Patients with 30 hospitals in Beijing will share medical records without having to print to carry medical records

30 hospitals in the city will share medical records

patients without having to print to carry medical records in different hospitals can reduce repeated tests

don’t have to report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Xiaomei) patients with papery medical records between different hospital, no need to do unnecessary repeat test inspection & hellip; & hellip; Beijing youth daily reporter learns from the Beijing municipal planning commission, 30 hospitals in the city will implement the pilot Shared read electronic medical records, including Peking University third hospital, china-japan friendship hospital, fuwai hospital, Beijing tiantan hospital, etc. DetailPic

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a few days ago, the Beijing health planning commission issued” on the strengthening in the Beijing area 30 pilot work hospital electronic medical records Shared read notice. Notice, points out that would be in 30 pilot hospital all the electronic medical record information sharing read. In different hospital, this means that patients can reduce unnecessary repeat testing, inspection, not with the print record, between the hospital and the patients, after the authorization by the doctor’s computer can read the patients in the electronic medical records of the courts. Electronic medical records has a certain timeliness, sharing information sharing within the past 3 months only related to the patient information.

lateral court records read had started early pilot in some hospitals. The city health development planning commission, said that with the first pilot xuanwu hospital, including the capital medical university hospital, Beijing friendship hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, Beijing tiantan hospital, Chinese academy of medical sciences fuwai hospital, patients see a doctor if you have any drug allergies, repeat and repeat inspection check, system will start the information to remind function.

patient authorization is the precondition for the implementation of electronic medical records Shared read. City health development planning commission, said that in the medical records Shared read will not ignore the patients privacy, the twofold authorized by doctors, patients, at the same time by the hospital information system security and network security to protect the patients privacy. Hospital can be authorized by the way, according to actual condition to select patients including authorization agreement by paper patients, or patients with electronic handwritten book, etc.

according to the notice of progress, December 15, 30 pilot hospital browser installed electronic medical records and related training work, complete the doctor identity authentication, make patient authorization scheme and complete the test. 30 hospitals in both including Peking University third hospital, china-japan friendship hospital, fuwai hospital, Beijing tiantan hospital, such as general hospital, also have a maternity hospital of Beijing, Beijing cancer hospital, Beijing chest hospital specialized subject hospital, in addition to shunyi district hospitals, such as hospitals, daxing district hospital.

the relevant person in charge of the city health development planning commission said that the next step by medical institutions gradually cover emr, unicom gradually between public hospitals and the health service center (station) in patients with health diagnosis information, form continuous healthy residents’ personal health records, not only convenient for diagnosis and treatment, and convenient residents self health management, improve the level of disease prevention, so as to improve the health of the residents quality of life.

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