have spent DetailPic

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in 2016, the national health and family planning commission entrusted China centre for health education press and publicity department organization 31 provincial health education professional organizations, the sixth national urban and rural residents’ health literacy survey work. Survey the national 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) 336 monitoring stations in counties. & have spent

according to the survey, in 2016 the Chinese residents’ health literacy level of 11.58%, from 6.48% in 2008 grew by 5.1%, from 10.25% in 2015 increased by 1.33%, to maintain the stable rise. From the point of knowledge, behavior and skills, in 2016 China’s residents’ basic knowledge and the concept of literacy level of 24.00%, a healthy lifestyle and behavior literacy level is 9.79%, basic skills in literacy level of 15.57%. From the point of major public health problem, in 2016 China residents’ safety and first aid 46.00% 46.00% literacy, science literacy, 19.13%, 16.38% of infectious disease prevention and control of quality health information literacy and basic medical and health literacy and chronic disease prevention and control of quality by 11.48%, 12.76% from 2015, has a different degree of ascension. & have spent

urban and rural residents steadily improving health literacy level, mainly related to the following factors: one is national health China strategy is put forward, in order to improve the health level of institutional arrangements. The party and the government at all levels attach great importance to people’s health, the health on the priority development of strategic position, increase the intensity of health promotion. Departments actively collaboration, work closely with and support the work of health promotion. The second is the national basic public health services, health literacy, promote action, health sustained China tour and a series of major projects, effectively promote the public health awareness, knowledge and skills of ascension. Three is a healthy city, healthy, health promotion county towns, health schools, health promoting hospitals, health promotion, health promotion, business, health, family, etc. Series health place of activities, to improve urban and rural residents’ health literacy created a supportive environment. Four is around the health education institutions and professional health whereas based on actual, continuous innovation, with demand as the guidance, provides people with rich health education services. 5 it is people’s attention to health more and more high, to enhance health awareness. Six is the media for health knowledge propaganda growing, healthy cultural atmosphere is more and more strong. & have spent

but must see, in the overall level of residents’ health literacy is still low, uneven development between urban and rural, regional, the crowd, people’s understanding of all kinds of health problems is not balanced; A healthy lifestyle and behavior literacy improve slowly. & have spent

in the report, the party’s 19 xi general secretary to implement the strategy of health in China has carried on the comprehensive deployment. Around and departments to seriously implement the 19 big spirit, combined with local actual situation, adjust measures to local conditions, overall resources, improve efficiency, to popularize the health living, and communities in advance for health promotion and education work, the implementation of the “& other health throughout China 2030 &; planning outline” & other much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; health and health plan “& other much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; national health promotion and education, work plan, such as residents’ health literacy goals and objectives, efforts to ensure people’s health.

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