Peking University outstanding student doctor open grill: don’t want to be labeled, main business is to be a good doctor



from Monday to Friday, he was wearing white coats in hospital patients, at the weekend, he came to his own grill to check operation. Young doctor wang another identity, is a company named & other The lancet grill & throughout; The boss. He and grill 17 partners, graduated from Peking University, tsinghua university and other famous universities, mostly in the form of domestic top hospital doctors, record of formal schooling is a master’s degree. In order to attract customers, this group of outstanding students want to have a new recruit: academic papers published, eat barbecue can give you a discount.

to send paper discount attract academic Daniel

this the SCI is free of charge, the outstanding student open grill is to heaven? “the push, said nearly five years SCI (Science Citation Index Science Citation Index), SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index of Social Science Citation Index), CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index in Chinese Social Science Citation Index) of the first author or corresponding author proof can take to the shop to get 30% discount. Articles, reading quickly topped 100000 in 1 hour, have a comment, & other; SCI is what, can eat? Effectively answered: can eat now. Throughout the &;

Beijing jiaotong university on the south east 200 meters, a row of shops of colours, a small, & other; The lancet & throughout; Sign in it. & other; The lancet & throughout; , ordinary people at first glance may not hear clearly their meaning, but for a doctor, is the most & ndash; & ndash; Founded in 1832, The Lancet (The Lancet) is The oldest and most respected in The world of The peer review of The nature of medical journals. Wang said that this should be the only Beijing doctor open grill. Since it opened in April this year, many in the medical industry came to, some even made a special trip from guangzhou to fly the lancet.

& other; To send paper discounts & throughout; Activities also attracted a lot of academic circles to come to lu string. Wang jian to SMW reporter analysis, & other; May have such psychological, we all laugh at the dog, with academic papers to eat, can also be discounted, is a glorious thing. Throughout the &; A red

store, question also. Some netizens, Peking University, tsinghua cultivate doctors to open grill, doing nothing? Wang said, see these comments, he only wanted to be happy. Late October 11, the lancet barbecue through official WeChat issued a statement, said people have special professional catering daily business, no shareholders because of a living being forced to resign, no shareholders because of career dissatisfaction and sideline. & other; Our job is a doctor, isn’t also can’t be run to lu string you come home from work. Throughout the &; Wang jian some helpless.

a doctor swathes of beginner’s mind

the doctor why open grill entrepreneurship? Wang told SMW reporter, the crossover idea generation is closely connected with cooking oil. A year ago, wang jian for many times to see someone openly cooking oil in the sewer. As a doctor, is also a version, wang feels that the food safety problem more and more serious, he wanted to provide a let everyone trust of safe food.

as for why choose open grill, wang jian of the reason is simple: & other; The food is delicious. Throughout the &; , the hometown of xuzhou barbecue is his favorite, but in Beijing for many years, he did not seek to authentic xuzhou barbecue, he just want to make a. & other; The hometown of barbecue promotion out, this is my childhood dream. Throughout the &; Wang told the SMW reporter.

to make some money, it is also one of the reasons of wang wants to open a shop. In June this year, wang jian in public health class number & other Clove garden & throughout; Said during an interview, hope that through a sideline, let oneself have no economic concerns, simple purely for the doctor. In retrospect, wang jian, the idea was too naive. Want to do, he says, the cost is high, the profit is not too much. & other; I think now, to achieve financial freedom through it is not realistic. Throughout the &;

open grill, is much more difficult than imagined. At first, wang doesn’t support his family and relatives, worry that affect his doctor’s main business. From everyone thought to open up, to really open now and a minor celebrity, said wang jian, thanks to the support of friends.

at the time, wang jian one phone call to his good friends, say you want to open grill. Friends have asked, where is open? How much the rent? Prepare for how much? Wang jian random individual. Friend happy and asked, what are you going to let me how much money? Wang also said that I don’t know, you look for. In spite of this, a circle of friends asked, wang soon gather together in one day in 800000.

in retrospect, wang jian is still very touched. Friends don’t have the dining experience, just because the relationship is good, he would like to support him. That time, most of my friends just graduated or PhD, savings are not too many, quite a few people have their own national scholarship and grill to wang jian.

have the preliminary money, wang jian’s road to open a shop is just beginning. Search each big rental site, through countless intermediaries, look in the shops could strike up a conversation was robbed, prophase preparatory work tedious and cumbersome, wang straight & other; With & throughout; . Because business, usually in white coats may save people’s lives or wang jian and his friends just know, Labour cost is so high, fire fighting so hard to do, do certificates as complicated & hellip; & hellip; Monday to Friday, wang is still home hospital a doctor and work time to remote control command, wang described was & other; Throughout their &; , quarrel with construction progress have become commonplace, he and a friend had to play with a white face, “stumbling through the first month of hard work.

fortunately, after the shop opened business gradually smooth, in addition to the loss of a month, the rest of the months is flat or slightly profitable, Wang Jianxiao said: & other; Too much better than we had expected, is expected to compensate for a year. Throughout the &;

& other; Store fire people don’t fire & throughout; Is an ideal state

after doing the barbecue shop owner, still have time to do the doctor? Wang told reporters, the SMW. Now, the store has a dedicated catering staff to run, he is responsible for the overall train of thought, go to the store once or twice a month. Open a shop to do the doctor’s main business and has no effect.

& other; Some people are really more energy, I feel that my energy is to come over. Throughout the &; Wang told reporters, the SMW. The doctor is very busy, but busy not does not have its own life. & other; Time management and efficiency are important, some people just can do more things. Throughout the &; Wang said the grill after opening, and his doctor work noninterference basic.

after the opening, but strengthened him in medicine this way. Over the weekend, Wang Jianchang to sit in the shop, and once a customer, is also a patient talked, used his knowledge of medicine, give her regular treatment ideas and methods, then has been to keep in touch with her, do some favor. & other; If I don’t have a doctor’s identity, I can’t help her, too. Throughout the &; Wang said that the doctor gave him a sense of accomplishment brought by make he is reluctant to leave the clinical. & other; If I’m just a barbecue shop owner, no matter how big the shop to do, to make more money, a sense of accomplishment is absolutely not cure patents. Throughout the &;

gradually, the small barbecue shop make a great fame in the medical circle. Wang recalls a funny thing happened, one night, wine to drunk, a customer raised his glass to toast the next table: & other; One is founding stood up to drink! Throughout the &; The words sound just fell, & other; Going throughout the &; , almost all stood up.

said wang jian, the grill he met many of his peers and friends, he also wants to continue making the lancet grill offline academic positions. Now, they have been in preparation for lectures and practical courses. In a reply to the customer’s comments on wang wrote, the goal is to create, taste good online, offline academic gains.

& other; We are not pure businessman, the pursuit of profit but not the pursuit of profit maximization. Throughout the &; Wang jian and shareholders feel, shop can collapse, but it can’t fail because food safety problem, & other; The accident happened to food safety, one thousand medical circle in Beijing, I don’t have mixed up. Throughout the &;

& other; Store fire people don’t fire & throughout; Wang jian is ideal state of the heart. Wang told reporters, the SMW. He didn’t want to be & other; Barbecue throughout the doctor &; Label, & other; Don’t want to every new know a friend, first of all, know that I am a open grill, then know that I am a doctor. I like is to be a doctor. Throughout the &;

wang wishes for the future is divided into two parts, he wanted to continue to do it in the lancet grill, change a bigger place; He also hope that, in their own professional field, to be a good doctor.

concludes: SMW reporter JiShi interns zhan myfeng

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