Part of milk powder imports tariff to zero

have been lower part in clothing, bags, shoes, boots, characteristics of food and drugs, on the basis of consumer products such as import tariffs, the ministry of finance and the general administration of customs import tariff cut announcement yesterday both.

yesterday, SMW reporter learned from the ministry of finance official website that since December 1, 2017, the temporary tariff rate will reduce part of the consumer goods import tariffs. This time, further reduce the import tariff of consumer goods, covering food, health care products, medicine, daily chemical products, clothing shoes and hats, household equipment, cultural entertainment, house department such as all kinds of consumer goods, involved 187 8-bit id number, the average tariff rate from 17.3% to 7.7%. New taxes will take effect on December 1.

there are experts in SMW reporter interview, said the tax adjustment influence on cross-border electricity is limited, but for some tax rate adjustment affected industry, or will need to be prepared to deal with related.

the overall impact on cross-border import

guangdong ZhuoZhi cross-border electricity supply chain service co., LTD., President of jin-ling li SMW reporter interview yesterday that the tax adjustment is mainly to daily consumer goods (FMCG) general trade import tariffs on the way, is the country encourages the import of huimin policy promote consumption upgrade.

she said that since cross-border electricity currently import duties have to 0, and the consumption tax on 7 fold, so on cross-border electricity overall impact is not big.

& other; Could now be influential category mainly diapers, tariffs from 7.5% to zero. Due to the general trade import diapers base for CIF (CIF), and cross-border electricity import tax base for electric business platform for the retail price (70% VAT), according to the current diapers markup percentage, flat. Because diapers general trade import access is simple, and can be full channel distribution, general trade have without customs SanChan to touch, is not subject to annual individual purchase quota etc, diapers category tend to general trade imports. Of course love to overseas consumers cross-border import original excepted. Throughout the &; Jin-ling li said.

however, cross-border electrical contractor will also have the tax rate adjustment interpreted as a positive effect. Gather beauty is superior, vice President of jiangnan has told reporters that the tariff cuts, for the whole cross-border electricity industry is a major positive, will be conducive to the legitimate operation of cross-border imported electric business enterprise development, is conducive to blow & other; Human flesh act as purchasing agency & throughout; Such as gray imports, to ensure quality of imported goods.

in jiangnan, it seems, at present, cross-border import electricity dividend period of rapid development is still in the market. Thanks to the relevant preferential policies of the country, cross-border import business continued to maintain rapid development.

related domestic manufacturing enterprises or confined

in the relevant departments, the reduce import tariffs, consumer goods closely around consumption demand, is closely related to People’s Daily life, domestic can’t supply some of the high quality products and special advantage on the product, is advantageous to the rich domestic consumption choice, guide the transformation and upgrading of domestic supply system.

however, there are also some industry experts believe that special infant formula milk powder, diapers, and other general merchandise trade import tariff reduction, or will affect the domestic related enterprises performance.

& other; China’s infant formula milk powder special price can more in 300 yuan of above, foreign related special formula due to raw material cost was cheaper than domestic, its price usually abroad corresponding price can only need 150 yuan – 200 yuan. That is to say, before the tariff adjustment, even with tariffs, imported special infant formula milk powder is at least 30% less than the domestic. If the cut again, that will be an advantage. Throughout the &; Dairy industry experts said bass analysis.

in his view, special infant formula milk powder were tested milk enterprise research and development ability and technology, and tariffs will be compressed domestic special formula of profit, and further affect domestic r&d of related companies.

situation, similar to that of the special infant formula milk powder and baby diapers. At present, the domestic has few can compete with foreign brands.

multinational consumer goods giant to layout

SMW reporter noticed that the import tax cut due to involving include loading 2 litres, and the following container vermouth and other plants or seasoned with fresh grapes wine, distillation of liquor, whiskey, wine. Existing international wine company, said yesterday that the will of related have to planning the layout of the product in China.

it is understood that in the relating to the adjustment of the 187 kinds of consumer goods, dispensing wine adjustment range is the largest, tentative tax rate from 65% down to 14%, the rate is as high as 51%, and France, Della, Chinese companies have said yesterday the company to reconsider & other; Very” In the domestic market planning. It is understood that, Diane to 2013’s & other; Very” Dispensing wine brand in China market, but due to high tariffs and other Very” After China’s performance has been poor.

in addition, brandy, whisky, import tariffs were cut from 10% to 5%, was also seen as will further stimulate the relevant importers layout in the Chinese market.

in the case of brandy, wine importers of the branch, according to data from the imported wine in September 1, 2017, brandy imports for 6. $100 million, accounts for about 76.0% liquor imports, rose to 44.4% year-on-year growth, in the imported wine has ranked second only to the original bottle of wine.

concludes: SMW reporter jian-zhong ma

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