Pediatric medicine “” god horse moder more challenged with abuse

recently, union medical college medicine master ji even mei through personal social platform for annual sales reached more than 4 billion yuan of horse maud. Ji mei said, multiple databases and literature retrieval results show that the horse many maude clinical efficacy and safety are not clear, and the phenomenon of abuse.

horse moder medicine revealed that the drug is more immune modulators. Network capture

according to ji mei searches, foreign literature show related drugs in the stage of animal testing. Network capture

pharmacist ji even mui publicly questioned drug related research is insufficient, relatively weak domestic pharmacists can’t effective supervision on prescription

recently, the union medical college medicine master ji even mei through personal social platform for annual sales reached more than 4 billion yuan of horse maud. Ji mei said, multiple databases and literature retrieval results show that the horse many maude clinical efficacy and safety are not clear, and the phenomenon of abuse.

questions immediately attracted attention. Medical personage points out, children’s immune system is still in development, immune regulator, such as the horse moder more should be used with care as far as possible. National food administration of drug safety hotline 12331 a worker said that has not yet received complaints about horse moder curative effect more information.

medical consultation platform is & other; Horse many maude & throughout;

according to instructions, many maude is an immune regulator. On the market in Italy for the first time in 1993. National food drug administration website information display, horse moder oral liquid produced in Italy, December 2, 2015 were admitted to the home, will expire on December 2, 2020.

in recent years, this kind of popular drugs, called pediatric & other; God throughout medicine &; . Ji mei said, the statistics institutions of the domestic medical industry, according to data released more than 2016 horse maude in domestic level hospital sales reached $3.5 billion, 427 million retail pharmacy sales. If combined with the hospital grade, moder of annual sales to more than 4 billion. And this among them, the vast majority of the children.

in addition, medical consulting company ims health statistics data show that more than 2016 national horse moder sales in 3 billion – 5 billion yuan.

ji mei said, the last nine years in her hospital pharmacy never purchase this drug. But on relevant medical consultation platform, she almost every day can see consulting about the medicine, so she just attention to the drug.

scope accused & other; Tiger balm & throughout;

reporter noticed that on the outer packing of moder, the column labeled indications, & other; Apply to the body’s immune function is low upper and lower respiratory tract in patients with recurrent infections (pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.); Otolaryngology repeated infection (rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis); Urinary tract infection; Gynecological infections; And can be used to prevent acute infection, shorten the course of the disease, reducing the severity of the disease; Can be used as an acute infection period of auxiliary drug use. Throughout the &;

sales are huge, & other; Nothing is not cure & throughout; To senior pharmacist ji mei feel confused. & other; Prevent colds to a box, fever, cough to a box, rhinitis tonsillitis to a box, eczema, urticaria to a box & throughout; . Ji mei think, many horses on the scope of application, marked moder has reached & other; Tiger balm & throughout; Degree, clinical is not scientific.

for questioning, a 3 armour hospital pediatrician says the horse maud is more popular in clinic, its reason is relatively complex, & other; Parents acceptance, and the treatment time, etc., all of these are related. Throughout the &; The doctor said, horse much moder often applied in preschool children. For this kind of crowd, preschool children in the body’s immune system continues to mature, should not be judged to be low immunity, easily and casual drug use. So the drug should be careful when use.

the doctor said the horse moder more as a kind of immune enhancer, whether for children can work, also no clear data to support. & other; Safety: no problem, but the effect must be far not reached the extent of the god of medicine. Throughout the &;

a medicine, he says, is horse moder effect more slowly, a course of treatment at two or three months, the dose is large, the price is relatively high. Drugs, according to the website many maude oral liquid single horse box of original price 194 yuan, childhood onset period take two times a day, a total of two weeks, or as directed by the doctor’s advice. If used to prevent disease, once per day, at least 60 days or as directed by the doctor’s advice.

there is no complaints for many horse moder

with the aid of international paper Pubmed search site, ji even may retrieve found that horse moder more related with 99 references, researchers have focused on China. Ji mei said, as a listed 25 years of drug, the literature number is too little.

according to ji even mei, by retrieving multiple databases at home and abroad, has not been found about horse moder more reliable clinical research literature, that is to say, there is no reliable studies confirm that horse moder more safe and effective for children. In addition, in 2015, the overseas have a 3 years old for 57 just research into the health of kindergarten children, according to the results, more horse maud did not show statistical significance on the prevention of acute respiratory tract infection.

the horse more than one of the manufacturers of moder of sea pharmaceutical co., said the media & other; From our market feedback, (horse maud) immunity is useful for the patient. Throughout the &;

even ji mei, in 2016, horse more moder in Pakistan when applying for listing, management experts said, & other; Although in a few countries such as China, Korea, Russia on the market for many years, but it has not been included in any pharmacology teaching material, this standard has not been Europe and the United States approved drug regulatory department, its efficacy and safety is still need further evaluation, in a study with reliable evidence before, do not recommend public use. Throughout the &;

yesterday, the Beijing news reporter on the basis of consulting the national food administration of drug safety hotline 12331, a worker says, has not yet been received complaints about horse moder curative effect more information, will be reply after checking.

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