Peking University “gradually cold syndrome female doctor” want the best for the world

confirmed & other; Motor neuron disease & throughout; After 350 days, LouTao away.

LouTao during the period of treatment. File photo

LouTao and mothers. Profile picture

name: LouTao

gender: female

age: 29

career: reading the history department of Peking University doctoral student

the death time: on January 4, 2018,

the death reasons: motor neuron disease

deeds: wills for donation remains

confirmed & other; Motor neuron disease & throughout; After 350 days, LouTao away.

family said, on the way to a lay dying, she has no sound, but the eyes are clearly and regret.

on January 20, 2016, Beijing doctoral LouTao history at the university of reading, was found suffering from motor neuron disease. This is a kind of can control ability to the body gradually eroded condition, another common name is: frozen disease gradually.

the LouTao after illness, has set the prizes in the form of oral, donation of human organs, & other; Who can help part although throughout the &; . After treatment, his condition after repeated fluctuations, January 5, 2018 early morning, the 29-year-old LouTao stopped breathing at home.

the organ does not meet the requirements for the donation, and she will never be regret.

dying please relatives & other; Take care of mother & throughout;

on January 4 in the evening, LouTao lying in bed at home. Due to the trachea is removed, extremely difficult to talk to her.

LouTao’s aunt Wang Gongmei walked to the front, and leaned forward, over the ears stick side face. LouTao flipping throat and mouth and spit out a few words.

Wang Gongmei listen to come out, niece told, & other; Take good care of my mother & throughout; . Her tears & other; Just came out of it on the spot & throughout; .

in her memory, the niece grew up & other; Other people’s children & throughout; : listen, read, filial piety to parents. Even to lay dying, LouTao thinking, is still a family.

LouTao suddenly in severe coma, no matter what side people call, there is no reply. Wang Gongmei says, oneself think at that time, the situation & other To bad & throughout; .

LouGong LouTao father and mother Wang Yanmei, hold a consecutive days sleepless in bed. To prevent both stimulation, Wang Gongmei accompany sister came out of her house.

a few hours later, the room appears. Soon, the news: LouTao has died.

Wang Yanmei memories, their & other; Head like a punched by people & throughout; , a moment lost consciousness. Looked at by suffering haggard’s niece, she is full LouTao smile. & other; Before every family reunion, she is to the one who laughs the loudest & throughout; .

appearance handsome LouTao, retained in the photos, almost every one smile. Whether in jeans, cross-legged sitting on the grass. Still wearing a hospital gown, holding the legs sitting on the bed, her eyebrow eye, is a smile.

5 in the morning, a lot of information on his mobile phone calls to more than LouGong, but he has none answered, & other; Look, talking too. Throughout the &;

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