Pakistan was 14-year-old juvenile practice special head can be turned 180 degrees

comprehensive report 】 【 the web, according to the daily mail reported on November 8, the city of Karachi, Pakistan 14-year-old young muhammad & bull; Samir (Muhammad  Sameer) can use the hand behind your head spin 180 degrees look.


samir when at the age of 6, 7, from a Hollywood thriller saw an actor turned the head looked back, he was attracted at the time, and thereafter. & other; I began to practice since then, and after a few months will be able to do it. Throughout the &; Samir said. His mother saw his behavior for the first time his slap, worry that this will hurt neck, & other; But later she come to realize that it is god to give me. Throughout the &;

samir’s father, a German & bull; Khan (Sajid  Khan), 49, had two heart attacks, then left, then the burden of family falls upon the shoulders of age is still small samir. Samir out of school, in the dance group to make a living. Chief dancers dance company Arthur & bull; Khan (Asher  Khan said: & other; When I first saw samir rotation ability of neck and shoulder, I was very shocked. That’s incredible. Throughout the &;

samir now a month can earn about 100 to 120 pounds (about 868 to 1042 yuan), he said that he didn’t want their other four sisters give up because of the shortage of economic study.

& other; My dream is to work in Hollywood, as in the horror movie actor. Throughout the &; Samir said he was trying to exercise their own dance, gymnastics and performance skills, in order to find better opportunities to support family dream. (internship compilation: reviewing Chen Wei hin: zhu library)

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