“Pediatric medicine” god horse more research and development of moder party response to the question: efficacy and safety to prove that

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Wang Yu) after being questioned, & other; Pediatric medicine & god throughout; Horse many maude r&d fampoux long industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other; Throughout’s long learning &;) , responded that the drug efficacy and safety have been proved and the further explanation for the Chinese market.

Beijing news previously reported, many maude is an immune regulator, on the market in Italy for the first time in 1993, popular in recent years, called & other; Pediatric medicine & god throughout; . Domestic medical industry statistics agency released figures showing that more than 2016 horse maude in domestic level hospital sales reached $3.5 billion, 427 million retail pharmacy sales. If combined with the hospital grade, moder of annual sales to more than 4 billion. And this among them, the vast majority of the children.

recently, union medical college medicine master ji mei through the individual social networking platform, the horse moder more questioning. Ji mei said, multiple databases and literature retrieval results show that the horse many maude clinical efficacy and safety are not clear, and the phenomenon of abuse.

this, development and production of more horse moder fampoux long study on January 29, respond to questions, according to a series of high quality research results has proved the validity of the horse many maude, and security.

at the same time, the long study says, has been listed cases show that moder more better security. & other; Horse many maude since listing, the global more than 3 million patients had taken many maude. Over the years, in the 130 million – unit dose drug safety monitoring, the horse moder more show excellent safety. It is because the horse more moder has been playing an active in the clinical curative effect, numerous clinical experts continue to suggest that patients taking aspirin maud. Throughout the &;

at long said, according to the Chinese market, will be released by prescribing guidelines, patients’ medication guide, clinical evaluation and patient data collection, data further explain horse moder more effectiveness.

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