Parents keep kids in the hospital for medical dispute Eight months after hospital not to see the children


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children in hospital out of the situation, because after treatment and cost problems with the hospital such negotiations fail, angry parents leave, didn’t show up in many days & hellip; & hellip; After seeing children continue to negotiate with the hospital, after an inconclusive leave again. Children after treatment in stable condition, was sent to hospital children’s welfare homes in foster care. Later, the parents demanded to see the children for many times, failed to achieve.

& gt; & gt; Families: the boy treat problems

the doctor more than half a year not to see

carefully, is apart from the last saw children for nearly eight months, LiQuan ms ma and ms dong said, the eight months, they came to xi ‘an many times demanded to see the children, but all were rejected by hospitals. & other; This is our children, and why not let us see the hospital. Throughout the &; Two people think impassability.

it also speaking on May 20, 2017. Ms ma and ms dong is two in-laws, ms ma daughter married to the son of Ms. Dong, due to the young couple are & other; Some honest & throughout; , so two people 4 months old, the child to xi ‘an cure is accompanied by grandma grandma ms ma and ms dong.

& other; Children stomach distention, May 20, to live in xi ‘an at children’s hospital. Throughout the &; Ms ma said in general two treatment, diagnosis of intestinal obstruction, enema, four times three days at 4 p.m. on May 22, the fourth enema suddenly appeared in the process of life, the doctor said child intestinal perforation lead to infections of the appendix, should be removed. Have a fever after children into the intensive care unit.

families considered accident has occurred in the process of treatment, May 23, find the division director of the family, and the next phase of the child, rescue and the treatment problem & other; But let’s just go tell them. Throughout the &; Ms ma said, because the children in the intensive care unit also see almost every day, she and Ms. Dong LiQuan back left hospital.

on June 1, two people came to the hospital again find, director of the department learned that family members require hospital is free to do, after the second surgery, until the disease on the director did not reply, then they left the hospital again. The leave until June 26, they came to the children’s hospital again, see the child in the intensive care unit, but children infection among the thigh. At this point, the hospital will be treated as the matter to the medical department, the hospital is put forward to families away, but family members asked the hospital to disease, the two sides have medical costs again, however, part of a hospital are proposed, families are not agree. Negotiations failed again.

ms ma and ms dong said, since then, from July 6, 2017 to January 2, 2018, the family went to the hospital to see children, 10 times were rejected by the hospital, & other; The last time I heard that the hospital to send their child to the welfare homes, children with xian who coordinated development planning commission medical administration, in the past, we see a child, but the institution said that the children’s hospital say “hello” to meet. Throughout the &;

& gt; & gt; Hospital: family members of the abandoned children, we has sued

yesterday morning, Chinese journalists with children’s family to the children’s hospital of xi ‘an medical department know about the matter.

& other; They abandoned child, we have charged. Throughout the &; Speak of the matter, the hospital, according to the medical department is responsible for all the staff handling the had indeed problems in the process of treatment, but treatment itself has the risk, & other; If family members think belongs to the medical accident, can through the proper channels to resolve, whether by professional departments belong to medical accident. Throughout the &;

this staff said, & other; They throw the kids in the hospital, we give the child cure, then sent to the children’s welfare homes in foster care. Throughout the &; During this period, the hospital has turn to the police to contact family members, but families are still reluctant to go to the hospital to settle the matter. & other; Even later, hospital and family members about breaks some of the costs, or we can talk about expenses, secondary surgery families still don’t agree. Throughout the &;

for families of more than half year not to see children, all the staff did not explicitly deny. But, he says, in treating children and foster children’s welfare home, spent a lot of the hospital, the hospital has also been suggested that families away, but family members asked hospital is hard to accept. & other; We have to lodge a complaint, they abandoned their children after medical costs and the cost of the child then how to share, let the court ruling. Throughout the &;

for children hospitalization parents to leave the hospital, family members did not deny it. But, said the family had never received any news from the police.

& gt; & gt; Lawyers view

raising rights should not be limited to

but abandoned hospital should not

Beijing dacheng law firm (xian) Chen Qing lawyer, said the hospital to court the medical service contract and negotiorum gestio dispute lawsuit, request direction of families pay the medical bills and taking care of the children’s foster care fee, but see children have the right to limit their families. Hospital should also assist families to children from the orphanage get, because parents are the child’s legal guardian, rights and obligations to children have raised, its rights and obligations without the legal should not be restricted or deprived. Families, however, should be health care payments to hospitals and foster fee, if it is thought that the hospital to the child’s diagnosis and treatment process of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis or medical infringement problems, should be claiming rights through legal means, the law does not give families can be the rights of children abandoned in the hospital, the hospital to the rights of the child in the family to be abandoned in the hospital, after its first foster behavior when none in the orphanage, the resulting costs, shall be borne by the families. Chinese journalists Yang Dege

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