Paraplegic who insist on novel creation: alive, be about to do something

high paraplegia is the life of the song

the pen, the China youth daily & middot; Middle online journalists Ma Fuchun

a pencil in hand, common plastic sleeve, the sea into the body lie low is on the bed, the head turned to stare at a computer, striking the hands of the pen on the keyboard. Each on a line, takes a lot of energy, after a period of time, will stop to rest for a while.

at home in bed, the sea into pencil in hand, literature in written on a computer keyboard. The China youth daily & middot; Middle online journalists Ma Fuchun/sc

a pallet flat bed, the sea into a lie is 18 years. 19 years old, this youth in qinghai province sea into spinal cord injury, leading to high paraplegia, began the bed life.

in the face of the blow of fate, flowering season young sea into despair, & other; Ever want to leave this world, but the hands lose consciousness, their ability to end your life & throughout; . Sea into had a hunger strike for several days, want to say goodbye to the suffering of the world, but the call of love or let him stay.

& other; What is the meaning of life? Why live? Throughout the &; Lie on the bed, the sea into again and again ask yourself. Endless depression, hesitation, he entered the book world. In the spring of 2017, the sea into the creation of 600000 word novel “dream”, a song of the paraplegic song of life.

the sea into was born in xining city in qinghai province this republic town river village farmhouse, since the childhood can bear, academic performance has been very good. After graduating from junior high school, he went to very far away from home in middle school. But due to family poverty, didn’t finish up, dropped out to xining,.

in 1999, he went to the park to play, and friends to play on the lake, accidentally fell into the water, drowning lose consciousness. Partners save him ashore, don’t know how to help, to lift him from JiaoBo pour drainage, shaking their panic injured spinal cord.

& other; When I wake up, has been lying in a hospital bed, and there is no perception. Throughout the &; He said, plus partners rescue drowning improper way, their high paraplegia, face life can’t get up the cruelty of reality. Before that, he has been good to discuss with partners, collar wages went to shenzhen to travel.

fate and sea into a big joke. In the hospital, the doctor told the sea into family, illness is so serious, have life risk, even if things can get better, may well become a vegetable. & other; Let’s think of things. Throughout the &; Mother yun-lan li lacrimosa, dare not believe son would become like this.

at the hospital, sea into from the doctor to know its own condition, endless grief. & other; 19 life, spend the rest of his life to lie in bed, so scary, dare not face! Throughout the &;

the sea into the physical condition is getting worse and worse. Because has been lying in bed, the digestive system is very bad, can’t eat noodles, miscellaneous oriented, meat, can only eat order. Sometimes in hot summer and cold shivering, mother to fill a few hot water bag on him; In winter, the sea into often catch a cold again, whole body hot.

since there is no perception, both into the sea will be affected by a lot of crime. & other; When drinking boiled water, always think water is very cool, every time after drinking just pour the boiling water, his mouth ulcers. Throughout the &; Yun-lan li’s eyes filled with tears as he spoke of these.

on the verge of collapse, all sea ChengXiang, suicide. Whole body have no consciousness, self-harm cannot implement, he chose a hunger strike, want to say goodbye to the bitterness of life. Mother will take care of the sea into the daily life, learned that he had the idea of suicide, yun-lan li tear flow, heart again and again to persuade son: & other; Must be strong to survive, as long as we are alive, you must be able to live well. Throughout the &; Deep mother love let the pain of the sea into emotion, gradually gave up the idea of suicide.

when peers roaming the campus, into the sea is, day after day, year after year in bed alone. Muscle atrophy and various lesions tormented him flesh; Depressed, lonely and helpless to affect his spirit.

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